Which is the best tea to drink for weight loss you should choose

Surely you have already seen many celebrities promoting their favorite tea like the best tea to drink for weight loss in social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter among others …

But did you know that most of these celebrities (maybe all) are paid to promote them? Unfortunately, it is.

But, I am not one of these celebrities.

I do not come to promote a tea to help you lose weight that I have not personally tried, and definitely, would not promote a product that does not really work COMPLETELY.

The Metabolism Booster: Green Tea

Drink this: Lipton, Yogi

Because: It unlocks fat cells.

green tea to lose weightGreen tea is one of the best natural antioxidants out there, it has a high content of flavonoids which makes it an excellent drink to fight diseases, premature aging, free radicals and to lose weight. There are many ways to take green tea to burn fat and lose weight, then make mention of the 5 most known ways.

It is a drink that is recommended in diets to lose weight because it helps among other things to reduce appetite, which is very important for people who want to lose weight because they can eat less without feeling like they are making a sacrifice.

You can drink up to 3 cups of green tea a day, but it is important not to add sugar. It is better to resort to honey or stevia.

Green tea can reduce stress by keeping your consumers calm and relaxed.

Before doing exercises, accelerate the blasting effect by dipping a cup of green tea. In a recent 12-week study, participants combined daily habits with drink green tea, an average of 2 kg less than those who did not drink tea. Thanks to the compounds in green tea called catechins, it breaks up the adipose tissue by activating the release of fat from the fat cells (especially in the abdomen), and speeds up the ability of The liver converts fat into energy.

Green tea is also very popular among those who want to lose weight. It is proven that green tea helps to eliminate fats and for this very reason, it is being used quite often in diets and in a sustained and constant consumption.

Know the main properties of this tea for losing weight:

  • Antioxidant: because of this, it controls high cholesterol, a problem that in combination with being overweight can be serious.
  • Fat burning: if you have fatty liver or you want to minimize fat intake, this tea for weight loss will be ideal because of its thermogenic power.
  • Depurative: it helps to clean the colon and thus eliminate toxins, which accumulation could lead to poor digestion and, consequently, inconveniences to lose weight.

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The best tea to drink for weight loss: Oolong Tea

Drink this: Bigelow, Stash

Because: It boosts metabolism

lose weight oolong tea

Surely you are wondering why Oolong tea? Well, it’s the best tea to drink help you lose weight that exists …

Helps you burn calories, increase your metabolism, completely eliminate the accumulated fat from your body.

Oolong, the Chinese name for ‘black dragon’, is a light green tea, as well as green tea, which is also full of catechins to help lose weight through increased body fat metabolism. A study published in the Journal of Chinese Medicine revealed that participants who regularly drink oolong tea lost 6 pounds over a six-week period. It’s a pound a week! It also has a soothing effect.

The Fat Blocker: White Tea

Drink this: Twinings, The Republic of Tea

Because: It prevents new fat cells from forming

White tea lose weightThis tea is recommended for its cleansing effects, which helps to eliminate fat that can be deposited in some places of the body, especially in the abdomen. It is also very useful for preventing the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood.

White tea is naturally dried, usually in sunlight, making it the least processed and richest of antioxidants among teas (three times as many polyphenols as green tea). A study published in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism shows that white tea can simultaneously increase scattering (breakdown of fat) and prevent adipogenesis (fat cell formation) due to its highly active ingredients. Movement in human fat cells. If there is such a thing as a tea diet, this is it.

White tea is a tea that also helps to lose fat and one of the best home-made cleansing slimming drinks. One of its benefits is to reduce bad cholesterol in the blood.

Drinking 3 cups of white tea a day is the recipe that will help you lose weight.

What have scientific studies been carried out?

Although it has not been fully confirmed, there have been numerous scientific studies that confirm that tea helps to lose weight.

For example, in a university hospital in Taiwan, specifically in the Tainan, was seen to have a thermogenesis effect. They came to that conclusion because the people who participated in the study got to lose more than 15% of body fat and more than 2% of fat in the region of the hip.

What are the contraindications of tea to lose weight?

Although effective, you have to keep in mind a number of points regarding green tea.

It is rich in caffeine. Therefore, hypertensives can not perform the tea diet. Pregnant or lactating women, either.
If you have anemia, as you absorb iron, you can not take it after meals, you have to wait for the digestion to finish.

Are you find your best tea to drink for weight loss? I hope you choose a favorite slimming beverage through this article.

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