Some Christmas ideas for her you will never want to skip

I got the items featured to ease this post. All opinions are my own. Christmas is nearly here! If you’re still looking for that special, unique Christmas gift for the woman in your life, not to worry. There is still time to shop and I have got the Christmas ideas for her to make a holiday merry and bright!

With you Lockets

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Searching for that special something that will make her smile and bring a tear to her eye all with your gift? You will see that combination when you give something from With You Lockets. Why are lockets so heartwarming goes past the man who gave it to a woman, but it means so much more because of the picture it conveys. With You Lockets make giving the best gift much simpler by professionally placing your preferred photo from the locket before dispatch. I have been longing for a locket for many years and now I finally have a desire fulfilled. Simple and elegant, there is no denying that the “perfect gift” power this little piece of jewelry has!

This versatile piece keeps those you love near your heart. Luminous white topaz and oxidized Sterling Silver come together to provide the illusion of diamonds in this beautifully crafted round locket necklace. Sterling Silver locket pendant with White Topaz. 18″ Sterling Silver necklace chain includes a jump ring in 16″ permitting two length choices. Locket measures 18mm diameter.

This versatile piece keeps those you love close to your heart. Luminous white topaz and oxidized Sterling Silver come together to give the illusion of black diamonds in this beautifully crafted round locket necklace. Sterling Silver locket pendant with White Topaz.

Family Essential Kit

Family Essentials

The doTERRA Family Essentials Kit comprises 10 essential oils and blends are great Christmas gifts for Couple. The “feel better” essentials that parents want on a daily basis to take care of their families. Go through the infinite techniques doTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils can help you help your loved ones.

Our family has been using doTERRA Essential Oils equally at the Lumo Diffuser and topically and have already begun to see the advantages. Melaleuca has shown to greatly enhance women’s skin irritations, small drops of lavender in their cushions helps to relax them at bedtime, and everybody loves a burst of peppermint in the morning! The Lumo makes it effortless for me to care for my family naturally and efficiently. It is like our own spa at home! Any product which produces Mother life easier is a win in my book!

Welly Bottle

Welly Bottle 2I understand how important it is for women to drink water. Unfortunately, I am really bad at keeping up with that! I mean, if water tasted like sweet tea or coffee I would be golden! But since it does not arrive in this kind, drinking the amount I should have ever been a problem for me. When I found the Welly Bottle, I realized I’d finally discovered a water bottle that really allows me to taste my water. I use lemon, lime, cucumbers, and a whole lot more to provide my water a cool, crisp, or even sour taste and I find myself drinking more on a regular basis. The infuser lets me enjoy my beverage with no anxiety of fruit seeds. The Welly Bottle keeps cold drinks cool for up to 24 hours and warm for up to 12. The Welly Bottle also includes one removable infuser for infusing your tastes or even brewing coffee on the go!

Epic One-Step Mascara

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Stocking stuffer alert! So you have the kid’s stockings full of sugar and trinkets but do not know what to tuck into your spouse’s goodie bag? How about something she will use to feel beautiful every day! Younique’s Moodstruck Epic Mascara is one of my favorite ways to take my lashes on the top!


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The quote goes, You can take the woman out of the country but you can not take the country out of the woman. This became particularly true for me and in actuality, I believe that the country still has not stopped growing in me. Everywhere I go I get compliments on this cuff. Ammowear has so many diverse pieces to choose from! Copper Cuff Bracelet.

On the lookout for announcement bullet casing jewelry? Look no further! This Copper Ammo Cuff Bracelet will turn heads and turn your friends green with envy. This stunning solid aluminum bracelet is graced with bullet casings from three legendary calibers, 38 special, 45 Colt and 40 calibers Smith and Wesson. Though we can’t vouch for the health benefits of copper that people swear by, we can say you will love this bit. It is going to quickly patina, providing you with a rugged look, but if this is not quite your style, keep your bracelet shining with the included polishing fabric.

Pendant Silver Plated Round Rope Design Necklace

Ammo necklace

An Everyday Staple for Any Ammo Girl, is made with a genuine ammo brass available 38 special, 357 Mag or 45 Auto. Pendant hangs from an 18” stainless steel ball chain. The Handmade item has specific ammo brand headstamps are available by request, based on availability, and comes with a polishing cloth to keep your bullet casing jewelry sparkling.

On the lookout for an everyday bullet casing jewelry cost that will go with everything and represent your favorite game? Look no further! This bullet casing necklace looks amazing with any outfit and any additional jewelry you wear daily. Have friends you like to go shoot with? Buy one for you and one for her! Pair this necklace with any other piece of our Ammo Wear bullet casing jewelry.

Chameleon Pens

chameleon pen 2

I have always loved coloring. In college, while searching for an affordable way to relax and unplug, I found myself coloring likely more than I did growing up. The coloring program in my iPad is one of my favorite programs on my device but it never takes the place of this sensation of paper and a colored pen in my hands. Chameleon Color Tones brings you a whole new and exciting way to bring a little color to life!

The ten 5-Pen packs are an excellent way to get in the Chameleon Color Tones range. These packs comprise of the 50 Chameleon pencil colors, broken down into 10 individual collections. Pastel Tones, Main Tones, Earth Tones, and Cool Tones to name but 4 of these. Each package is complete with detailed instructions which have helpful hints, tips and techniques.

The 5 vibrant colors produce over 25 color tones giving you the ability to create stunning effects like 3D, smooth transitions, highlighting, shading, gradations and mixing, all with one pen. Each pen goes from as light as a hint of a tint to rich tones, eliminating tonal gaps in your collection.

Alchemy Goods

I really like out of the box merchandise and gifts. I also love the exceptional quality of”up-cycled” things and find when it comes to durability, they beat the competition hands down. Alchemy Goods fits that description perfectly!

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We have always liked the trendy and secure type. Now with a zippered top closure, the fashionable and spacious Rainier Zip Top Tote provides added security for your essentials. This large capacity tote style shoulder bag is vegan-friendly and prepared for action. Made of reclaimed bicycle inner tubes, the Rainier offers loads of space for people who must plan for a complete day of adventures or a weekend excursion.

Virtually weatherproof, this is my bag of choice if I know I will be out in the rain. Zip it up and everything inside stays dry! Tons of space to hold all my pockets and stuff to keep my phone, keys, Chapstick, etc. from getting lost at the bottom.

It had been love at first sight when I saw this clutch. My husband and kids got me a sizable”clutch-shaped” wallet for Christmas last year that I loved but the two things it could never do what hold my telephone, or give me the capability to carry it by a strap. Not only is the Fauntleroy incredibly durable and a very interesting piece to look at, it has the power to be used with a casual outfit or deliver a certain degree of edginess to this little black dress. The Fauntleroy is attractively laid out with 8 credit card slots, 2 billfold or checkbook slots, and a zippered compartment for coins and receipts to keep you organized. A smartphone up into an iPhone 6 and also fits inside. The Fauntleroy is all you need for a day out on the town.

Touchstone Crystal

Want to give her something that sparkles brighter than any Christmas lights this holiday? You will want to head right over to Touchstone Crystal! Consistently on-trend and always with many different pieces to go with any budget, whether you are searching for your spouse, your sister, your very best friend, or wanting your child’s favorite teacher a “Merry Christmas”, Touchstone Crystal has everything you’re looking for. Always full of Swarovski crystals, there is never a wrong choice!


Capture all the joy and the color of the holiday season with this stunning bracelet. So many colors shining it will, without doubt, bring flair and style to any outfit.

Gold Fortune Earrings

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Classy, elegant, rather than going out of fashion, these Gold Fortune Earrings are excellent for dressing up or keeping it casual. Let her feel like a million dollars every time she puts these on!

Chanelle Necklace, Rhodium & Crystal

Touchstone Collage

Fantastic for her to match with this little black dress and upcoming holiday celebrations and easy enough for her to wear going out to lunch with her girlfriends, the Chanelle Necklace is your WOW slice that she can not wait to have hiding in her stocking this year! Twist necklace and clasp at the back with our Necklace Converter to make a shorter luxurious look! Twist necklace and clasp at the back with our Necklace Converter to make a shorter luxurious look!


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