Secrets About Oolong Tea Lose Weight That Nobody Will Tell You

Oolong tea has been known for centuries in Asian countries. This tea is black, made of real oolong leaves and is low in calories and caffeine. Oolong tea is not only an exquisite gift for tea lover but Oolong tea also helps promote weight loss in a natural way for those who suffer from a slight excess weight.

Consumption of oolong tea for six weeks helped people reduce body weight and fat which is proved by a study published in the Journal of Chinese Medicine in February 2009. To get the most benefit, drink oolong tea instead of other calorie beverages, increase the amount of exercise you do, and apply a balanced diet and calorie reduction. Oolong tea is not a miracle weight loss drink that will cause you to lose a large amount of its own weight. The weight loss in the study was up to a few pounds for most participants during the six-week.

Does Oolong Tea Lose Weight?

Tea usually has very few calories (less than 10 calories per 250ml) making it one of the least calorie drinks. In China and other Asian countries, these people consume more than 2 liters of tea a day, which is huge. By seeing that Asians are a generally thin people and having a healthy weight, it is normal that we conclude that their high intake of tea is the key to their slimming successes.

Decrease Calories

In fact, it is partially true to say that tea promotes weight loss. What I mean is that a person with a great habit of snacking throughout his day (nibbling is often foods high in fat, sugars, low nutrients, empty calories and extra) but replaces those cravings To nibble while drinking tea, so yes it will lose weight. Tea is hypocaloric and will not fatten even if it is drunk in large quantity unless it is added cream and sugar.

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Diuretic and Laxative Effect

Just like coffee, some teas contain a quantity of tea, which acts like caffeine contained in coffee, soft drinks, and chocolate. Tea acts as a diuretic, which means it increases the volume and frequency of urine, which eliminates water retention. Water retention appears on a balance by gaining weight, but do not worry, this is not necessarily fat. By drinking oolong tea, you will more often urinate, which results in a loss of weight (water) on your scale, but you will not have lost weight.

In addition, tea promotes intestinal transit, which makes it possible to eliminate your stool more easily and regularly and at the same time prevents constipation. Your scale will then show a lower weight.

Reduction of Greasy Tissue

A study was carried out by 2 groups of people. One drank tea during the day and the other drank no tea but adopted the same diet as the first group. These studies have had as results that the first group of people had lost a certain amount of fatty tissue, weight loss, waist circumference decrease and more constant energy regrowth for those who had consumed oolong tea regularly contrary to those who Did not consume at all.


Benefits of Oolong tea to lose weight:

  • Oolong Tea has antioxidants help burn fat more efficiently and quickly (especially belly fat) which helps to lose weight and have a healthy immune system.
  • It naturally contains caffeine, which, combined with the EGCGs in the tea will work together to raise the oxidation of fat.
  • Oolong tea helps to regulate blood sugar levels and reduces your cravings.
  • It contains polymerized polyphenols which help to increase the body’s energy expenditure.
  • Polyphenols in tea block the absorption of dietary fat and cholesterol by more than 50% when taken 3 times a day.
  • It also helps prevent obesity, even by eating a high-fat diet. It reduces abdominal fat and LDL cholesterol safely without any side effects.
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4 Steps to weight loss by using Oolong tea everyday

Other Benefits of Oolong Tea

Slow the Aging Process

Like all teas, oolong tea contains a significant amount of antioxidants, which decreases the aging process and thus protects you from certain cancers. Our body produces naturally or because of toxins, so-called free radicals that destroy our genetic background and attack the cells of our body, predisposing us more to cancers and promotes premature aging.

Reduction of Cardiovascular Diseases

It is proven that tea, which contains a significant amount of flavonoids, powerful antioxidant properties, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases because they decrease and prevent oxidation. In addition, this would increase the health of the heart arteries, which decreases the dangers of being infected with these diseases.

Decreased Cancer and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Since tea is rich in antioxidants, this would prevent many cancers, as tea decreases or prevents the production of free radicals, responsible for many cancers. In addition, this would decrease the occurrence of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease.

Disadvantages of Oolong Tea

Iron and Calcium deficiencies

Tea (consumed in excessive quantities, ie more than 8 cups per day) decreases the absorption of certain trace elements such as iron. In addition, since it acts as a diuretic, it decreases the amount of calcium your body absorbs, as the majority of calcium is eliminated in the more frequent and frequent urine.

Contains a little Caffeine

Just like coffee, oolong tea contains a little caffeine. There are many people who are very sensitive to caffeine that can cause them:

  • InsomniaDecreased quality and amount of sleep
  • Decreased quality and amount of sleep
  • Diarrhea
  • Nervousness or irritability increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure heartburn
  • HeartburnDigestion problems
  • Digestion problems
  • Ttremors
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How many teas a day?

We strongly recommend limiting the consumption of stimulating drinks to 2 to 4 cups per day. In fact, you should bring 2.5mg of caffeine or theine per kilos.

A person weighing 70 kilos should not exceed his 175 mg in theine intake daily.

 What is the best time of day to drink green tea?

My personal opinion

Oolong tea seems to be a good alternative to the teas you find in supermarkets because it contains little caffeine and brings many health and weight loss benefits like any other teas. On the other hand, do not believe that you will lose 35 kilos by drinking 1 to 2 L of tea per day, you will be greatly disappointed.

Personally, I love tea and I drink very occasionally, but I noticed that this low-calorie drink diminishes the feeling of hunger, at least delays it for a while, so it is effective to drink Oolong tea for Your weight loss process.

Which is the best tea to drink for weight loss you should choose