Well, it’s that time of the year again. When you have to come up with the best cheap white elephant gift ideas. Whether for a party in the office or to put a smile on the face of your loved ones at home. How do you go about finding a gift that is utterly worthless, but will give some enjoyment to your partner or kids? That task just got a whole lot easier. As we have trawled through the catalogs and come up with a list that we think will work for you.

Cheap white elephant gift ideas under 20$

Cheap white elephant gift ideas below 20$

Easy Wine Opener

Let’s start with something useful, because a gift that can actually be used is going to make people smile, isn’t it? The Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener is an excellent, functional gift for this time of year, taking the headache out of getting your guests’ wine to the glass. It comes with a foil cutter, wine pourer and stopper.

Convenient Drink Cooler

On the same useful note, but with a hint of humor attached, the BigMouth Inc Prescription Style Drink Cooler could be a winner. It does what it says it does, keeping beers or sodas icy cold in its foam container, but tells the drinker that the beer within is their prescription, and it’s shaped like a pill bottle.


Funny Coasters

Likewise, everyone needs coasters to protect their table or bar top. But there’s no reason for them not to raise a smile. The Lavley novelty set of six novelty coasters bears messages like: “I’ve decided not to have kids. The kids are taking it pretty hard”; or “Trust me, you can dance – wine.”

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Toilet on your hand

White elephant gifts can be naughty, though you have to judge your recipients. Also from BigMouth Inc comes the original toilet mug, shaped like your water closet and bowl. People will have a lot of fun drinking their coffee from this filthy receptacle. Then, staying with the toilet theme, in case their mug persuades your loved one that it’s time to go. Fairly Odd Novelties has produced the Potty Putter Toilet Time, which will enable them to practice their putting while sitting at stool. And give a subtle hint that you think they spend too much time on their golf.


Farting is funny book

Next, staying with the lavatorial note, a sure-fire winner for white elephant gifts, here’s one for the kids. The Farting Animals Coloring Book, by MT Lott. All their favorite animals are included, and if your partner is into the fauna he or she might enjoy it too.


Adult Achievement stickers

At Christmas, everyone likes to be told they’re special. So Lavley’s set of 16 adult achievement stickers will allow you to reward your special person for major achievements like: almost going to the gym, paying the bills on time, keeping their plants alive or only drinking one glass of wine last night. That will raise a smile.

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Christmas is a time of conspicuous consumption, so food-related items are always good. If you want to add a naughty note to it. Then Adrienne N Hew’s book “50 Ways to East Cock: Healthy Chicken Recipes with Balls!” will go down well.

Funny sunscreen wine

Alcohol is also a feature of the time of year, and Tipsy Tubes has come up with a set of three 8 Oz Hidden Alcohol Flasks, which look like innocent containers of sunscreen, suntan lotion and hair gel.

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Family Blankeez

Finally, to lampoon the time of year and all the inappropriate presents that will be sent. Try this out from Prank Pack: Prank Pack Blankeez, which is a gift box which appears to contain a totally useless product from a stupid company. But in which you’ll put your real present. Think of the surprise when something good comes out of the packaging!


So there are 10 ideas for cheap white elephant gift ideas, and all for under $20. Your Christmas shopping is done.

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