88 gift ideas for world travelers, active travelers and fresh air travelers

Do you want to find gift ideas for travelers? You are in the right place. You will find many awesome gift ideas and why you should give them to your friends, who love to travel.

Amazon Voucher

A quite uninspired but by far the most practical gift idea: An Amazon voucher. Buy at Amazon.

Inflatable head pillows

Traveling means: Long flights and many uncomfortable bus rides. Or spend some nights in the tent – depending on the type of trip. Ahead pillow or pillows can be worth gold in such situations. Best inflatable, so it does not occupy too much space in the luggage. View gift idea at Amazon.

Babbel Abo

What is Babbel? You can read it here in detail. In a nutshell: It is currently one of the best online programs to learn a new language. The program is not free and has to be purchased in the subscription. If you are planning a trip to South America, then a Spanish subscription would be a great gift.

Book Off The Path – A

Travel Guide to Happiness You dream of a great journey? Then the book Off The Path – a travel guide to happiness – is just the right gift for you. View gift idea at Amazon.

Gift idea traveler

A buffoon is a kind of tubing that you can use versatile. It is primarily used as a head guard or as a holster. In the case of multi-day walks without a shower, it can also hide the not so completely fresh hair. View the gift idea at Globetrotter.

Gift Idea Travelers DrybagDry Bag

In a Dry Bag, your luggage is waterproofed. Dry bags are available in various sizes and have saved many travelers the camera, the smartphone and important documents from a heavy rain. View gift idea at Amazon.

Amazon Kindle Book Reader

An eBook reader, eg the Amazon Kindle, is the most practical thing in the world. I myself, from the outset, opposed it. I did not want to replace the book. In the end, however, the practical handling and the weight advantage were easy. A great gift idea for all traveling bookworms. At Amazon Watch.


Even if you can not imagine it now, but on your trip, your flip-flops will soon be your important shoe. Several kilometers in flip-flops? A small climbing party in flip-flops to the nearest waterfall? Soon no more problem. So why not let some beautiful and robust copies be given? View gift idea at Amazon.

Flip Flop with Integrated Bottle Opener (For Men)

It’s cool when you can open a beer bottle on the beach with a lighter. But it’s much cooler when you do it with your flip-flop. With flip-flops with integrated bottle opener no problem. View gift idea at Amazon.

Money / Pop-Up 3D Greeting Card

You need money. For the next flight ticket, for a visa or perhaps for a new backpack. Particularly beautiful is given away money in matching Pop UP 3D greeting cards. At Amazon Watch.


On your travels, I recommend you take a separate purse with your document bag. Maybe not necessarily the money bag, which you also used at home. Because especially with us girls is usually the most disproportionate and contains all sorts of cards and stuff that you do not need on journeys. A small, practical purse is best suited for a journey. View gift idea at Amazon.

Individual document

bag Fortunately, the times are past when you need to carry flight tickets, hotel vouchers or other booking confirmations with you. But without papers, it just does not work. Passport and vaccination pass, information about the completed travel cancellation insurance and possibly visa documents are definitely in the luggage. Beautifully stowed in your individual document bag. See the gift idea at Dawanda.


Your backpack will accidentally fly somewhere else other than you. Unfortunately, this can always happen and is not in our hands. A trailer with name and address is a must. Otherwise, you will probably not see the good piece again. View gift idea at Amazon.

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Contact lens

Are you a contact lens carrier? Then let you have a different contact lens container. Somewhere you have to keep the things yes anyway and so it comes guaranteed not to mix up. View gift idea at Amazon.


a toiletry bag needs every traveler. Gladly again. View the gift idea at Globetrotter.

Microfiber Towel

The famous microfiber towel. Even if it can not replace the nice cozy terry-effect (but after all, you are traveling and not in a wellness holiday), it is in every sense practical and belongs in your travel luggage. View gift idea at Amazon.

Sewing set

You should only accept this gift if you are going on a longer journey. From my own experience, I can tell you that the longevity of clothing on a long-term trip must be extended with needle and thread. At Amazon Watch.


Do you speak any language of this world? Brilliant. If you do not and you still travel off the familiar paths, then a no-words book belongs to your luggage. View gift idea at Amazon.


are traveling often forgotten and yet so convenient. Also, if you do not sleep in hostels anymore. View gift idea at Amazon.


Since my last trip around the world, I swear to a Pacsafe. But also because I’ve been traveling with laptop, tablet & co. Otherwise: Leave the thing at home. View gift idea at Amazon.

Prepaid credit card

That’s a fact. One way to give money away is to use a prepaid credit card. The motif of the credit card can be customized and the charged amount can be chosen freely. On the road, the prepaid credit card is a valid payment – like any other credit card – as long as you have credit on the card. View the gift idea at Netbank.

Travel Guide

You like to keep your travels what you want. I personally always travel with a travel guide. If the next destination is already established, then a suitable copy is a great gift idea to increase the anticipation of the coming journey even further. View the guide at Amazon.

Passport Cover

Why did I not really Passport Cover? Probably everyone thinks I already have one. Nope, wrongly thought. But I would like one. Even if such a passport is quite cool, it should be as long as possible usable. That is why a travel passport is a chic and practical gift idea. At Amazon Watch.


When traveling, you need a daypack. Practically it must be, ie not too small, not too big and best with an integrated rain protection. View gift idea at Amazon.

Shoulder bag

Always on the move when traveling: A small shoulder bag. Especially as a woman especially practical. I would never replace my daily bag, but for example in the evening at the restaurant visit, if a backpack is much too impractical, then the small shoulder bag is used. View gift idea at Amazon.

Vacuum bag

A vacuum bag is a super invention. So you have never packed enough space. And with a handle, the bag is pulled out of the backpack and just as easily stored there again. I do not travel without. View gift idea at Amazon.

Laundry bag

I myself NEVER had a laundry bag. A simple plastic bag does it too. But: If someone would give me such a cool laundry bag, my backpack would definitely have a piece of luggage. See the gift idea here.

Waterproof mobile phone

Travel does not always mean pure sunshine. Sorry, I must disappoint you. Depending on Reiseland, a sudden downpour may mean that nothing is left to you. Better, you have pre-arranged and your smartphone protected accordingly. View gift idea at Amazon.

Combination lock

Safety First. This applies not only to your health, but also to your valuables. Depending on the amount of electronics you travel, you can get some value. You should secure your valuables at least with a numerical lock on your backpack. View the gift idea at Globetrotter.

Toothbrush head

So I need or have a toothbrush head. So that the toothbrush is protected, if something runs out in the culture bag. Moreover, it is not at all if the toothbrush (without protection) is right next to my hairbrush. Yuck. View gift idea at Amazon.



How about a globe in the living room shelf? Especially cute I find this Korbglobus – just something else. View gift idea at Amazon.

Voucher for a photo canvas

photos are the most beautiful memories. And particularly beautiful photos usually decorate the walls of frequenters. Printing a photo in good quality as a canvas is not necessarily favorable. There is a voucher for a photo canvas just right.

Individual chocolate

chocolate is always a good gift idea. At Hussel, there is chocolate in every imaginable form: globe, surfboard, flip-flops, camera… See the gift idea here.

Suitcase cookie cutter

Gift Idea Traveler Biscuit Cookie Suitcase I personally hate baking. Remember, however, that I am more or less alone. Cook cookies for travelers and give them away? Goes. With these suitcase cookie cutters.

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DIY music / playlist

Create a personal playlist for a good friend who goes on journeys. Cheap and yet wonderful personal.

Travel Backgammon

Especially if you are not traveling alone, then a game is a great thing. My tip: A travel backgammon. View gift idea at Amazon.

Travel diary

Do you actually write travel diary? No? But you should. Inspirational, interactive and practical diaries are the Journey books. The Journey Books are available for USA / Australia / New Zealand / Canada / Thailand / South America.

Restaurant voucher

How about a suitable restaurant voucher as an anticipation for a jointly planned trip or to revel in the common, tasteful travel memories?

Rubbel world map

Every world traveler needs a world map at home. How about a scratch card? The countries that you have already visited, simply freirubeln. The choice for the next destination is certainly easy. At Amazon Watch.

Smartphone cover for travelers

Without a smartphone is nothing more nowadays. Not even on the road. Do you already have a really cool smartphone case? There are enough motifs for worlds bummers, or you can design them yourself at DeinDesign.


Traveling requires money. A beautiful Spardose can remind you now and then of this circumstance. So you do not lose sight of your long-term goal and the savings may be a little easier. View gift idea at Amazon.


A Wall decal in form of a world map embellishes every room and ostenses you immediately as a world traveler. View gift idea at Amazon.

World Map as Poster

Even more decor in the form of a world map. Is it always going, right? View gift idea at Amazon.

Globe Earrings

What kind of earrings could be more suitable for worlds-goers than these chic globe earrings? At Amazon Watch.

Pipi Cardboard

A pipi cardboard or also called P-Mate allows us girls to pee while standing. I have not tried it yet but would have often been glad if I had such a thing on hand – assuming it works. View gift idea at Amazon.

World globe

World globe necklace I HAVE! Immediately. A great gift for all worlds-girls. View the chain at Amazon.

Pillow KenialMountain

Pillow mountain lovers. Kenial has a super chic design test mountain cushion. When you buy, you also support the Kenial childcare project.


Earbags keep your ears warm. And always when you are actively out on the road and cannot wear or wear a cap, eg because you have a bike helmet or ski helmet. The earbags are simply clamped on the ear and finished. View gift idea at Amazon.


When traveling, a Flachmann is, of course, a waste of space. If you are an active fresh-air tourist, you are sure to go hiking or skiing. As a summit schnapps usually does not come quite inappropriately. View gift idea at Amazon.


There are travelers who have a hammock in their luggage. This is tense wherever possible and serves as a comfortable and convenient sleeping place. Alternatively, you can get a piece of travel feeling with your hammock on your balcony or in the next park. See the gift idea at Globetrotter.

Climbing Cup

The ideal gift idea for all climbers. Found at Klettergeschenke.

Picnic blanket

A must for all fresh air travelers: A clever picnic blanket that does not allow moisture to pass from below. In Globetrotter view.


I love my slackline. As soon as the weather becomes beautiful, I stretch the slackline in the next park. Ever tried? It’s great fun and powerful at the same time the muscles. A muscle sore in the back is not a rarity the next day. View the gift idea at Globetrotter.

Sun of Hibatchi Grill

Out of my fresh- airing treasure trove. The practical Sun of Hibatchi Grill. Well, if you have a balcony or a terrace, then you will probably leave this in good weather (almost bissl boring, right?). If not, then simply take the grill into the bicycle rack and into the park or the lake. View gift idea at Amazon.


A thermos thermometer keeps tea or coffee warm for hours. When traveling in very cold areas quite an object in travel luggage, otherwise ideal for all fresh air travelers who are also traveling in the cold season outside. At Amazon Watch.


When traveling, it is not always possible to get electricity every day. Especially when you are hiking a lot. An Akkupack is an ingenious invention so that you can recharge your camera and smartphone from the road. View gift idea at Amazon.

Bluetooth speakers

A great gadget for home and travel. For example with a road trip, if you do not have to carry your luggage anyway and it may be a bit more. View gift idea at Amazon.

External Hard

Drive An external hard drive is a useful gift when you travel longer and also take your laptop with you. So you can save your pictures and files additionally on the hard disk. View gift idea at Amazon.

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GoPro Camera

I admit a GoPro is a pretty expensive gift. But the camera must be on this list because I would have also times like one. View gift idea at Amazon.

Cable organizer

technology on the road. Without going nowadays no more. This means, however, that the whole “cable” with must. There is a cable organizer a super practical thing. View gift idea at Amazon.


A camera is, of course, a very noble gift. But why not? It is important that you first know what you want. My personal tip: The compact Sony RX100 II. At Amazon Watch.


You are planning a long journey and would like to take your notebook with you? How about a new notebook bag as a gift? This is a pocket that is particularly sturdy and has no additional compartments or carrying straps because this only removes unnecessary space. At Amazon Watch.


Square (usually at least), practical, good. A traveler, best still with USB connection, needs every traveler. That’s a fact. So why not let such a thing simply be given? View gift idea at Amazon.


Gift Idea Travelers Selfish Stick Selfie-Sticks are totally frowned upon in Germany. However, if you leave our country behind you and enter, for example, Asian soil, then you ask yourself why you do not have such a thing. At Amazon Watch.

Smartphone LED Flash

Light Are you the classic smartphone photographer? Does not matter. In order to be able to shoot even in non-ideal light conditions, a Smartphone LED flashlight is a great gift for you. View gift idea at Amazon.


A tripod is on the one hand additional luggage, but on the other hand simply such a great toy that you would not want to miss it once you once had one. For the beginning, I recommend you Gorillapod Kamerastativ for small cameras. View gift idea at Amazon.

Touch Screen Gloves

Traveling is not always just lying on the beach. It also means climbing mountains, admiring glaciers, experiencing strange cities in a winter atmosphere. It can be quite cold and gloves are essential. Even better, if you continue to use your smartphone and your camera, right? A clear case of touch-screen gloves. At Amazon Watch.

Waterproof storage box for memory cards

Now honestly? Are not we all traveling small hobby photographers? Just. I recommend that you take more than one memory card with you on a trip and exchange it regularly. Safe and especially waterproof, you can then transport these in the waterproof case for memory cards to your home. View gift idea at Amazon.

Waterproof headphones

are a must for me on any trip. Long transfer times can thus be made bearable with an audiobook or good music. Even better for traveling when the headphones are also waterproof. View gift idea at Amazon.

WLAN SD card

With a WLAN SD card, you can stream your pictures directly from your camera to your smartphone and then send your most beautiful photos to your loved ones. View gift idea at Amazon.

Camping gear

For all active travelers, who also like to hike several days – for example, in New Zealand – a camping gear is a useful utensil. View gift idea at Amazon.

Eating cutlery

Cool thing, so an Essbesteck. Especially when it is as small, light and beautifully designed as from Spork. In Globetrotter view.

Functional underwear

Functional underwear you do not only need while skiing or traveling to Antarctica. Many areas in South America, for example, are over 3,500m and can be cold even in the warm season in the evening or at night. View the gift idea at Globetrotter.

Leatherman Thread

Do you want to be on the mountain or on a journey? Is of course view of how to find the leatherman thread, but a cool idea is it already, various useful tool tools, in a bracelet to pack. View the gift idea at Globetrotter.


I bought a raincoat before my trip to Patagonia and I do not know how I could ever go without. The trousers had since then with so many journeys and also in the employment that the purchase was absolutely worthwhile. At Amazon.

Rain poncho

A rain poncho looks stupid, I know. Can be incredibly handy though. A sudden, violent, and unexpected rain show? Poncho and you or your things are protected. View the gift idea at Globetrotter.

Scruba Wash Bag

A scintillating gift idea is the Scruba Wash Bag – also known as the smallest washing machine in the world. The knobs are ingenious. Without water and collapsed, the washing machine hardly takes up space in the luggage compartment. View gift idea at Amazon.

Schlafsack Inlet

Depending on the trip type and Reiseland I recommend you take a sleeping bag Inlet. For all hikers among you: can also be used as a cabin sleeping bag. In Globetrotter view.

Keyring with spices

Rather a gadget, but definitely one with practical character: A key pendant with different spices. See on Amazon.

Sea to Summit Pocket Shower

A portable shower? For example, for all campers (who can not or do not want a mobile home with integrated “wellness area”) a great gift idea. In Globetrotter view.


You need a headlamp when you travel to countries where very often the current fails, you plan a road trip or you like to go on multi-day hikes with tent or cabins. View gift idea at Amazon.

Pocket Knife

Every traveler needs a pocket knife. I need mine primarily for fruit cutting. Because as soon as I am traveling in tropical countries, I am addicted to mangoes, papayas, etc. But, of course, a pocketknife can do much more. For me as an active traveler a loyal travel companion. View the gift idea at Globetrotter.


A must for all active travelers who like to hike. View gift idea at Amazon.

Hiking socks

For travelers who also travel a lot on trips or for those who are just afoot, who are simply on foot, the classic sock gift in the form of hiking socks is a joy. View gift idea amazon.


A clothesline without braces? There is and is super practical. View the gift idea at Globetrotter.

You have found the best gift ideas for travelers. We welcome your share and comment your ideas below.