Fidget Spinner: Get the latest models 2017

It turns, wherever you see – still the Fidget Spinner is the star among the toys. Time for a trend update, in which we introduce you to the latest models!

The hype around the finger gyro does not pass – quite the contrary. In the meantime, it is available in even more colors and variations! So that you are also fully up-to-date with your model, we have picked out the latest Fidget Spinners. We are looking forward to your head!

Fidget Spinner in the Holographic Design

Rainbow Finger Gyro Fidget Hand Spinner

They are colorful and seem to play with the light conditions just like that. If you want to have a rainbow around your fingers, the Fidget Spinner in Holographic Design is made for you. Our favorite: The Fidget-Spinner with which we feel like in another galaxy!

Sun, Moon and Star Holographic Spinner

Fidget Spinner for hard-hitting guys

Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner


A cool impression left guys with these new models of the finger gyro in any case – our favorite: The Harry Potter Fidget Spinner in the form of a Quidditch-Schnatzes!

Quit Bad Habits Spinner


Search for beautiful Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinner for real princesses

Fidget Finger Dice Anti-Stress Spinner

The new girlish designs of the Fidget Spinner can really be seen. These models also make our hearts beat faster. The sweetest we can find the playful little heart-fiddler spinner!

Fidget Spinner Rainbow Flower

Fidget Spinner with glamor factor

Metal Tri Fidget Spinner

Just because it is originally a toy, does not have to suffer the same look. These variants of the Fidget Spinner are real little jewels and therefore also suitable for every fashionista!

Skull Finger Spinner

Metal Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinner with light effects

Transparent Crystal LED Fidget Hand Triangle Spinner

The Fidget Spinner with built-in LEDs ensure the right portion of extravagance and not only make our eyes sparkle!

Colorful LED Fidget Spinner

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