Educational and colorful what is good toy for babies

How is that with the toys for babies and toddlers? What are good toys?

There are things I did not even think about before I even had kids at all. In my life, I would never have had the idea to think about such seemingly elementary questions as “breastfeeding or not breastfeeding”, “mash or BLW”, “bed or couch bed, or rather family bed,” as well as “push or carry,” ” Versus colorful toy “thoughts.

But it seems like you have to. As if it were almost a question of faith. If you believe the voices you encounter in your everyday life or on the web, then there is only black and white, extreme. No medication. You have to decide to be a part. Part of a certain parent movement. Eco-mama or not. Taffe business woman or not. Housewife or not. Vegetarian or not. Breastfeeding or breastfeeding? One-way diapers, clothes or even keep them? Montessori, Waldorf or quite different? Nope, I think then always. Nope, somehow nothing is of it. Not so right. Or maybe.I am rather a bit of everything. Depending on how it suits us and our child. And somehow that is for me so synonymous, it feels good. This is exactly why we as parents make our very own thing. This, in turn, looks very different for both girls – adapted to age and character.

Why do we talk about it today? Because I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine. The theme was: baby and toddler toys. Wood or plastic, neutral or colorful, wood equally educational toys valuable?

As we sat there in the parking lot in the playground and watched our children play, we had to laugh. How long-held (often very romantic) ideas about life with a child then deviate from the reality. As our three sweet rabbits were running around and happy, we came from the theme Kliniktasche to baby equipment to the well-known topic “messy room”, to toys in general. You know that. Yes, and finally, we have landed on the subject of wood versus plastic toys. Brightly colorful or rather calm and neutral. What is good for my child, what is done and what makes joy. It was exciting that our children prefer colorful toys. And, of course, prefer it. Colorful is always the racer. Be it the colorful ball pool.

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Kids love it colorful and colorful!

I remember how I bought a lot of things in neutral colors during my pregnancy with the little Mimi girl. Like wood, like a little crocheted (for example, the beautiful children’s chain with the little elephants, which, however, obviously only impressed us, not the child} and very gladly not merely too colorful. Why? Because it seemed to me to be right. The fact is that nothing has been noticed or touched. The teething ring made of wood? Still, brand new today. The children’s chain? Disdained. And what was it instead? Exactly, you guessed it: Qiuetschbuntes toy was the object of desire. At some point, I bought a brightly colored pram chain with two bells hanging on it. Colorful teething rings. Crackling, colorful Griffin? Perfect.

With my oh so romantic idea of what would be good for my little girl and later also interesting, I was so completely wrong. And who has ever claimed colorful toys would not be educational valuable? Who?

Toys: Educationally valuable and colorful!

What are really good toys?

Good toys stimulate the imagination and creativity and encourage the playing child to always rediscover the respective toys for babies and toddlers. A good toy should, therefore, be versatile and interesting with regard to its colors, shapes or haptics.

Especially with babies, the visual sense is trained by colors and strong contrasts.

Even when I sleep in the baby room {the little boy is sleeping with us), we have to look for a not too troublesome design. Because the little brain learns. And so, among other things, the ” Captain Calamari ” * motor toy from Lamaze is waiting for our little summer boys.

Captain Calamari is colorful, invites you to discover, suitable as a teething ring, facilitates teething and has different haptics. Captain Calamari is a motorized toy that brings everything: a small mirror, a rattle, various fabrics and rustling tentacles. Suitable for ages 0 and up.

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