A gift for every child – What we give for Christmas toddler and teenage

Christmas, oh you beautiful celebration. Yes, the Christmas party is just around the corner. And a question was asked me frequently in recent weeks: “What do you gift children in Christmas?”

My childhood remembrance of the feast is beautiful. We always celebrated the Holy Night with my grandparents, always. That was a tradition. All day long I fevered for the afternoon. I waited longingly for the sound of the bell. When I could open the door to the living room, candlelight greeted me, a bright Christmas tree (with real candles) and the smell of oranges and fir. In addition to nuts and clementines, the well-known chocolate blocks with love beads were also found on the gift plate. From the record player sounded solemn Christmas tonnes. You know, the memories are so fresh, my eyes are very hot and I fight a little with the tears. Simply, because every single holy eve was so beautiful with my grandparents, and because I missed it. This very special festive mood. This typical Christmas smell, the angelic sound.

Now however to the real topic. What do the girls now get to a holy feast? One thing I can say right away. It is not much, but a heartfelt wish is fulfilled. And the little Mimi child gets a part. But a great thing, which she will certainly accompany for a long time.

For the toddler: A pikler triangle

For baby, a pikler triangle will lie under the Christmas tree. Sufficiently large, your baby can play properly and in the future. Whether as a butze, hiding place or climbing frame – the child can let off steam. We’re sure it will not be boring.

pikler triangle

Since the pikler triangle is a very big gift. The triangle in the picture is of wooden toys. They have very wonderful wooden toys.

For the teen: A smartphone

Long, very very long already wishes my big daughter a new mobile phone. Your old cell phone is broken. The display is the plus version of the Spider App, the battery is broken and it is so obsolete, it can not really use it anymore. When the desire for a new mobile phone was first expressed, I was still skeptical. The children in their class usually have a new iPhone. I do not think it’s so great, but after consulting, we have found a good solution for us. We are currently looking for a good alternative to the iPhone, not quite as expensive and maybe even needed. According to aging. At first, we did not feel so comfortable with the idea. She really needs the smartphone for the school and even when she is on the road, I feel more comfortable. Besides, she has not had any other wish for months. As a small surprise, in addition, there will be an artificial fur for their favorite chair. Yes, and that was it.

Read for very informative contribution to the topic ‘Smartphones for children/teenagers’. With tips and advice.

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