The perfect choices for 9th wedding anniversary gift for wife

In love or marriage, we always have milestones to represent our strong bond and to remind a couple of the journey that both of them have gone through together. Especially, the 9th wedding anniversary, this is really a very meaningful day and an opportunity for both of them to relax and enjoy the happiest moment together. Besides, we cannot lack gifts for that person. What are you finding for the 9th wedding anniversary gift for wife?

In fact, each commemorative number has different meanings and symbols for different things. We introduce 9th wedding anniversary gifts for your wife with traditional and modern symbolism. Come and find out what is the right gift for your woman. Below I have listed a lot of gift ideas for 9th wedding anniversary, each item has different special meanings, please refer to get the best gift.

Meaningful traditional and modern 9 year anniversary gift 

For a long time, numbers have meanings and nine is considered a special magic number and brings success in undertakings. Therefore, the 9th wedding anniversary is a very special event to choose a meaningful anniversary gift. Let’s read the gift ideas below to understand better the meaning of traditional and modern themes.

Traditional gifts – Pottery, Willow or Copper

To celebrate this 9th wedding anniversary, you must have built and protected your home together, right? It’s like making pottery, Pottery symbolizes the formation and development of a marriage over time into an unforgettable relationship of two minds.

Pottery Bowl is a Traditional 9th wedding anniversary gift for wife

This Pottery bowl is shaped like a heart, to be able to make such a bowl the potter has been very meticulous and put enthusiasm into it. Just like how you have meticulously and cherished your wife all these years, I think this is a very special gift and she will see your love through the traditional 9th wedding anniversary gift. Pottery Bowl, buy here

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In traditional 9th wedding anniversary gifts, the willow symbolizes the ability of two people to work effectively together by compromising the balance between giving and take. This beautifully carved and beautifully packaged willow tree will be a very special 9th wedding anniversary gift for her, this pretty little gift can be placed in your home. Willow Tree with affection Angel, buy here


Among metals, copper is known as a symbol of beauty, strength, and prosperity, and is a soft, malleable, and malleable metal. In love, the meaning of copper is that both will have a solid relationship that can be a flexible, compromise, and find balance. This bracelet is an ideal gift for someone you love, and also comes with a ring. Double happiness for a traditional gift for 9th anniversary. Copper Magnetic Ring & Bracelet, buy here

Modern gifts – Leather

If your wife is a modern woman and likes modern gifts, you can refer to gifts made of leather, Tiger Eye, Poppy; Bird of Paradise. In modern 9 year anniversary gift, leather represents strength, flexibility, warmth, and durability, like a stable and loving marriage. The poppy symbolizes imagination, extravagance, eternal sleep, and oblivion, thereby describing the qualities of peaceful existence, contentment, and the pursuit of common dreams in marriage.

41SSZSswzZL. SL500

In a woman’s wardrobe, a leather jacket is indispensable. Leather jackets can be easily coordinated as well as show the strong personality of the girls. The leather also shows the strength of the marriage, with Levi’s Women’s Faux Leather products in a variety of colors, it’s easy for you to choose the color for modern 9 year anniversary gift. Levi’s Women’s Faux Leather, $79.38

Gemstone – Tiger eye

In love, tiger eye stone means a strong form of pursuing love. In love that requires action, take the initiative to give gifts she likes, strong forms of expressing your love to her. With Tiger’s Eye Bypass Ring uniquely designed and attached with an outstanding tiger eye stone will surprise the 9th year anniversary gift for wife. Tiger’s Eye Bypass Ring, $28.82

Leather 9 year anniversary gift for her with good quality

Choosing a wedding anniversary gift is always a headache. You are not sure which item she likes. As well as the specific meaning of the gift you want to put in it. For this reason have a look at the gifts made of leather below because leather represents strength, sticking together in love, It is a perfect choice for 9th year anniversary gift for her.

41SY bti30S. SL500

This is a must-have item for every girl. A respectable wallet will be used every day and every hour, always following and supporting the owner in important things. This leather wallet is made from 100% genuine leather, trendy design can hold lots of ATM cards and many other important documents. It is a very meaningful and practical 9th year wedding anniversary gift for wife. Women’s Leather, $29.99

41g2fVYu7vL. SL500

Women are usually quite stylish and always want to stand out wherever they go, so giving her a handbag shows that you quite understand her and are always trying to make the person you love more perfect. This bag is designed very trendy, there are many compartments that can let her put the whole world inside. This is a good quality leather 9th year wedding anniversary gift for wife. Bag Tote, $136.98

31ASoXtc9HL. SL500

Shoes are always an accessory that is always loved and chosen by girls. This is also an item that is not too expensive and fits the pocket of almost all men. She can still understand your heart behind the gift! A pair of shoes that fit the right size of her feet will show your thoughtfulness and care for your girlfriend from the smallest detail. The bouncing shoes she can wear everywhere from the office to the event. It is suitable as the 9th year anniversary gift for her. Women’s Juliet Palm Loafer, $20.99

415OUCuMh7L. SL500

Although not fancy or fussy, leather hats are an accessory that is liked by all women and is always included in the hat collection. You can wear this leather hat for her on her 9th wedding anniversary and accompanied by a warm hug. Perfect 9th wedding anniversary gift for her. WETOO Women Beret Hat, buy here

Willow gifts for 9th wedding anniversary make impressive 

In love or day, we all have to understand and sympathize with each other. Both of you have to know how to give and receive, everything will be balanced and nothing can make your love fade after a long time. Willow is the representative of what I just explained. So choose the impressive willow gifts for 9th wedding anniversary below to surprise your wife.

41jbq8tcQRL. SL500

No need to say or explain much because this gift proves everything you want to say to your wife on this 9th wedding anniversary. “Love forever and ever” is written on the Attached Card, looking at this has also touched your wife and understood your sincere heart and wishes for the marriage of both of you. It will special willow gifts for 9 year anniversary. Willow Tree Anniversary, $45.57

518+h1cuiSL. SL500

Marriage is art, and you are the artist. You give each other passionate love and receive happiness like the way artists bring all their love into their works and receive perfect art. That’s exactly what willow frame wants to express, this frame is custom-made to your liking. You can ask to engrave on it the wedding date of 9 years ago and now as a way to tell her that you still love and will love your wife like the first day. A very valuable 9th wedding anniversary gift for wife. Wood Frame, buy here

51ZqB3gi5oL. SL500

If you feel that the above gifts are not impressive enough or not very new. So please refer to the 3D willow tree below, it is meticulously designed, when she opens it, she will see a green willow tree, very new and will make her say “wow”. This is also a choice for willow gifts for 9 year anniversary. Willow Tree 3D, $12.00

Popular ideas for  9 year anniversary pottery gifts for her

Don’t need to be extravagant, expensive gifts, you still give her simple but not monotonous gifts. Pottery is a very popular and widely used item, so ceramic gifts are also very popular, here are Popular ideas for 9 year anniversary ceramic gifts for her

51YStwdp92L. SL500

After busy working hours, the family is the place to relax and shake off all the stress. Let’s enjoy a cup of fragrant tea with your wife and talk to each other about daily things. Ceramic Kungfu Tea Set is meticulously handcrafted and ensures the quality of delicious teacups. This item is really suitable for a pottery 9 year anniversary gift. Ceramic Kungfu Tea Set, $28.99

31PNBF7jzVS. SL500

The house will be full of life if there is the presence of nature, the flower pots or flower pots will make your house fresh and full of life. White Vases will decorate your home both classic and modern. Let’s buy her favorite flowers and put them in this vase for your 9th wedding anniversary. White Vases for Decor, buy here

51K16h3quYL. SL500

Family meals are an indispensable thing for any family. To make the dishes more delicious and attractive also thanks to the bowls, so with the Bico Blue Talavera Ceramic Pasta Bowl, the meal will be more delicious and new. If you are worried that you already have many bowls in your house, don’t worry because each one will have different uses so if you buy this item for 9th anniversary gift for her, she will still be very excited and happy. Pasta Bowl, buy here

51VTnMTUsDL. SL500

Living space is always our focus and trees are one of the indispensable factors in any home. Life will become joyful and full of positive energy when there are trees. With this Owl Pot Ceramic, you and your wife can choose the right bonsai for this pot set. Let’s take care of the Owl Pots with her every day such as you take care of your love. I think that this item will be a satisfying 9th year anniversary gift for her. Owl Pot Ceramic, buy here

Sweet idea for 9 year anniversary gift for wife

On special days or any anniversary, we all have to think a lot about the issue of gifts. Actually, I think that you just need to show that person your heart and sincerity. However, there is no girl who doesn’t like to receive gifts so below I have selected sweet ideas for 9th year anniversary gift for her.

41Y6FRMMgmL. SL500

As one of the unusual flowers used for decoration and bouquets, the bird of paradise bears such symbolism as the 9th Wedding Anniversary. The sheer beauty of the contrasting petals makes it one-of-a-kind. A clear symbol of excellence and success. It means trust and success, symbol of 9th year wedding anniversary gift for her. Large Bird of Paradise, buy here

61y4RE67avL. SL500

There are many metals that are used every day, such as silver, copper… In which copper is a tough, durable and popular metal. In love, there is the main meaning that the love of both will be long and lasting forever. With this heart-shaped art sculpture, as a way of expressing your love for her, a special gift for 9 year wedding anniversary theme. Decorative Art Sculpture, $29.99

41buV1Hc8AL. SL500

We have a lot of things that need to be noted and recorded so that we can know what to do. Taking notes is also a way to preserve memories. A journal will be indispensable for anyone;  although your wife probably has, you can still buy it because she will use it in time. As a way you care and notice her work. Simple actions but still means that is the 9th wedding anniversary theme. Leather Journal, $23.00

41jmodCUXYL. SL500

Lapis lazuli helps us to be stronger, more positive, and to control ourselves better. Always be confident, steady, and face challenges in life. In life there are many challenges to face, there are times when without you by her side, lapis lazuli will help her be more confident and stable in life. In addition, this present was designed as a butterfly which is a romantic symbol. I think that that will make her happy anniversary 9 years together. Butterfly Bracelet, buy here

51dcqA6IOaL. SL500

In love, of course, there is no shortage of flowers. However, she is too busy to take care of the bouquets. So what do you think if we give her a Fake Flowers Poppies, Poppies Flowers has the meaning that it makes lovers will love you forever and not forget you. Love is like poppies, can never be without each other. Poppies Flowers Fake will be an impressive 9th year wedding anniversary gift wife. Poppies Flowers, buy here

Meaning gift for 9 years of marriage

Wedding anniversary is when you and your partner look back on the past journey, when love has blossomed, cherish the present and look to the future together. This is also an opportunity for you to rekindle your home, the deep feelings and affection of husband and wife. The 9th wedding anniversary is a period of time that is neither short nor long, but a journey where both of them hold hands to overcome many difficulties and share happiness. Give her a suitable gift for her 9th wedding anniversary, here are Top 5 meaning gift for 9 years of marriage.

41c1KzeYYnL. SL500

What do you hope for when she receives your 9th wedding anniversary gift? Is it when she opens the gift and gives you a beautiful smile giving you a happy eye? This compass mirror will make her so happy because it has an inscription that reads: “To My Beautiful Wife. Never forget that I Love you. Your Husband”. When she opens the cute gift box and reads this meaningful message that will remind her of your deep love for her every time she uses the mirror. It is a really impressive 9th wedding anniversary gift for wife. Compact Mirror, buy here

51rPQ7bBAEL. SL500

Engraved 3D Moon Lamp will be a gift not to be missed for the 9th wedding anniversary gift for wife. Moon lamp is designed very suitable for gifting to your wife, engraving the words you want to send to her. Engrave on it words that you can’t say to her yet. Engraved 3D Moon Lamp, buy here

51ArMhiF6GL. SL500

Do you ever know how many months, days, and hours are 9 years? That’s a very impressive number, so you and your wife have gone through those numbers hand in hand. Leather Picture Frame is engraved on it the number marking the 9-year marriage milestone, along with a happy photo of the couple. Both of you can look at Picture Frame together every day because it is the 9th wedding anniversary gift for wife. Leather Picture Frame, buy here

51hAGYB6fSL. SL500

Wallet Card Gifts are not only for your wife for the 9th wedding anniversary gift for her but also for you. Both of you hold a Wallet Card, both keep it in your wallet so that you can see the number that you two have together, this number will multiply a lot after many years. But it marked a milestone in their love. Wallet Card, buy here

51+a4wnHocL. SL500

Candle Holder is not a bad idea for a 9th wedding anniversary gift for wife. The two of you together enjoy a romantic evening under the sun engraved with your love. Small actions but still make your wife satisfied, don’t need to be luxury gifts, just the two of you together remembering the wedding anniversary will also make each other happy. Candle Holder, buy here

Weird ideas to choose 9th wedding anniversary gift for wife

On the 9th anniversary of the wedding anniversary, people often give each other passionate and sweet words. Give a gift that marks your experience or organize an intimate party to express your deep gratitude to “your other half”. Expressing the desire to have a perfect married life despite experiencing many joys and sorrows, difficulties and challenges. If you are not sure what to give your wife, then check out the gifts below, I highly recommend Weird ideas to choose 9th wedding anniversary gift for your wife

41QmPdAIl2L. SL500

Each gift will have its own meaning, normally, Tealight only has the effect of lighting, helping the space become poetic and romantic. But the white tealight candle has the main meaning that represents holiness, purity, represents hope, and success. In particular, the candle placed in a ceramic holder adds special charm and highlight to the 9th wedding anniversary gift for wife. Ceramic Tealight, buy here

51O0Xo7TGML. SL500

Traveling always gives you experiences, interesting things or really relaxing time after stressful times with work. We use our passport a lot and to preserve and protect it, we cannot help but use the Leather Passport Holder. This product is designed with a feminine look that is very suitable for women, there are many colors for you to choose for your wife. She will know that 9 years or many years later you will always remember her favorite color. Let’s hurry up and choose to give it to 9th wedding anniversary gift for wife. Leather Passport, buy here

417by7hiWyL. SL500

How long has it been since you gave her a ring? Whether it’s recently or a long time ago, she still loves being given rings. Rings are one of the jewelry that women love to be given the most, when she wears the ring that you give her, it will mark her ownership. This ring is designed with the Lapiz Lazuli stone, representing confidence and strength. In life there are so many things that need confidence, give her strength with the Lapiz Lazuli ring for 9th wedding anniversary gift for wife. Lapiz Lazuli & Marcasite Ring, $38.00

31gDyLv7yKL. SL500

Although the necklace has a beginning and an end, it is always linked together, so it is considered a cycle, a symbol of lasting love. The way you two come together and get married binds you together forever and nothing can separate you. In the romantic evening by candlelight and your hands on her, it will make an unforgettable 9th wedding anniversary gift for her. Lapis Lazuli Necklace, buy here

There are many choices for the 9th wedding anniversary from traditional to modern gifts. Each theme will have different meanings and are suitable for this special day. On the one hand, Traditional themes will have willow, pottery, copper. On the other hand, modern themes will have leather, Tiger’s Eye.. etc. for this, you just pick a gift which she likes and suitable for her demand. We hope that our recommendations will use for you and help you choose a meaningful item for your 9th wedding anniversary gift for your wife.

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