All of the best tennis gifts you need to make the tennis lovers feel amazing

You want to find tennis gifts for tennis lovers or for yourself. This list will give you wonderful advice to find the best thing. Tennis player probably care about increasing useful gadgets related to this sport. We introduce you high-technology gadgets which help to boosting your tennis training. And beautiful things can show the love with tennis.

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Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet


Bionic gloves for tennis gifts


This product can perhaps not count as a gadget, but it is a brilliant tennis glove designed by hand specialists at Bionic. The Bionic Glove is supposed to give you more support, control, and grip when you become sweaty during play. They are especially handy in cold tennis halls during winter time.

Several pads inside the glove even out the pressure when you hold the racket. If you want to avoid blisters and burns these gloves promise to handle that as well.



Measuring the speed of the ball is an encouraging method for tracking hitting power. This Pocket Radar gadget make professional and amateur players aware of their technique and if it’s optimal for hitting the ball. From there the player can adjust and further improve their skills.

The radar can track ball speeds between 40 and 209 km/h, which should be plenty enough. This awesome training tool can be handheld or placed on a tripod for more comfort.

The Pocket Radar works with other kinds of ball sports as well like baseball, volleyball, lacrosse and cricket. Actually, everything that moves faster than 40 km/h can be speed checked with this device.

Oakley OO9191-02 Men’s Unstoppable Polarized Sunglass


If you’re playing lots of tennis, like we are, then you deserve a truly good pair of sunglasses. These Oakleys are the ones I’m currently sporting and I absolutely love them. They are super light, so they don’t slip while you’re playing. They are sized just for women and polarized to filter out UVA and UVB rays. Plus, this particular model features rose coloring inside the frame – adorable. If this particular model doesn’t appeal to you, I still recommend you spend that little bit of extra money to get sports frames that are truly made for playing tennis in. You can thank me later.

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I have previously written an article about the cool Zepp Tennis Swing analyzer and how the advanced motion sensor attached inside a mount at the end of the racket can measure swing, power and court time. The data is visible in real time on a smartphone or tablet and is the perfect tool for advanced tennis players or coaches that want to improve their play.

A cool feature is the 3D view of swings which let you analyze in depth how to improve and where you do it right. With the app, you can track your progress over time and keep a diary of your improving skills.



A wet tennis ball will lose its performance and bounce ability. So it’s a good idea to keep them dry. In the unfortunate case that your tennis balls have been soaked after playing in the rain, it’s great to have one of these gadgets. Some will also call it the ultimate tennis gift for players who have it all and it’s awarded best tennis gadget of the year.

Four wet balls fit inside at one time and a three layer drying system will squeeze the water out in a matter of hours. It’s cheaper than buying new balls all the time.

The tennis accessory itself is great for carrying balls around and while you play you can cool your drink bottle inside it instead. The blue carrying strap can be used as a convenient measuring tool for net height.

The Stylish Life: Tennis


This coffee table book is at the very tippy top of my list of most-wanted gifts this holiday season. Because it is packed with photos of the elegant, glamorous, luxurious tennis life that I dream of living. And with commentary by noted tennis writer Ben Rothenberg, I imagine it whisking me off to that country club fantasy version of the game that I’m sure is out there (if I could just get in on it).



This is a great tennis training tool for kids and beginners. This device allows the tennis ball to float in the air in front of the player and is especially good for footwork and shot training. A couple of foam training tennis balls suited for the Hit Zone follow in the package since ordinary balls just don’t work that well all the time.

This gadget will allow players to train all year around and indoors you don’t really need a tennis hall to utilize it.

Kids with interest for tennis will love the Hit Zone.



The miCoach Speed Cell from the well-known company Adidas is a small sensor you clip to your laces or place in your miCoach compatible shoe. Tennis shoes have to be fitted for this purpose, but the lace clip works on everything.

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The gadget tracks your rallies, speed in all directions and distance. After the tennis match, you synchronize it to the miCoach MultiSport App and view your results.

A fun thing is that you can download the Adidas miCoach Tennis app for iPhone and iPad which is a video game that pairs up with the Speed Cell. It takes your improvements in the real world and transfers it to the avatar in the game. Check out this video on YouTube.

The price tag on Adidas miCoach Speed Cell is available on Amazon. Keep in mind that you can use it for football and running too!

Women`S Racerback Tennis Dress Amethyst


Too often, we all seem to be wearing the exact same thing out on the court. But I love this dress because this is not something you will see on every other player you face. The body of the dress is a gorgeous shade of purple trimmed in black and featuring an acid greenish-yellow splash of color on the hem. on court. Too often, we all seem



Ok, I admit that this is and expensive gadget. And it’s not as tiny as gadgets use to be. But how cool is it to have your own tennis ball machine that spits out balls in random directions and speed like a real match?

The manufacturer Lobster Sports sure has some superb products.

It’s capable of throwing out 150 balls which can make even the most trained coach tired. The machine has rechargeable batteries which last for around 8 hours.

If you have too much money to spare or perhaps an own tennis court I would definitely recommend the Lobster Sports Elite 2 Portable Tennis Ball Machine.

Maggie Mather Three Tone Zippered Tote Bag


Maggie Mather is known for its bags, totes and backpacks in super-saturated colors but this one puts together an awesome combo of orange, red and fuchsia. Love it! And the fun doesn’t stop there. The inner water-repellant lining features a pink and white zebra lining. I heart that. While I would make this my go-to tennis tote, it would also be a perfect gym bag, diaper bag and/or carry-on bag.

Tennis custom Tennis balls


Create a custom tennis ball for any occasion! They make great tennis team gifts or thoughtful tennis coach gifts. They are even perfect for parties! Personalized tennis balls make a unique gift as a display ball for coaches, players, fans, awards, contests, graduations, holidays, and more!

Tennis Jewelry

Add some tennis spirit to your everyday look with tennis jewelry. From sterling silver charms and bracelets to enamel and custom-printed necklaces, and many styles that can be customized, there’s an amazing cheap tennis jewelry gift for any player or fan.

Browse here for more gorgeous tennis jewelry.



After some time you will probably need to straighten out the strings on your tennis racket. Correctly straightened strings give you more spin and better play. With this small String Thing gadget you fix this in no time and it’s so fast you can do it in between games.

Giftsandwish hope you can find what to get gifts for tennis lovers? If you have any idea, comment below.

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