Christmas gifts for dad who has everything

Christmas is coming, are you wondering for Christmas gifts for dad who has everything. If you have no ideas for one of the most important men in your life, just visit our list. Giftsandwish will give you an awesome list of gifts for dad who’s impossible to shop for. The gifts we choose should be special things he never sees before and useful for his life.

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Christmas gifts for dad who has everything

Personalized Jewelry are great Christmas gifts for dad who has everything

Look, your father is a busy guy. He can forget things. But he’ll never misspell “Iphigenia” again when it’s engraved onto a sumptuous golden cuff. Anytime he sees your name, Dad will be haunted by his favorite daughter. You may learn how to engrave jewelry here.

A Pair of Really Nice Boxers

Who doesn’t need new underwear? After all, he’s not in the Barbarian Horde.

Luxury Grilling Tools

Whether there’s an army to feed or he’s so hungry he could eat a minotaur, a man’s gotta eat. Freshly grilled grub might just keep his army from a rebellion for a few hours.

A Chef-Quality Knife

Massive and very sharp. Perfect for carving up meats, sacrificing daughters to restore the wind to your sails or whatever. Mostly meats!

Dad Quote Keychain


If you are looking for a small gift for a dad who has everything, this beautiful keychain with dad quote makes a wonderful choice. It is handcrafted from real leather and finely engraved with a sentimental message. “DAD. Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone very special to be a dad.”

Whiskey Diamonds

A set of 9 beautiful black diamonds to chill drink fast without watering it down. Made of 100% basalt stone, cut into diamond shape for increased surface areas to keep your drinks cooler and longer. Suitable for scotch, whiskey, wine, beer and more.

Marvel Thor Hammer 3D Light


Do you ever feel that your dad is super strong, like a superhero who can lift thousands of weight on his shoulder? Well, maybe he is a real superhero with magical power who can take good care of the whole family. This Thor hammer light is perfect for him. It is easy to install, comes with the 3D crack sticker to give the appearance that Thor has smashed through your wall.

BBQ Meat Claws


Grilling tool is a practical and useful Father’s Day present. This heavy duty meat claw is amazing. It is super strong and works like Wolverine. Shred, lift and grab hot meat from the grill with ease.

Amazon Echo

A second generation Amazon Echo designed to make life easier when completing small tasks. Need to know what the weather is like outside because your knees hurt? Want to know what “dad bod” means and if you have one? Echo is here to help.

Travel shaving kit


A  travel shaving kit for the father who is always on-the-move and appreciates a clean shave in a convenient package.

Digital Photo Frame


An electronic picture frame you can sync with your phone so precious memories will play on a loop. Now dads everywhere can stop asking us to print out every family photo ever and start asking us how Bluetooth works!

Wildlife camera


A wildlife camera for the father in your life who loves the great outdoors and also loves posting “look what was in my backyard last night” pics on Facebook.

Hot sauce kit


A make your own hot sauce kit perfect for the dad always looking for a new hobby. This is a fun and easy way to try out different spice levels and flavor combinations for his ideal hot sauce.

Stone drink dispenser


A stone drink dispenser so when your dad asks for a “scotch on the rocks” you can LITERALLY give him a scotch on the rocks.

Snake-like drain cleaner


A snake-like drain cleaner, because your dad might have everything, but I doubt he has clean drains!

Antique Book Tissue Box


A handcrafted tissue box designed to look like a stack of books so it will fit right in with your dad’s old-fashioned office vibes.

Coffee warmer


A coffee warmer your dad can simply place his cup o’ joe on to keep it warm for when he’s good and ready for that first sip.

We hope you find many Christmas gifts for dad who has everything. Welcome for your ideas in the comments below. Share if you like this article.

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