Funny travel gifts for traveling you will love

Finally summer and thus also the long-sighted holiday season for most of us! Whether long-planned in advance or a spontaneity, a city trip or a relaxing holiday, a short break from everyday life is good for all of us, but before this wonderful time can begin, some things have to be done before. But what do you actually do with everything? How about our practical water bar? Relaxed sitting in the pool and refreshing beverages to you, since you will be quasi-cooled from inside and outside! And with the funny 2in1 Superman towel you are sure of the envious looks of all beach guests. If you have made curious these gift ideas, then you check it out in our category of gifts for traveling because you will surely find even more great travel gift ideas for the holidays, which are not only practical but also absolutely cool! Enjoy browsing!

Gift ideas for wellness and relaxation lovers

Whether summer or winter, the Wellnessurlauber can be spoiled at any time of the year in a spa town, star hotel or luxury apartment, as relaxation and peace are at the top of the agenda. Nevertheless, despite all the luxury, this type of travel is always happy with the small gifts for your friends and acquaintances who are perfectly adapted to their holiday. And this is not the usual beach stuff, summer gifts or holiday gifts meant – quite the contrary! In our category Gifts for traveling, you will find great holiday and wellness gifts, which can fit into your handbag without problems such as: the head massager, the bath set with washing tub – 6-part, the massage stones Hot Stones, the neckroll – tree stem, the tablet pillow – Fl├Ązbag or the Shopper bag. If you are looking for something bigger and want to surprise your wellness lovers, we have some relaxing short breaks for couples in the pet, like the beautiful romance holiday for 2 – short holiday voucher, the wellness oasis voucher box and the short break for 2 – Hotel vouchers for 3 nights. Make your own impression of our variety of gifts and holidays!

Travel Gifts for adventurous

Action, adrenaline and unspoken thrills characterize this type of holiday or holiday. His permanent curiosity to discover and try out something new drives the traveler to distant countries where unforgettable adventures and great challenges await him. For this unusual holiday-maker variant, Monsterzeug provides you with particularly useful Gifts for traveling, which can not be missed on an adventure journey – whether it is in the mountains or in the jungle. For the orientation of the adventurous, especially our unusual pocket sundial with compass ensures, But also the remaining gift ideas travel can help any globetrotter survive. Here is a small pretaste: multifunctional tool – engraved, fitness clock with a step counter and calorie consumption, camera tripod “Snake” or the survival knife with magnesium fire rod. To ensure that all the unusual travel notes are not forgotten, we recommend you to make your holidaymaker happy with a special gift for holidaymakers, with the unique travel diary to complete or our scratch map. We would be happy to advise you personally if you have any questions about Gifts for traveling and gifts for adventure lovers.

Holiday gifts for Swimmers and nature lovers

Sand, sea, palm trees, sun milk, cool drinks and the sun cannot be missed with a classic beach holiday. You have no idea what you can give to your Badenixen and nature lovers? Well watched, you will find original beach gifts and unusual summer accessories, which will lend your beach holiday something special. With the towel, 500 euro note, the retro gamer hand towel, the Superman 2in1 towel or the big and small smartphone towel, sun worshiper will be ready for the upcoming journey. In case of loud heat and the whole day in the open must, of course, appropriate for food and a refreshing cooling to be provided. For such purposes, we can warmly recommend you the inflatable drink holder, the floating water bar, and the beer cooler – ice block form for beer crates and the handy beer cooler – Beer Bucket. Summer gifts for traveling, such as the hip Borat Mankini swimsuit, the cool water hammock with carrying bag and the water jumper throwing ball ensure that you are always in a good mood and fun near the pool area. If you are looking for a last-minute holiday offer, we will gladly deliver your personal beach accessories and summer gifts within 24 hours by means of express delivery home before you take off in the direction of the sun!

Fun holiday: Bienvenido Ballermann?

Have you planned a holiday with good friends, the sports team or a spa rally in the framework of a JGA, where fun, celebration and the high percentage are very important? Then you can help Monsterzeug with appropriate gifts for traveling and fun holiday accessories around the theme fun holiday and gift ideas holiday with friends. For your ballermann look and sparkling cool for between, our funny and practical Bierenrinkhelme as cool party accessories, of which we have different models for you: beer helmet black with skull, beer helmet pink with glitter pucks, blue beer helmet. The funny inflatable banana and the unusual water bombs sling bring a lot of water fun. If you are still not able to fight boredom with these fun factor, we can help you with these handy holiday gifts: Short – Quiz and social game, Klugscheisser – knowledge quiz, talking material party spiel – friends or the mini kicker table. As you can see, we offer you a colorful mixture of fun, games, and joy, which you can compile individually in the further browsing, finally, you will find in this category more than one answer to the question: What can you give to the trip?

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