How to create A Family Tree for Granny Gift

In this Granny Gift, she is the root, your mom and dad is trunk, you and your siblings are shoots. This is how it all began, and you became part of your granny’s family tree. Its now time to show gratitude, and what can be a better keepsake memorabilia for a woman her age than a beautifully created three-dimensional family tree.

Seed of the family tree


Your grandma has grown older by one more year, and her memory of the life lived so far is getting buried deep under the thick deposit of time. Now is the time to help her relive the moments, she once had. Lets gift her something that she will cherish for rest of her life. We are asking you to give her a custom-made three-dimensional, metallic family tree. The family tree should look like an actual tree with root, stems, shoots, branches, and leaves. It should look as strong as a banyan tree.

Growing the family tree to complete the Granny Gift


This super gift has two parts: one ideation and visualization, and another creation (molding). For the ideation part, you may need your grandmothers assistance, but get her help covertly. And for the creation part, you will need professional caster. Lets begin with explaining the creation part of the grandpa gift.

The family tree you are going to make for your granny should be made of metal. You can get a gold plating or silver plating done on the family tree. Getting this done will not be difficult nor will be the ideation and visualization part. If you cannot find a professional caster with a creative bend in your locality, you can search the Internet to find the right guy to create this granny gift for you. Do not hesitate to ask the caster to show their sample works. Also ask for referrals. This will give you a fair knowledge about their claims and their expertise.

After short-listing 3-4 professional casters, you can begin the ideation part of the custom gift. The first step in the process is to make a list of the names of the people related to your granny, and how they are related. Your list may include the following: Your granny’s Grandfathers (father as well as mother side), her grandmothers (father as well as mother side), her father, her mother, her uncles, her aunts, her husband, her sons and daughters, her grandchildren etc. Though you are including your granny’s grandfathers and grandmothers in the family tree, make sure, she is the center of attraction in the family tree.

Make decorated gold-plated or silver-plated pendants that will contain the pictures and the names of the people you are going to put on the family tree. You also make your granny and her husbands pendant bigger and more attractive, this way you can make her the center of attraction on the family tree.

Make the root, and the stem near the root broad enough to sustain the load of the branches and leaves. Write a personalized message on the front face of the family trees base. You can write things like, The Roots and Shoots of Smiths Family Tree. Put the eldest people of the family (grandparents of your granny) on the lowest branch, and on the branches above that put their children (grannys mother, father, uncles and aunts). Follow the same pattern until you reach the top and you are finished putting every member of your family on the family tree.

The idea behind this arrangement is this: by putting your granny’s grandparents near the root of the tree, you are drawing a visual analogy between the people who are at the root and the root of the tree. You are saying they have provided the vitality necessary to keep the family tree flourishing, and the youngest at the top of the family tree denotes its growing nature.

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