How Do You Find The Christmas Gifts for kids who have anything?

Christmas Gifts for kids who have anything are a headache, aren’t they? Every year we have to come up with a basket of Christmas presents for the most demanding people on the planet. Every year we promise ourselves we’ll start looking earlier so it’ll be a stress-free event. But we never do, it’s always a hectic mad rush, and anyway, toy manufacturers unfailingly manage to release the latest Christmas gift ideas for kids just a few weeks before the big day.

Christmas gift ideas for kids make them wow

So, I’m going to try to make things easier for you, with some ideas on how to make shopping easier and what Christmas gifts you might buy the little ones. You may find Christmas gifts for husband who has anything here.

Watch some Christmas Gifts for kids who have anything

Farm Toys

Farm toys are one of most interesting toys kids will love. Farm toy so diversity with so many vehicles replicates such as truck, excavator, trailer, windrower, harvesting set, animal… They also have a lot of scales, 1/16 and 1/64 are popular. You can bring a farm to the yard for your kids, they will love them, can play and learn a lot from those toys.

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Sport Cars

To keep them happy, it’s always a good idea to look at Christmas sales trends, and according to the Wall Street Journal, lifelike sports cars for children are taking over the Christmas toy market, reports Fortune.

The Tesla kids’ sports car looks exactly like its grown-up counterparts and boasts a battery charger, stereo and front trunk and can reach up to 6 mph, meaning parents will have to race to keep up!


Cut Bank retailers have also spotted trends. In addition to the obvious Star Wars and My Little Pony ranges they say that Lego is making a major comeback. On Star Wars, there are a light-change mug or a Darth Vader cereal bowl, as well as a children’s room light switch with dark-side, light-side settings. These and a range of other products will satisfy any youthful fan of the franchise.


Lego has launched a festive gift, a winter holiday train, Creator Expert Winter Toy Shop, Holiday Train – Limited Edition 2015 Holiday Set which features a complete circular track and boarding platform and lamp post. In addition to looking charming it has the advantage of involving the whole family, helping the younger members to build and operate it. Christmas is supposed to be a time of families being together, after all.

Best Seller Logo on Amazon

ProductFeatureList PriceRelease Date
LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box 10696
  • Includes a wide range of LEGO bricks in 35 different colors; Features 18 tires and 18 wheel rims
  • Special pieces also include a green 8cm x 16cm baseplate, window with frame and 3 sets of eyes
  • Special pieces encourage imaginative building
  • All models pictured can be built from this set simultaneously
  • Comes in a useful plastic storage box
LEGO Minecraft The Cave 21113
  • Includes 2 minifigures with assorted accessories: Steve and a zombie, plus a spider
  • Eatures waterfall, lava fall, coal, iron, redstone, gold and obsidian elements, plus TNT, torch and a ladder
  • Includes 249 assorted LEGO pieces; Combine this set with others in the series to create your own LEGO Minecraft world
LEGO Classic Green Baseplate Supplement
  • Measures 32×32 studs or 10” (25cm) x 10” (25cm)
  • Add another useful piece to your LEGO collection with this Green Baseplate!
  • A great supplement to any LEGO collection!
LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle 41062
  • Features a castle with icicle tree, sleigh, secret staircase, ice cream bar, bed and an ice hill
  • Accessories include skis, ice skates, glittery wall elements, decorative stickers, 2 capes, tiara, hair bow and a carrot nose for Olaf
  • Follow the movie story or create your own adventures inspired by these brand-new Disney princesses
  • Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle measures over 9″ (23cm) high, 7″ (20cm) wide and 4″ (11cm) deep
  • Sleigh measures over 2″ (6cm) long, 1″ (4cm) wide and under 1″ (2cm) high
LEGO Classic Creative Bricks 10692
  • Features a wide range of bricks in 29 different colors, Special pieces include 2 different sets of eyes, windows, 2 types of door, wheels, axles and propellers
  • Special pieces encourage imaginative building, All models pictured can be built from this set simultaneously
  • Includes a brick separator and comes in a sturdy storage box
  • An ideal supplement to any existing LEGO collection
  • Designed to inspire open-ended creativity
LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105 Building Kit
  • Hide weapons and other cargo in the secret compartment
  • Pretend to activate the hyperdrive and make a fast getaway
  • Recreate fantastic scenes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • The perfect addition to any LEGO Star Wars collection
  • Measures over 5″ (14cm) high, 18″ (47cm) long and 12″ (32cm) wide
LEGO CITY Van & Caravan 60117
  • Features a van with opening doors and detachable caravan that opens to reveal a small kitchen and bed
  • Accessory elements include a grill, 2 sausages, bone, 2 mugs and a coffee machine
  • Includes a male camper and female camper, plus a dog
  • Van measures over 2″ (6cm) high, 4″ (12cm) long and 2″ (6cm) wide, Caravan measures over 2″ (6cm) high, 5″ (13cm) long and 1″ (5cm) wide
  • Load up the caravan, hook it onto the van and take off on a camping trip
LEGO Classic Creative Supplement 10693
  • Includes a range of LEGO bricks in 20 different colors and a brick separator
  • Features 2 sets of eyes for building all kinds of creatures
  • Encourages budding builders to stretch their imaginative muscles and inspires open-ended creativity
  • Ideas included with the set and online at to help you get started; All models pictured can be built from this set simultaneously
  • LEGO Classic sets are an ideal supplement to any existing LEGO collection
  • Age grade: 3-7 years
LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box 10698
  • Features 8 different types of windows and doors with 8 different frames
  • Special pieces also include 2 different sized green baseplates, 3 sets of eyes, 6 tires and 6 wheel rims
  • LEGO Classic is designed to inspire open-ended creativity with the LEGO brick
  • All models pictured can be built from this set simultaneously
  • Comes in a useful plastic storage box

Favorite for the girls

My Little Pony remains a favorite with the girls, and products including a watch and wallet gift set and color changing night light will satisfy your little princess.


Board games

Speaking of which, board games are always a good idea for getting everyone together, and Monopoly is just about the oldest there is. But they’ve updated with their Monopoly Christmas Board Game, which is suitable for kids aged eight and above.


Top 5 Board game

Board books are great Christmas Gifts for kids who have anything

Yes, the holiday is about fun, but including an education element can be a good idea too. So The Federalist recommends board books for babies, kick-starting their library and helping them learn. Eric Carle’s “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and Sandra Boynton’s “Moo, Baa, La, La, La”, “The Going to Bed Book” and “Doggies”, Little Owl’s Night are specially recommended as engaging and a proven success with the kids.

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Top 10 Board books for Kids

Code Kits

Thinking of the longer-term future, what about training your kids to code, the language of the future? CoderDojo has 900 dojos worldwide, but if one of those isn’t accessible they have produced a new, enjoyable handbook for kids.


Home décor

If you’ve got to go to the home décor store anyway, why not look for kids’ products? Billman’s Home Décor reports that their corduroy bean bag chairs are very popular with children and are selling well.


Personalized Gifts

Finally, personalized gifts make your kids feel special. offers a range of personalized books, teddies, calendars, a Sweetie jar and a Frozen Book for girls.


Shop Bestseller Toys NOW

VTech Kidizoom Action Cam, Yellow/Black


  • Kids camera is durable, versatile and able to capture the most memorable moments; action cam is a waterproof camera meant for kids
  • 2 mounts attach the kids digital camera to bikes, skateboards and more; underwater camera comes with a waterproof case to take photos and videos in up to 6 feet underwater
  • Features 1.4-inch color video camera LCD screen and the ability to take videos, photos, stop-motion videos and time-lapse photos
  • Kids action camera comes with kids games, fun photo effects, frames and filters; download photos and videos using included micro USB cable
  • Toy camera has a rechargeable Li-ion Polymer battery with continuous photo-taking and recording time of 2.5 hours, Action cam has a microSD card slot; with a 32GB microSD card (sold separately) the camera records 240 minutes of 640 x 480 video or 278,400 photos
  • Best for ages : 4 to 9 years.
MiP Robot (Black)


  • GestureSense allows your WowWee robot to respond to gesture-based interactions like swipes, claps, touch and more.
  • BLE allows your WowWee product to seamlessly connect to and interact with your smart devices.
  • Sound detection system allows your WowWee robot to react to noises in its environment.
  • Free app provides control and/or enhanced gameplay on your smart device.
K’NEX Education – Intro to Simple Machines: Gears Set – 198 Pieces – Grades 3-5 – Engineering Education Toy


K’NEX Education
  • ENDLESS BUILDING POSSIBILITIES – Let your children experience endless building possibilities with this unique building system from K’NEX!
  • CURRICULUM INCLUDED: The K’NEX Education Intro to Simple Machines Gears set comes with a comprehensive teacher’s guide that allows for hands-on, inquiry-based exploration using the models included in the set. With this guide, children in grades 3-5 can see real world examples of science concepts in action, including, but not limited to: Making work easier, W = Fd (Work equals force times distance), Ideal Mechanical Advantage, Actual Mechanical Advantage, Gear Ratios, Spur Gears, Crown Gears, Mechanical Systems Energy Transfer and Chain Driven Systems.
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE – Storing K’NEX parts and pieces will never be a hassle, since the K’NEX Intro to Simple Machines Gears Set includes a plastic container. All pieces can be placed in this large plastic tub for ease of access and storage.
  • EASY TO USE – K’NEX Intro to Simple Machines Gears Set comes with easy-to-follow building instructions and a comprehensive teacher’s guide.
  • STEAMaginationTM: It’s the connection of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & math) with a child’s natural curiosity and creativity and it powers the fun of each and every K’NEX building set. Building with K’NEX puts children on a path towards a fundamental understanding of STEAM/STEM subjects.
  • LESSON PLANS AND EXPERIMENTS: All K’NEX Education sets come with either a comprehensive guide for teachers or an experiment guide for student-led learning.
  • ALIGNED TO NATIONAL STANDARDS: K’NEX Education teacher guides and experiment guides are aligned to national educational standards, including ITEEA, NSES, NCTM, NGSS and Common Core.
  • REAL WORLD LEARNING: Study after study reveals that students have more success learning STEM subjects through activities related to the real world rather than reading about abstract concepts in textbooks.
SpyX / Night Mission Goggles


  • High-tech night vision goggles let you see up to 25 feet away in the dark!
  • Feature twin light beams and a comfortable headset with battery pack
  • Cool flip-out scope is perfect for precision daytime snooping
  • SpyX surveillance, communication and concealment equipment is the next generation of cool spy toys
  • Perfect toys for buddy play; make sure your child has a set on hand for friends, too!
Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit

  • Design and build 10 amazing moving machines – teach your bricks new tricks
  • Comes with 80 page instructions, 33 LEGO pieces, instructions for 10 modules, 6 plastic balls, string, paper ramps and other components
  • Includes a 80 page instructional book with Klutz certified crystal-clear instructions
  • Includes more than 30 essential Lego elements
  • Recommended for children ages 8+
Vehicles: Educational Girl Set Toy (137 pieces) with Activities to Learn Math / STEM Concepts, Ages 5+


  • SAFETY: All pieces are made with high quality non-toxic materials and are larger than Legos to greatly reduce choking hazard.
  • LEARN WHILE PLAYING: Helps children build fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination and generate ideas and creativity.
  • SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: Encourages children to work together to build creations. Great family bonding activity will have you and your Lil’ Engineers building away for hours!
  • BUILD UNLIMITED CREATIONS: More than 20 different pink models to build: wardrobe, crown, luggage, hat, high-heel, and so on.
  • LESS MESS: includes resealable plastic bag to keep pieces organized and off the floor.


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