Me and My Educational Toys for Kids: A Gift that keeps on Giving

Educational toys for kids was certainly not on my list back then probably. Because the selections were limited to square hole round peg and the rolling calculator with moving eyes and ping pong balls in its clear plastic head. Yep I’m sure that was it lol. Maybe if I had some cooler selections to choose from, my parents would have opened a list to at least one or two educational toys. And then either promptly fainted from shock or checked to see what the aliens had done with their child.

Educational toys for kids

The holiday season is upon us again and for most of us it brings fond memories of trees, presents, TV specials, cookies, food, and music. Walking through stores with our parents and making that mental list we delightfully wrote down for our parents when we got home, like Ralphie’ from “A Christmas Story”. We had that “Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle” on the list. And we were disappointed when we opened our gifts to an ugly sweater. The inevitable packages of underwear and socks, and possibly a cool new toy or game. We could try out as soon as everyone had unwrapped their gifts.

The world of educational toys for kids, has gotten much cooler from when I was growing up. With advances in technology and smaller more compact toys having the ability to do ever increasing tasks with everything from spelling and grammar, hand eye coordination, memory learning, and the big one Math (Basic all the way up to Advanced Equations). We have stepped into an age of giving our children the ability to gain knowledge and form concepts and theories at even earlier ages and allowing them to do this at their own pace. When they are ready for it has shown increases in intelligence and overall human advancement more so than ever before.

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We have some of the best educational toys for kids out there and will give you some of our best tips and tricks to finding. And then choosing the ones that best fit your child and were they are in their educational and learning adventure.

Were here to help as well so below we’ve selected a few beauties to check out educational toys for kids:

Love2Learn Elmo:

Ok pretty much everyone loves are little red dude and him teaching your toddler ABC’s, color and pattern recognition. Not to mention he will call your child by name is sure bet Elmo will be teaching your child for some time to come.

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VTech DigiArt Creative Easel:

For your child’s inner Leonardo Da Vinci or Picasso the folks at VTech have delivered a 40-inch easel that transforms from a light-up dry-erase board to a chalkboard in a blink of an eye. It offers over a 100 patterns that teach drawing to your child.


Educational Insights: Nancy B’s Science Club:

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VTech Count and Learn Turtle:

This cute little guy is from days of old but has all the features to help your little guy or girl count and learn some basic math problems all with lights and assistance from our cute green friend.

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The Moodsters Feelings Flashlight:

Emotional Intelligence is a very important and often overlooked development step for your child. The feelings flashlight helps them identify their emotions and comes with a scary bedtime story to check of that all-important. I’m scared emotion.

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Bee-Bot Coding Bee:

In the age of computers giving your little one a step up on coding can never hurt. This cute little bee will help them have fun doing it by letting them push the directional buttons on top and then a press of the go button sends him on his way. Rinse repeat they’ll be writing the next Mars launch in no time.

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Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar


LeapFrog Number Lovin’ Oven:

Counting and cooking go together like peas in a pod or chocolate chips in cookies. This little oven teaches the concept of temperature and how long it takes foods to cook properly. Maybe you have the next top chef in the making.


Jumbo BannanaGrams Word Game:

It’s like scrabble only with a big yellow banana and you need a football field to play, well not that big. But this is definitely for the outdoors and will create a fun way to help your child learn spelling.


MagFormers Walking Robot 45-Piece Set:


Smart Anatomy Interactive Human Body:

For your little nurse or doctor in the house this wireless interactive device teaches your children 16 different body parts and what they do all with a wireless pen.


Tip#1 Do Your Research

The internet is a vast and amazing tool at your fingertips to do the initial Google, Bing, or other search engine of your choice, to find lists and lists of educational toys for kids out there. Once the search is complete choose the top couple of results and go on in. Once you find the type of toys your looking for its time to look at the reviews and ratings buyers have given it. And then you select the top-rated toy from your list.

Tip#2 Finding the Best Deal:

Even the wealthiest out there don’t just go spend full price for something. That’s probably why they got to where they are. Unless the Powerball was in your cards and then, who knows. Maybe you paid $500 for that Star Wars Lego kit at Walmart that eBay had for $150 because you could. For those of us with limited budgets doing another search on your search engine of choice will hopefully give you options of at least some type of discount.