Make Fun with Best White Elephant Gift Ideas

The festive season is here again, a time for holiday parties which means white elephant gift exchanges. Getting the best white elephant gift ideas can be quite a challenge, how can you be sure that your gift will please everyone? Best white elephant gift depends on the guidelines, group as well as personal style and they are those which are funny but you can bring a nice and helpful item as well. Better yet, if you can find a gift that is both useful and funny, you will have hit the white elephant jackpot.

This may seem like a daunting task but there are lots of practical and fun items that will excite even the most serious person in the group. The following are some white elephant gift ideas that you should consider.

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Best White elephant Gift Ideas for You

Portable Wireless Karaoke Microphone

Hold it for every Party. A Handheld Wireless Microphones with a portable mini home KTV for Music Playing and Singing at any time. The highest quality chipset with two-channel stereo headphones, more stunning KTV live-sound, more clear music rhythm with echo reverberation.


Another choice for singing along to your favorite songs with the Memorex MKS-SS3 Sing Stand 3. Ideal for parties and family game nights, this all-in-one karaoke system connects with your MP3 player or tablet so you can sing along to custom playlists.

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Toilet bowl mug

This gift is ideal for white elephant gift exchanges. It combines two elements, a toilet and a mug humor. You can sweeten it with a pound of gourmet coffee.

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MuffinTop baking cups

Almost everyone over eats during Christmas holiday and these funny muffin baking cups keeps reminding you what will happen to your body if you too much.


BigMouth Inc Froggy Style Salt and Pepper Shakers

Hilarious smiling frogs salt and pepper shakers. Made of ceramic and make a funny gag gift. Salt and pepper shakers are easily refillable.

Sir Perky Bottle Stopper Corkscrew Bottle Opener Mrs Perky Bottle Stopper Ultimate Novelty Gift Set

This happy couple is great for a party or makes a hilarious gift. Durable rock hard plastic makes this duo ready for the job. All figures come in retail boxes so that your gift looks as good as it is funny. Perfect for your white elephant Christmas party.


Evriholder Slipper Genie for Women 6-9, with Bow

Just slip on Slipper Genie and they’ll do the cleaning for you on hardwood, linoleum and tile flooring. Chenille soles provide an extra soft dusting material and are removable for cleaning in the washing machine.


CreepyParty Deluxe Novelty Halloween Costume Party Latex Animal Head Mask

Perfect for a fun meme, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Carnival, Costume parties, Tag party or simply for going to a nightclub.


The Mountain Fanny Pack Kittens T-Shirt

There truly is no better subtle, classy, and beautiful way to project your deepest and truest love of cats than publically displaying it for all to see on this shirt.


Unique HATE/HOPE Ring Set

They come in a bold selection of “HATE” or “HOPE” in a shiny gold or silver finishes.


Bacon Candy bar

Bacon makes everything to taste better and this bacon chocolate does not dispute that. Make it your white elephant gift and find out the real bacon lovers in the group.

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High heel tape dispenser

This gift is perfect for office gift exchanges. It will certainly be funny to have it on top of your office desk but it also helpful

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This is a funny parody box and not a real product like what most guests will think. It creates a sense of mystery as you can put any type of gift inside and everyone will be clueless which adds a fun touch.

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Slanket is a super soft, giant fleece blanket with sleeves. We all want to cuddle under a blanket during winter but have the hands free to reach out for the remote or cookies without having to struggle to take them out from under the blanket.

An electric wine bottle opener

This is one of those white elephant gifts that people will literally fight over. It is a great invention that most people have no idea that it even exists.

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Beard hat

Wearing this beanie hat is the funniest way you can stay warm during winter. Though bringing clothes to a white elephant gift exchange is not such a good idea, these hats are one size fit most which makes them ideal especially in men groups.

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Stress balls

For a group of girlfriends, stress balls will definitely give everyone a good laugh. They are great for helping one relieve stress when irritable.

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Moose Oven Mitt

This is an adorable yet funny white elephant gift. It is ideal for all types of groups.


Butt or face soap

This soap has two sides, the brown one is meant for the butt while the white one for the face. It is a great gift for promoting hygiene as well as a hilarious white elephant gift.


We hope you find many white elephant gifts ideas for your party, gift exchange or next holiday. If you have any ideas, share below.

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