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Talking Pendant Pocket Watch with Choice of Voice

Amazon.com Price: $89.95 (as of 03/09/2019 10:12 PST- Details)


This unisex speaking watch (pendant For girls/pocket for males) is a gorgeous piece to decorate any ensemble for any instance. The watch is straightforward to function with only a unmarried button. Press it and the watch speaks the time. Press it once more and it speaks the day, date, and 12 months. Watch purposes with a Selection-of-Voice function and will simply function in both a male or feminine voice. The gold casing shines brilliantly and the 1.25″ diameter white face is large sufficient to inform time simply but now not too large to place in a pocket or dangle from the neck. For girls, the watch comes with a 28″ gold chain that may be very best for accessioning as a trendy pendant. For males, the chain can be utilized with a swimsuit vest as a vintage pocket watch, or simply placed the watch to your pocket and realize that it is there whilst you want it. Stunning and basic! Options: * Unisex layout – Pendant For girls/Pocket for males * Gold casing with a white face * 1 button (Speaks time, day, date, and 12 months) * Selection-of-Voice serve as permits for number of both a male or feminine voice 28″ gold chain * Face with casing measures 1.375 inches; face on my own measures 1.25 inches. #311116


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