12+ Couple goals will make your relationship better

Couple goals are great ideas for your dating days. Lack of common couple goals is the primary source of conflicts. One of the most wonderful things, when you are in a relationship, is that you don’t have to do things alone. Giftsandwish wants to help you set up your couple goals, which are common, funny, sex goals, or short term and long term goal. A couple also finds goals for the same interests.

Romantic Couple Goals

Even if one or both of you aren’t gooey romantics, it’s always nice to do one or two of these things once in a while, just to show each other that you’re still willing to go an extra mile to see them smile. Checking off the items on this list of romantic couple goals will have you guys bathing in a warm glow of contentment after that because even the littlest things can be the sweetest!

Teaching him how to paint your nails so you don’t have to leave bed to get a pedicure. Mainly just never leaving bed for anything.

Showering together so you can wash all your favorite parts of each other.

Spending an entire road trip cramped in the back of someone’s car, and not caring because you get to be together.

Create matchy outfits with each other, especially for costume parties or special events.

Go all out to capture the perfect angle of your partner for their Instagram post.

Set “couple” wallpapers on your phones. Prepare a meal together.

Give each other massages.

Kiss when you’re right on top of the Ferris wheel

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Funny Couple Goals

One of the points of being in a relationship is so that you can totally shuck off any masks, any personas, and completely be yourself while you’re with them. And what’s a relationship without humor and ridicule? You can both be total idiots in love and snort with laughter at each other’s antics. Check out some of these funny couple goals you jokers should achieve!

Look like a complete mess in front of each other.

Hang out together naked without having sex.

Sing and dance for each other (especially if you can’t sing and dance)

Pulling pranks on each other (but please know your limits!)

Play with the trolleys while grocery shopping no matter your age (bonus points if one of you gets into the trolley)

Take ugly photos of each other and use them as blackmail (in a joking manner, obvs)

Have your own fashion show – but pick out each other’s outfits

Take selfies at supposedly ridiculous times – brushing teeth, after baths half naked, when you just woke up

Lifting your girl up physically to grab stuff from top racks both of you can’t reach

We hope you find many ideas to do for your couple goals. It is so great if you can share some of your couple gifts below.

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