Celebrate Halloween 2017 for your Kids!

We tend to believe it directly imported from the United States, far from our traditions. And yet, Halloween is a deliciously terrifying celebration that wins to make its story known, even if we do not celebrate it. Original Halloween Costumes for the whole family, easy make-up for kids, completely disgusting Halloween sweets: discover everything about this holiday to celebrate Halloween with dignity!

The Halloween monsters crossed the Atlantic to come scare us, the Eve of All Saints. Everywhere we see pumpkins and witches, but by the way, what’s Halloween?

Halloween: a party more French than one might think?

Everything begins with our ancestors the Gauls … The summer is over, the harvests ended, the season of black and dead can begin. The Gauls start the celebration of their deaths with the night of Samhain, the Lord of Death. That night, they imagine that their relatives disappeared during the year, make them a fraternal visit guided by candlelight. But a cohort of evil spirits and witches accompany them. To keep them at a distance, it is necessary to light big fires.

All families extinguish the hearth of their home and the Druids are responsible for recreating the fire of the new year by rubbing branches of sacred oak. Each head of household takes home some of this sacred fire to protect his family. The evil spirits then take the power of escape at the sight of these fires. That’s why, traditionally, a pumpkin with candles is traditionally placed in front of his house: to scare the evil spirits.

The party continues for a fortnight, the time to really get away from these evil spirits. To make sure, our ancestors are wearing frightening costumes and makeup. A custom found at the Halloween party. It’s your turn to play for this Halloween 2017!

Halloween yes, but All Saints in all this?

In the 9th century, Pope Gregory III made the Samhain festival official in the Catholic calendar in November. His successor Gregory IV decided to celebrate all the Saints and to make November 1st “Toussaint”.

All Saints’ Day is the first of three days of any Celtic celebration dedicated to the memory of the Saints (in Ireland, for example, St. Patrick’s Day is 3 days of non-stop celebration). The English word Hallo’eve (Eve of All Saints) therefore refers to November 1, a feast of all Saints. The current spelling of Halloween is derived from Hallowe’en (in English, to hallow means to sanctify), deriving itself from All Hallow Eve which means “the eve of the feast of all the saints”.

In the eleventh century, the day after All Saints, November 2, “day of the dead”. And as in any Celtic festival, there is always the third day: it was devoted to endless festivities. Celtic culture has gradually disappeared from our continent and the Catholic calendar has forgotten to remember the festivities! Fortunately, colonists who have lost their roots have exported this tradition to America. It gradually turned into a children’s party and even a national holiday at the end of the last century. With the return of Halloween on the Old Continent, it is the return of the party, before the day of the dead, and Halloween 2017 will not escape the rule!

Halloween: delights, terrors and disgusts to enjoy with family

Want to know more about this family-filled event with history, or even celebrate it? All you have to do is discover our special Halloween 2017 issue. The goal: to give you inspiration! On the program: the most beautiful costumes and disguises of Halloween, for a woman (pregnant) or baby, makeup easy to do with children, Halloween candy deliciously disgusting, etc. In short, Halloween has not finished scaring parents … and delighting the little ones!

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