How to choose the best farm toys , wonderful gift for your kids

You want to find the best farm toys for sale, here we recommend so many loved kinds and short description to help you choose the most appropriate, and your kids will love them. Now you can bring a farm into your yard with small 1:64 farm toys.  Or your kids will love bigger vehicles with 1:16 scale farm toy such as an awesome monster truck with cute noise or John Deere Tractor With Lights & Sounds. All products have high quality, some of them are extremely detailed and appropriate with other farm toys have same scale.

farm toys for sale

Small scale 1/64 Farm Toys for sale


Ertl John Deere 8320R Tractor With J & M Grain Cart

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small light

Bring the grain in the field. The JD 8320R tractor using its double front and back tires can pull on the heaviest load of grain. The auger pivots to unload the grain to the lift. The 8320R features a tough die-cast body having die-cast front axle that is oscillating. The grain cart has box and a cast frame that may take the abuse. Picture scaling the ladder to consider the carton to find out just how much grain is in the carton.

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Norscot Cat 385C L Hydraulic Excavator with metal tracks


small light

Children of most ages will like Pet Classic Scale Model Building Vehicle Reproductions by Norscot! Small pile-movers! Children enjoy the rigs. Imagine they’d enjoy having a number of their particular! Scale model Kitten Design Cars pack every one of the bigger-than-lifestyle enjoyment in their major friends’ into a dimension for accepting the sandbox, ideal. Each has plenty of challenging, diecast steel of transferring and depth components, all made out. Pick often the 1:50- even the 1 or level Wheel Loader:64-degree Hydraulic Excavator. Condition Design, as for sale in the Shopping Cart Application below. CHOKING HAZARD. The product includes tiny parts. Not for kids under 3 years.

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Truck Trailer

Ertl John Deere With Grain Trailer

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small light

This indicates to become well-crafted from hard and steel plastic; it’s some fat to it. The cab and the truck having a pin connect for them to be played with together or independently. The address for that truck comes down and there’s area for children to incorporate cargo. The truck is back cargo gates so are also tough and available. This pickup resisting plenty of accidents.

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John Deere TBE45490 LP53306 W260 MOCO Windrower with 500R Head

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That is a significant product that is wonderful. This can be a 1/64 size Ertl design. This is a pleasant recent addition to my John Deere selection. A windrow can be a village apply that reduces hay or little feed plants and forms them into a windrow (A ROW of cut hay or little wheat plant).

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Big Farm Harvesting Set



The TOMY 1:32 Growing collection includes a Peterbilt Model 367 Straight Truck with Wheat Container Grain Box and Grain Auger. The Peterbilt capabilities operating grain container which comes up, flexible mirrors and starting rear gateway, beginning rear grain doorway. The Grain Container is customer comments and built the grain auger and also the grain truck. This collection performs perfectly using the TOMY S680 Combine. Excellent detail to get good play benefit and a collector for that rug farmer. Age-grade 3+ years.

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John Deere Value Set



Created by ERTL (the first choice in farm games for more than 70 years), this 70 part John Deere benefit collection contains all you need to begin your personal tiny village! Each collection features a selection of vehicles, vans, accessories, and pets. Additionally includes a removable top to help you quickly perform in the drop using the incorporated cars and extras plus a unit drop with opening gates! Each car is and attributes running wheels that are free and die-cast frame. The device drop, wall, and pets have been in scale for the cars (around 1:64 level).

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Ertl John Deere Carry Case Value Set

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The Fun on the Go Tractor Case can be a value-packed collection. Made of sturdy die-cast and plastic, this 18-piece collection is hard enough to resist interior and outdoor play. Everything fits the carry case, letting the kid consider village play wheresoever they desire and it is excellent maintaining it cool and arranged for easy-clean-up and storage.

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Learning Resources Jumbo Farm Animals



Let us go to a farm! Really detailed barn animals give hours of imaginative play. Group of seven sturdy plastic animals involves moose, pig, cow, goat, lamb, rooster and goose. Horse measures 7 ½ x10″.

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Farm Animal Action Figures – Big Bucket of Farm Animals – 50 pieces in set!



Farm Animal Action Figures – Big Bucket of your chosen Creatures: your kids will CHERISH this pair of Safari Animals – from cattle to horses, to ducks, to lamb, and much more – Countless hours in the most big ocean! This collection has all of it!

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Farm Set

Ertl John Deere Harvesting Set

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With this multiple-piece set, your kids could have hours of taking the plants in from your area. Utilize the JD combine to slice the harvest, sell into the grain wagon pulled with a JD tractor. Sell the grain wagon to the semi-tractor trailer which hauls the feed to community.

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Custom Farm Toy

8230 Combine and Head

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The Case 8230 Combine features the huge, extensive front tires, a sixteen-row corn head plus a forty foot grain system. The feeder property may improve and lower.

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Ertl Collectibles John Deere 569 Round Baler

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Detailed with six round bales, this 1/64 John Deere round baler is composed of die-cast and features a gap bale chute.

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Ertl John Deere 2200 Diecast Field Cultivator

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Officially licensed by John Deere, this 1:16 level cultivator can be a mix of die-cast and plastic construction. Hitches to 1/64 scale vehicles. Age-grade: 3 Plus.

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Ertl John Deere 1770NT Diecast Planter

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WHOA, A 16-row planter small enough to suit within my wallet? Features include die-cast and plastic design, folding planter wings and hitches to many 1/64 size trucks. Age-grade: 3 Plus.

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Ertl Case IH True Tandem 330 Turbo Diecast Disc



This die-cast and plastic replica of the True Tandem Turbo Disc showcases folding wing frames and will form a great team with any 1/64 scale tractor. Ages 3 Plus yrs.

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Big scale 1/16 Farm Toys


Ertl John Deere 8″ Monster Treads Shake N Sounds Combine



John Deere combines forces with brilliant monster truck design to produce the greatest in off-road action. It had been larger than predicted that has been pleasant, even though the sound clips are not practical, it creates sweet sound. You simply need fifteen minutes to obtain anything done, this can be a wonderful model to have out as it could keep the kids occupied for at least that long.

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Ertl Big Farm 1:16 John Deere Tractor With Lights & Sounds



The Big Farm John Deere Tractor is just a light and seems reproduction vehicle with opening cover, removable top loads and three-point hitch. The rear cab window opens to give access to the interior’s steering wheel. The tractor’s cab removes to offer usage of battery door. This tractor is suitable for additional 1:16 tools (sold separately).

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Ertl Monster Treads Tractor with Wagon



The John Deere Monster Treads Tractor with Wagon is a modern style tractor features a working front loader and extra large tires and wheels. The gravity wagon features extra large tires/wheels and hitches to the tractor. The Monster vehicle styling features big bouncy monster tires that are hit with boys. It’s been dropped and played with roughly and seems to hold together well. It is plastic but it seems durable. You wouldn’t mind getting other tractors just like it for your kids. You can see it’s size in the picture below next to a Matchbox car.

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Big Farm Peterbilt Semi Vehicle with Lowboy Trailer



The Lowboy trailer features removable hitch for easy loading and unloading as well as flexible side riggers for all those wide loads. When built out from the deal, this vehicle will be 4′ long. What child, minor or large wouldn’t need to view this under the tree. This truck is suitable for most 1:16 Big Farm vehicles. Requires 3 (AAA) batteries that are included. Ages 3 years+.

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Ertl Big Farm 1:16 John Deere 854 Round Baler With Bales



The hitch works together with one other ERTL 1:16, however not excellent it just sits on the website so that your children had a hard time keeping it from falling off…some zip ties later they were able to draw the bailer behind the tractor!

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Ertl John Deere Toll Bar Cultivator



Keep the weeds out of the corn rows with the 1/16 John Deere cultivator. With a rugged die-cast frame that attaches to most 1/16 tractors with plastic shovels, the cultivator will do a nice job. It has a fast good shape satisfied for all.

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Ertl John Deere Disk



Small farmers will enjoy ‘turning within the soil’ to the rug or out in the sandbox. The free-rolling plastic disk blades attached to your die-cast frame makes simple function of smoothing out the roughest mud inside the box. The disk can raise into a move the disk from field to field. If you are in the field force the disk right down to start the floor. The disk will affix to many 1/16 tractors.

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Ertl John Deere 348 Square Baler And 4 Bales



This very detailed 1:16 John Deere 348 Square Baler includes a die-cast body, bales that unload from the rear shoot, pick up teeth move and auger rotates when pulling or pressing the baler. Tung pivotes, naler shacks up to 1:16 tractors. Includes 4 square bales. Age grade 3+. years.

Ertl Collectibles John Deere Flex Fold 637 Disk



Replica features a die cast frame with plastic wings & steel hitch. Right & left wing fold up. Disk hitches to 1/16 replica tractors.

Replica features a die-cast frame with plastic wings & steel hitch. Right & left wing fold up. Disk hitches to 1/16 replica vehicles.

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John Deere Sit-N-Scoot Tractor

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This John Deere Sit ‘N Scoot Tractor can be a perfect match for those baby size chores. The John Deere Sit ‘N Scoot Tractor is decorated in standard John Deere trade dress so it’s similar to the real thing only smaller. The classic foot-to-floor play design provides the child with loads of fun and exercise, and simulates the work they see performed across the farm or within the garden. The item has been developed having a lightweight and secure riding design making for easy maneuverability for your child.

John Deere Sit ‘N Scoot Activity Tractor


The John Deere Sit ‘N Scoot Activity Tractor can be an innovative riding model that promotes imaginative play while teaching kids park sounds. The three-in-one layout with this ride-on tractor allows kids to scoot along, force along or be forced by a grownup. It is sold with four sweet farm animals as well as a force horn for practical farm sounds. Plus, the Stay ‘N Scoot Activity Ride-On includes a typical/low/off size location for looks — the No 1 element requested by parents. Additionally, the John Deere Sit ‘N Scoot Activity Tractor includes a couch that flips out to expose an instructional activity playset area.

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Farm toys for sale are so diverse and above are our great collection to share with you. All of them have high quality and so detail. You can buy it easily on Amazon through my link. Hope you can find the best gift for your kids.

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