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You are looking for 1 64 farm toys for your kids. Now you are in right place, we have best collection and review for you feel easy to choose the best things for your children. We recommend the high quality farm toys include Tractor, Baler, Field Cultivator, Planter, Windrower, Trailer… with best price and honest review. You can bring a farm to your yard with them and support us by click on the link to buy through our website.

John Deere 1 64 farm toys Value Set

1 64 farm toys for kids

Now you can construct your very own farm layout! The value set are Machine shed characteristics working doors and removable roof for easy accessibility to the interior of the shed. All are made from Durable die cast and plastic. They comprises one ATV, four tractors, two wagons, one disc, two trucks, a horse trailer, an anhydrous tank, four cattle, four horses, one machine shed, and eighteen fence pieces.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD — Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Negative Customer Review: The animals are the tractors though a bunch that is decent are not durable as well as miniature. The fence is really flimsy its practically a joke. The barn is an incredibly flimsy. It snaps together but does not lock. Everyday since Christmas I Have needed to set this thing back together. It really is certainly not strong enough to resist the play of a child. Both stable and come with vehicles and creatures as well as the barn are held together with screws.

Positive Customer Review: I was a bit hesitant to buy this after reading some reviews on how poor the quality was, but my four-year-old had his heart set on it. Honestly, the quality is really pretty good for the price (10 vehicles, a shed, livestock, and fencing for $30 is less than $3/item). The shed is by far the cheapest piece — it’s all plastic and very flimsy — but it stays together just fine. All of the vehicles are mixed plastic and metal. My son has been playing with it non-stop for a week straight with no complaints. Very glad I took a chance and bought it. It may not be as high quality as individual, larger diecast metal toys, but I would definitely recommend it for a gift or a starter set.

Amazon Rate: [star rating=”4″]

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1/64 John Deere L340 Large Square Baler w/ Bales Ertl

L340 big square baler are 1/64 scale diecast metal replica made It contains collector card and 4 bales and suitable for ages 3 and upwards.

Positive Customer Review: Got this for my nephew for Christmas, he loves all his JD tractors and what all else lol. He loved it!! Good product good price.

Amazon Rate: [star rating=”5″]

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Ertl John Deere 8320R Tractor With J & M Grain Cart, 1 64 Scale Farm Toys

This Tractor are Die Cast And Plastic Building. It can oscillate front axle on the tractor, front and rear dual tires. The tractor includes Soft Plastic Tires On Grain Cart and Pivoting Auger On Grain Cart.

Negative Customer Review: This is for you personally should you be buying collectible piece. Nevertheless, I bought the tractor and wagon for him to play with and have a two year old son. It’s really little – nearly fits in the palm of your own hand. I am keeping it because I believe my son will love hooking the station wagon up to the tractor, and it might be taken by us in the auto.

Positive Customer Review: Bought my son a grain truck to go with his tiny combine. Now, if we could just get some miniature crop insurance or little subsidies, we’d be rich.

Amazon Rate: [star rating=”4″]

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Ertl John Deere 2200 Diecast Field Cultivator, 1:64 Farm Toys

This Field Cultivator made from plastic, Die cast and be compatible with 1:64 scale tractors.

Negative Customer Review: The single reason this received 2 stars is because I will be using it as a show piece on my desk on the job. I might give it 1 star in the event that you’re buying this for your kids. It will be broken by them in the very first 30 minutes.

Positive Customer Review: My grandsons love their John Deere toys! My Daddy was a rice farmer and I grew up on John Deere! Even though my Daddy is no longer with us, I wanted to pass down my love for John John to my grandsons….

Amazon Rate: [star rating=”4″]

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Ertl John Deere 1770NT Diecast Planter, 1:64-Scale

WOW, a 16-row planter small enough to fit in my pocket? The planter is made from plastic and die cast, contains folding planter wings and proper to most 1/64 scale tractors. Support for Age grade: 3 Plus.

Negative Customer Review: Bought this for my three year old and it works fine but quite frail. So far it hasn’t broke but likely shortly. It is just acceptable for all of us.

Positive Customer Review: Bought this for my son’s tractor set for a 4-H fair project. Detail to this planter was awesome. The planter looked very really but only smaller

Amazon Rate: [star rating=”4.5″]

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John Deere TBE45490 LP53306 W260 MOCO Windrower with 500R Head

The W260 Windrower is made by Ertl and appropriate for ages 3 and up. It is 1/64 scale Die-Cast and Plastic Replica. It also includes 500R head attachment.

Positive Customer Review: This is quite a nice model. This is a 1/64 scale Ertl model; I’ve never had a model of a Windrower before, so this was a nice new addition to my John Deere collection. A windrower is a farm implement that cuts hay or small grain crops and forms them into a windrow (a row of cut hay or small grain crop). The two smaller wheels on this tractor are also something new to me–I haven’t had a tractor model with a wheel arrangement quite like this before.

Amazon Rate: [star rating=”5″]

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Ertl Case IH 8230 Combine Diecast Vehicle

This machine is exceptional detail. It is a Die Cast and Plastic Construction and can work with other 1:64 scale accessories. The 1:64 Case him 8230 Combine features the large, wide front tires, a sixteen row corn head and a thirty foot grain platform. The feeder housing will raise and lower.

Negative Customer Review: Bought as a Christmas gift for my son. We were really let down for the purchase price particularly in the size.

Positive Customer Review: Outstanding piece a very impressive size and quality as it is strong diecast metal construction. A toy but collector’s quality.

Amazon Rate: [star rating=”4.5″]

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Ertl John Deere Harvesting Set Farm Toys for Fun

This multiple piece set is 1:64 Scale, Die Cast And Plastic Construction. The set combines Unloading Auger Pivots and Grain Cart Auger Pivots and Grain cart auger pivots.

With this multiple bit set your child will have hours of bringing the harvests in from the field. Use the JD combine to cut the crop, unload into the grain cart. Unload the grain cart into the semi tractor trailer which hauls the grain to town.

Negative Customer Review: What a fantastic looking set. Good detail. The augur wagon won’t unhook to tractor. The top of the augur cart won’t clear. The chute about the augur cart won’t clear the top of the semi truck grain trailer. Just what a bummer for great grandson. They are pretty to look at though.

Positive Customer Review: This is an awesome set! I was thrilled at the level of detail and durability of these Ertl toys! My only real concern is the plastic connector to attach the heads to the harvester. It is the same plastic connection they have used on all of their combines and a terrible design that is easily broken. Why they didn’t add just a tiny bit of extra plastic in there for more strength is beyond me, but that aside it is a great set that will have many years of play! My kids love the truck and mostly ignore the combine… go figure! Regardless, I recommend this set for any young aspiring farmer.

Amazon Rate: [star rating=”4″]

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Ertl John Deere 7270R Tractor

This 7270R Tractor is  1/64 Die-Cast Metal Replica and made By Ertl.

Positive Customer Review: Really great tractor. Perfect traveling size. If you are like me, you don’t know what in the world this 1:64 scale crap is! So I’ll tell you… it can fit in your hand, about three inches long and about 2 inches high, it’s not too small or too big. Perfect for flights, car rides…gives them a little something they can do. He loves it and can take it with him to the restaurants. Well made.

Amazon Rate: [star rating=”5″]

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Ertl John Deere With Grain Trailer

Featuring die cast parts, realistic elements, and authentic decoration, this precisely scaled replica will certainly be a hit with fans and collectors of all ages.

Negative Customer Review: Needs a much better design. Except the trailer will not remain joined, well made. Semi fashion trucks are loved by my son and they have a disk on the pin on but you are able to slide to remove, to help keep the trailer. It is quite frustrating for him that the trailer to this will not stay on and he requests me much too frequently to “mend it”.

Positive Customer Review: Bought this for my 8 year old who loves everything John Deere. It seems to be well made out of metal and hard plastic; it has some weight to it. The cab connects to the trailer with a pin so they can be played with separately or together. The cover for the trailer comes off and there is room for kids to add cargo. The trailer’s back cargo doors open and are also sturdy. I can see this truck withstanding lots of crashes

Amazon Rate: [star rating=”4.5″]

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Ertl Big John Deere 8″ Monster Treads Shake N Sounds Combine

John Deere combines forces with awesome monster truck styling to create the ultimate in off-road action. It has super bouncy tires, can work on all terrain steering.

Negative Customer Review: Pleasant monster truck for kids six years or old. I noticed they really avoided playing with all the truck. And I wasn’t content together with the flimsy parts that linked the truck to the tires. I’m not sure it would hold up to rough play outdoors.

Positive Customer Review: My 18 mo. old boy absolutely loves it. It was bigger than I expected which was nice, and while the sound effects aren’t realistic, he loves that it makes noise. When I just need 15 minutes to get something done, this is a great toy to get out because I know it will keep him occupied for at least that long.

Amazon Rate: [star rating=”4.5″]

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Ertl John Deere Carry Case Value Set Country Farm toys

A complete farm collection in one purchase. This carry case featues an opening front with latch and carry handle. Also included are animals, fencing and John Deere vehicles. Just like the real thing, only smaller.

All are made from Plastic in USA. John Deere Tractor Shaped Carrying Case Has 10 Separate Compartments. It Can Hold Up To (25) 1/64 Scale Tractors/Implements. Carry Handle On Top Of The Cab And Latches Closed With The Front Grill Providing The Final Snap Closure, Comes With 6 Collect N Play Toys, Animals And Fencing. It has Great value, Portability, appropriated 3 years and up.

Negative Customer Review: Cunning Packaging – My son loves the tractors. When Ertl toys were actually well made, but as an adult I recall – they’re EXTREMELY cheap, poor fitting plastic, although you are able to expect these to hold together. They make Hot Wheels look like Franklin Mint replicas. They’d be worth it if they were half the cost – sadly you happen to be spending the added 50 percent for the John Deere branding, not quality.

Positive Customer Review: For what I paid for this item I was very pleased with the contents. The small equipment seemed to be better than plastic and it seemed like you got alot of pieces when you figure out how to open the case. I’m not sure how long the case will stay closed as that feature doesn’t seem to latch real tight. The tractors tires do not move, but a kid with an imagination will most likely push the tractor around as well as use it for storage. Nice unique toy.

Amazon Rate: [star rating=”4.5″]

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Above are our best 1 64 farm toys collection, all of them have high quality and made from plastic, which save for children. 1/64 farm toys is quite small so they are appropriate with children 3 year old and up. A value set is the best choice for you to build a small farm in your yard, and support our work by buy through our website.

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