Kids Don’t Have to Be from the Midwest to Want Custom Farm Toys

Why on earth would Johnnie want a custom farm toys for his birthday? That was the question on my mind as I drove to work today. I wonder if other mothers have the problem of finding that special toy for their son. I’m sure they do. How do I go about finding such a thing as a “custom” John Deere truck? I wonder if it is custom as in it’s built especially for your child or is it just called custom to make it sound special.

custom farm toys

Last night when Johnnie asked me to get that for his birthday, I just about fell off my chair. All you could say was, “Sure, I can get one at Walmart.” He jumped up so fast I thought something bit him. But that wasn’t it. He practically put his nose on my face as he said, “No Mom, it has to be a custom truck with a trailer and the farm buildings too!” He puts his hands up to measure a big size of maybe two feet.

All I could say was, “Oh, OK.” But I was thinking that this sounded like a big job. Plus, I certainly don’t have time to do a bunch of shopping at who knows where to find a custom farm toy. Of course, I can always go online and see what I can find. So after a long day at work, I get on the computer and start my search.

How to buy good farm toys for your kids?

Wow, I would never have thought there would be so many sites that claim to have farm toys. This is going to be almost as much fun as going to three malls before finding what he wants. So let see if I can figure out how to buy good custom farm toys because I sure don’t want to hear Johnnie say it’s not the good kind he was wanting. Looks like I have some hunting to do but then it is only once a year that he asks for one particular toy and I always have been able to satisfy him except for that one time…well, I don’t think about that!

Let SEE my favorite list, and you may choose the best toy on the budget.

Custom Farm Toys 1 16 Scale and 1 64 Scale

This is how I went about my mission of finding a good custom farm toy. I googled “how do you buy custom farm toys.” There comes up so many hits on different places to buy them. First off is Amazon. I’m not sure about going to Amazon for this but I will give it a try. So I search for “John Deere custom truck” and then get a long list of all custom farm toys for sale. And what’s with the different scaled to sizes? There was 1 64th farm toys, 1/16 scale custom farm toys, 1/64 farm displays, and so on. I had no idea what all these measurements mean. I know my husband is a big Hot Wheels fan so I will ask him.

This is what my husband explained about the 1/16 versus the 1/64th. Hot Wheels are at 1/64 and 1/16 would be a big size that kids love the best. That’s a good explanation for me so I go back to my computer and search again for the custom farm truck that Johnnie wants.

Browse here for the collection of

Farm Animal Action Figures – Big Bucket of Farm Animals – 50 pieces in set!

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small light

Farm Animal Action Figures – Big Bucket of your preferred Creatures: your kids WILL LIKE this group of Safari Animals – to horses, from cattle to ducks, to lamb, and much more – Countless hours in most large container! This collection has everything! To get a good price, you had been able to obtain her a lot of creatures along with bushes and the wall which you notice inside the image. It is a good value to get a lot of fun. The creatures are top quality it is just fantastic as you are able to get a lot of for this value. The goal has some creatures which are like $4.99 each. Therefore, you will get 10 animals for $50.

Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Wooden Barn With 7 Animal Play Figures


small light

This set Lightweight wooden barn ends around take along with you and opens wide for simple play entry. Includes a handle for easy transportation and contains a wooden ladder eight practical plastic farm animals along with a folding corral. The animals along with the barn appear sturdy wooden. The collection encourages creative play for the children. Big handles allow you to consider your little bit of “nation” you go! My only complaint about the set is that there is no latch, so the barn can open when moved from place to place.

John Deere Carry Case Value Set

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small light

The Fun on the Go Tractor Case is just a value-packed collection. Made of sturdy die-cast plastic and, this 18-piece collection is difficult enough to endure outdoor and indoor play. Everything fits to the carrycase, enabling the kid to consider plantation play exactly where they arranged for easy-clean and it is excellent maintaining it nice and need -up and storage. It surely features a lot and the games have organized perfectly even though plastic. The sole downside is the fact that the situation is incredibly frustrating for children and fairly hard to start. It remains shut very well though!!

Case IH 8230 Combine Diecast Vehicle, 1:64-Scale

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small light

The 1:64 Case him 8230 Mix features a sixteen row corn head the big, broad front tires along with a forty foot grain system. The feeder property lower and may increase. Quality because it is robust and outstanding piece an extremely impressive size die cast metal building. A model but collector’s quality.

Ertl 8320R Tractor With J & M Grain Cart, 1:64 Scale

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small light

The JD 8320R tractor using rear tires and its dual front could draw the biggest weight of wheat. The JandM grain cart rides on soft plastic tires. The auger rotates to unload the grain into the elevator. The 8320R includes a durable die-cast body having a oscillating die-cast front axle. Smooth plastic tires create a smooth ride. The grain wagon includes container and a die-cast body which could take the punishment. Imagine hiking the hierarchy to appear into the box to determine how much feed is within the field. The Product is Strong and Durable, what I would recommend to people who collect.

Custom Modules can connect with 1:64 scale tractors

L340 Large Square Baler w/ Bales ErtlErtl Case IH True Tandem 330 Turbo Diecast DiscErtl 1770NT Diecast PlanterErtl 2200 Diecast Field Cultivator
  • Die cast and plastic construction
  • Compatible with 1:64 scale tractors

Read more …

  • Die cast and plastic construction
  • Great detail
  • Compatible With Most 1:64 Scale Tractors

Read more …

  • Die Cast And Plastic Construction
  • Folding Planter Wings
  • Compatible With Most 1:64 Scale Tractors

Read more …

  • Die cast and plastic construction
  • Compatible with 1:64 scale tractors

Read more …

Rate[star rating=”5″][star rating=”4.5″][star rating=”5″][star rating=”4″]
  • Good product
  • Good price
  • This piece works very well with all the Ertl pieces.
  • Product well built good detail looks very realistic.
  • Awesome detailed planter. The planter looks very really but only smaller.
  • Model is perfect.
  • Productivity has increased significantly.
  • Able to cover a lot more ground in a shorter amount of time.
  • It was a little smaller than I expected but all metal and has held up great with everyday play!
  • It works okay but very fragile
  • The main frame and tongue are mainly metal diecast.
  • The wings do not fold up properly and sit lopsided.

Ertl John Deere 8″ Monster Treads Shake N Sounds Combine

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small light

John Deere combines forces with brilliant monster truck design to produce the greatest in off road action. It had been larger than predicted that has been pleasant, even though the sound clips are not practical, it creates sweet sound. You simply need fifteen minutes to obtain anything done, this can be a wonderful model to have out as it could keep the kids occupied for at least that long.

Ertl Monster Treads Tractor with Wagon 1/16 scale


small light

Measuring nearly eighteen inches in length, this Monster Treads tractor loader with wagon set is ideal for indoor or outdoor sandbox play! The removable cart features a hinged auger and is perfect for hauling around loads of sand. The tractor features an articulated front loader than can be positioned with a preschool friendly lever! Both the wagon and tractor feature trademark super bouncy tires!

Ertl Big Farm 6210R Tractor With Grain Cart


small light

Fun-filled play meets 1:16 replica scale with these toys from ERTL. These durable machines and accessories exhibit all of the details you would expect to find in replica product, but with the fun lights and sounds features designed for younger children. The new 6R Series tractors are built on proven success and durability. The Big Farm 6210R Tractor features new styling from John Deere. This unit features lights and sounds, removable front loader, front weights and an open cab for steering. A tractor built to last for all of those Big Farm adventures. The Big Farm Frontier Grain cart features extra large tires, 2 pieces folding working unloading auger as well as opening grain box door.  The cart also has a movable jack stand and interchangeable front hitch.

Custom Modules can connect with 1:16 scale tractors

Ertl 348 Square Baler And 4 Bales, 1:16 ScaleErtl  Toll Bar Cultivator, 1:16 ScaleErtl Big Farm 1:16  854 Round Baler With BalesErtl 1700 Planter, 1:16 Scale
  • Die-Cast Body
  • Tung Pivots, Naler Hooks Up To 1:16 Tractors
  • Bales Unload From The Rear Shoot
  • Pick Up Teeth Rotate And Auger Rotates When Pulling Or Pushing The Baler
  • Tung pivotes, naler hooks up to 1:16 tractors
  • Comes with 4 square bales
  • Die Cast Frame Attaches To Most 1/16 Tractors
  • Plastic Shovels
  • 6 Row Cultivator
  • Soft plastic tires
  • High quality plastic toy vehicles
  • Durable enough for indoor and outdoor play!
  • Pickup arm lifts and lowers, opening rear door, includes two hay bales
  • Compatible with most 1:16 implements (sold separately)
  • Free Rolling Wheels
  • Real Die Cast Parts
  • Authentic Decoration
  • Officially Licensed
  • Two Piece Wheels And Tires
Rate[star rating=”4″][star rating=”5″][star rating=”4.5″][star rating=”4″]
  • Very well made.
  • It is metal.
  • The color is true John Deere green.
  • Detailed design
  • Fit well with other 1/16 vehicles.
  • Nice, detailed baler.
  • It fits on 1:16 tractor perfectly.
  • Very durable.
  • Realistic & sturdy!


  • Ertl is using so much plastic rather than metal, and they are so breakable
  • Some moving parts but non-functional and may break with rough play.
  • Several screws that came loose.

Custom Farm Trucks

I find one model of the one he wants on Amazon for $70.00! Wow, that’s a little too much for my budget. So then I decide to search again on google for the exact name of the custom farm toys he wants. I visit to and they sell many diversity John Deere toys. They have some trucks but not at that scale so I go to John Deere himself and there I find a nice truck and trailer for a reasonable $22.99. Wow, that’s a big difference and wonder why. Back to my husband who tells me that the one on Amazon is the real original one from back when they made them but John Deere probably doesn’t make that model anymore. So I guess it’s just a matter of what you really want and how much you want to spend on an eight-year-old.

Ertl Big Farm 1:16 Peterbilt Model 367 Delivery Truck With Roll Off And Ih 1206 Nf

small light

These durable machines and accessories exhibit all of the details you would expect to find in replica product, but with the fun lights and sounds features designed for younger children. The Big Farm Lights and Sounds Peterbilt Model 367 Straight Truck with Flatbed Trailer and Farm all 1206 Narrow Front Tractor. Peterbilt Straight Truck features include Lights and sounds; opening cab doors to access the steering wheel; Steerable front wheels; and Big Farm rear hitch. Flatbed Trailer features include a sliding and tilting trailer bed. Farm all 1206 Tractor features include Lights and sounds; Narrow Front axle; Single wheels and adjustable Big Farm rear hitch.

Custom Farm Buildings

Now for the farm buildings. That should be easier and I don’t think they have to be custom but I will look for them too. I found a lot on Amazon and they even had combinations. They had 1/64 farm displays. Plus, they had some nice barns, houses, sheds, and even fences. Some were expensive but I found a few that were not and ordered them.

John Deere Value Set

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small light

This 70 piece John Deere value set includes everything you need to start your own miniature farm! Each set includes a variety of tractors, trucks, implements, and animals. Also features a machine shed with opening doors and a removable roof so you can easily play inside the shed with the included vehicles and accessories! Each vehicle is approximately three inches long and features free-rolling wheels and die-cast chassis. The machine shed, fencing and animals are in scale to the vehicles. The quality is really pretty good for the price (10 vehicles, a shed, livestock, and fencing for $30 is less than $3/item). The shed is by far the cheapest piece — it’s all plastic and very flimsy — but it stays together just fine. All of the vehicles are mixed plastic and metal.

Big Farm Harvesting Set

41A2N2BWS5HL 1

small light

The TOMY 1:32 Harvesting set features a Peterbilt Model 367 Straight Truck with Grain Box, Grain Bin, and Grain Auger. The Peterbilt features working grain box which lifts up, opening rear gate, opening rear grain door, removable tarp and adjustable mirrors. The Grain Bin is consumer assembled and compliments the grain truck and the grain auger. This set works very well with the TOMY 1:32 S680 Combine sold separately. Exceptional detail for a collector and great play value for the carpet farmer. Age grade 3+ years.

I shut down my computer with a sigh and went to bed happy that night knowing Johnnie would have a great birthday when he opens those great custom farm toys.

Click to see the full collection of farm toys

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