The experience of tea in full color and flavor

Entering Tomás is a multisensory experience. In the bar, the little plates invite you to smell the teas in each one of them; When lifting them, a number jumps into view and with it the description of what the nose perceives. They all crave it.

Tomás Casa Editora de Teé is a place for the enjoyment and the knowledge of this millenary drink. It houses more than a hundred editions of tea that go crazy equally to the experts and to those who just begin to drink it. It is a space to enjoy and to learn.

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Tom express tea guide

In Mexico, we have the bad habit of saying tea to everything, infusions, and teas. We say “chamomile tea”, “peppermint tea”, even if none of them are.

“It is important to know that there are things that are tea and others that are not,” explains kindly Eugenio Larrinaga, one of the creators of this place, to be tea, must necessarily have some leaves of the Camellia Sinensis; Is the cut and process that is given after harvest which makes it becomes a white tea or a red tea, for example.

Because there are 105 tea editions in this house, each element in the bottle labels has a value – which, although it seems complicated, makes everything much simpler. The color indicates the type of tea; The texture, the country of origin; The boxes, the benefits it brings; And the number, the edition.

In Thomas, each tea has a code consisting of three numbers:

Each tea can be ordered by its method of preparation, hot, cold, in soda or frappe; By their place of origin, China, Taiwan, India ; Or for your body/mind benefit.

Who drinks tea in Mexico?

Although there are records that tea has existed in China for more than five thousand years and is the second most consumed drink in the world, many Mexicans do not drink it regularly.

The herbalist dictates that infusions and herbal teas are only drunk when there is some discomfort. That is why, people over 60, generally do not like tea, they see it as a home remedy, “says Eugenio,” on the other hand, there are people between 40 and 60 years who wants to grow old. A better way, they are the ones that are beginning to consume more and more tea.

Young people find many benefits in this drink, so their consumption in Mexico is growing with a more educated consumer. They know that all teas help the body and mind: they fight stress, anxiety, stomach pain and help detoxify, relax or burn fat.

The important thing is that people also drink tea because they like the taste and find it a pleasant experience.

The drink of the day

Green tea benefits for tea loverTea can be drunk at any time of the day, it all depends on the craving and calorie requirements of each person, although there are certain types that go better at certain times.

Denisse Diaz, a tea expert at Tomas, explains that in the morning you need more energy and something that wakes you up without tachycardia to start the day perfectly, and oolong tea or a white go perfectly for its antioxidants. At night, a herbal or rooibos is the best option, since they do not have stimulants and on the contrary, are relaxing and help to rest better.

The mealtime is very important, ideally accompanied with a hot black tea without sugar or milk, “says Denisse,” however, it is a bit strange to marinate it with enchiladas or with a meat. The best way to replace fresh water and soda is to drink a black tea with a little lemon or a green tea with red fruits, something very fresh and sweet but healthier. If the dish is high in fat, a Pu-Erh tea will help a lot.

 What is the best time of day to drink green tea?

What is Tomás Casa Tea Publishing House looking for?

In Tomas, there is always someone behind the counter who can advise you to take what you really want, what you feel at the time and what you need.

Seek that your consumption has consented, that you know what you took, what you mixed it with and what its benefit. The purpose of your visit is to come out with some knowledge, create a tea culture from a pleasurable sensory experience, to make a larger community.

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