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Wham-O Snowball Blaster

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Combination snowball maker/launcher for long-distance battles
Removable three-ball snowball press on top of device
Shoots snowballs up to 80 feet for serious snowball fights


Ultimately the best summer season sport is tailored for winter time enjoyable. The all new Snowball Blaster brings water fights into the winter time, making and launching your snowballs for you. No individual else stands a chance!
Relaxation your arm when partaking in landmark snowball battles with the Wham-O Snowball Blaster. The device–which is designed to each make and launch snowballs–starts with a detachable three-ball snowball press on prime. Merely insert snow into the best cavities and press down. Inside seconds, the Snow Blaster will compress the snow into three tightly packed snowballs. Extra considerably, the Snow Blaster can shoot snowballs as a lot as 80 toes, making you the deadliest weapon on the hill. No individual else stands a chance. The Snowball Blaster, which comprises an ergonomic wrist toughen care for, additionally comes with a scored sport.

Mixture snowball maker/launcher for long-distance battles
Detachable three-ball snowball press on prime of machine
Shoots snowballs as a lot as 80 toes for critical snowball fights
Comfy and stabilizing ergonomic wrist toughen care for
Attractively packaged and consists of scored sport


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