This is the best toy for babies from 9 months

Less sleep, more games, that is announced in babies from 9 months onwards. Support your offspring in their discoverer spirit with age-appropriate toys!

Bouncing, robbing or crawling through the home – babies become mobile with increasing age and want to explore their environment. In your home, there will soon be neither cupboard nor drawer that they do not know. In order to satisfy their curiosity, it is helpful to set up a room for each room. If possible, which your child can put in and remove as he likes.

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Of dangerous objects and Snowbows

Fragile and sharp-edged items should be best kept out of reach, behind secured doors or drawers during this time. In baby’s eyes are all toys and also movement becomes the game. Once babies can crawl, they want to climb up the stairs themselves. That’s why secure stairs in houses or maisonettes with a stairwell.

Your baby should only crawl up and down. The things of everyday life are it, which finds it particularly exciting, with useful items such as a cooking spoon, baking brush, and snowbows, it is easy to captivate babies attention for a while. With a learning tower, the baby can see exactly what you are doing in the kitchen, as soon as it can stand safely.

The chase and books

Please take care, however, that it happens not dangerous objects such as knives, hot pots or similar. Is approached. Babies love it when you pull them on a blanket, and you can make a happy childhood song.

Crawling chases brings your offspring to the hilarious squeal. For quiet employment, you can use pictures or wise books, and painting with thick colored pencils or wax paints on large. It is important, however, to keep everything in the mouth.

Which toys are suitable from 10 months:

Stacking and playing games are exciting, there are towers, pyramids and even rainbows for stacking and practical trees for plugging on the road.

The first puzzles made of wood are often found in flea markets. The motifs range from a simple farm, bee Maja to Sandman.

If your baby can already run safely, it is happy to have a pull or slide. Here, too, you are spoiled for choice, whether you are wading, crocodile or unicorn. What would be the best part of your shoot?

Sorting toy often frustrates the little ones when the item does not fit right where your child wants it. With some patience, it can become a favorite toy.

Walkers in the form of baby carriages or pushing cars are the hit with most babies at this age. But do not confuse them with a walking-free! This can harm the physical development of your child!

Sometimes less is more

There are so many great toys, but one too much can overpower your baby. In order to provide enough variety, it helps to remove some of the toys and bring them back out 1-2 weeks later. If you know mothers with the same age, you can also exchange toys. This is especially useful for puzzles and books.

Wooden toys are the trend

No matter how much great plastic toys there are in the meantime, wooden toys are in. But whoever thinks one can rely on harmlessness is wrong. Although it may not contain plasticizers, children’s toys are often varnished varnish or the wood is otherwise treated. Convince yourself of buying from the safety of the product!

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