With this doll your children should not fall asleep

What actually meant to make children happy is now a real source of danger.

A sleeping baby doll for kids is currently causing excitement. The toy of the brand “Amia” was now called back by the company “Vedes”. As one of the leading toy merchandisers, the company had this doll since February 2015 in the assortment. To date, 11,300 have already been sold across Europe.

On the doll are some parts, which can easily be swallowed by small children. There is, therefore, a potential risk of suffocation, especially when the child is playing unattended. A high risk that a toy should not represent.

Up to now, however, no damage or injuries had been reported by the doll, the company reported in a press release. It is merely intended to rule out the possibility of future incidents. Parents can recognize the 30 centimeters large doll with cap and cramped suit especially at the textile label with imprint “Vedes Großhandel GmbH”. Return the risky toy in the store where you bought it, the purchase price will be refunded.

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