6 year Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas for him deserve to be invested

Anniversary is always the most beautiful moment that any married couple looks forward to because it allows them to celebrate the wonderful aisle of marriage that they have built together. And our couples’ 6th wedding anniversary will also be a memorable and treasured journey. Aside from commemorating an anniversary, selecting a gift for your other half is an important thing to do, particularly 6 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for him will be necessary for the wives who are looking for special things for their husbands. We’ve pulled together some of the best 6 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for him, ranging from traditional to modern symbols to give you more options. Ready to find out everything you need?

Do you know the symbols of 6 year anniversary gift traditional and modern?

After all, 72 months of marriage is deserved recognition. If you have a better understanding of the symbols 6-year anniversary gift traditional and modern, it will be a great advantage to make this anniversary more meaningful than ever before. Let’s briefly discuss what the six-anniversary traditional and modern gifts are all about.

Traditional Theme like Iron and Candy

Iron is the first traditional 6 Year Anniversary symbol to represent the strength of a relationship that is difficult to break, so it makes sense to give your husband such an enduring, long-lasting gift made of iron to commemorate this special occasion.

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An iron wine storage can hold up to six regular wine bottles that will be a must-have item for those husbands who want to display their wine collection in a stylish and convenient manner. Wine Caddy, $34.22

The next item marks 6 year Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas for him with candy or chocolate. After six years together, life is bound to be pretty sweet, and a sugar-inspired gift is an ideal way to commemorate this.

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The elegant Chocolate Gold Gift Box with a red ribbon and 8 pieces of Godiva chocolate will add sweetness to your 6th anniversary’s day. Chocolate Gold Gift Box, $22.99

Modern 6 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for him like Statue or Empire ring

If you’re looking for more modern gifts, wood items, gemstones in purple, turquoise, or white colors and flowers will do a trick because they represent a solid marriage.

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A Wooden Handmade Sculpture Statue is a perfect gift for your husband. A couple that forms a heart presents a passionate, close, and long-lasting love to him. Wooden Handmade Abstract Sculpture Statue, $45.99


This purple ring will make your husband remember the 6th wedding anniversary gift for him. You can request the brand to customize the gem type, pattern, or material to create a one-of-a-kind sterling silver ring. Another special point comes from the gorgeous wooden gift box that is also appropriate for your 6th anniversary. Amethyst natural gemstone Byzantine Empire ring, $89.00

Meaningful traditional 6 year wedding anniversary gift ideas like Iron horseshoe or Decoration

The traditional items associated with the sixth anniversary are iron and candy. Iron represents the marriage’s strength, while candy symbolizes the relationship’s sweetness. What could be better than choosing a traditional 6 year wedding anniversary gift for him that is related to the items listed above?

Iron horseshoes are special 6 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for him

Iron horseshoe can be listed as one of meaningful 6 year Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas for him. Two hearts inside and a copper wire decoratively show up how much you love your husband. Engrave your name and his name with an anniversary date to commemorate this special occasion. Iron horseshoe, $85.00

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Iron Heart & Arrow is a pretty good response as a 6th anniversary iron gift for him (4) in both design and quality. It’s also ideal for displaying on his bookshelf if he enjoys collecting and reading books. Iron Heart & Arrow Decoration, $24.01

Personalized Chocolate Bar is a wonderful way to express your heartfelt sentiments to him. Simply click on the button “Customized Now” and freely add your chosen text. The premium UK Chocolate will make him melt. Personalized Chocolate Bar, $8.14

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You can quite think of a sweet party thanks to Gift Basket with Sweets Nuts and Chocolates. On this anniversary, the entire family gathers to share this present towel and tell each other memories. Gift Tower with Sweets Nuts and Chocolates, $38.95

Impressive modern 6 year anniversary gift ideas for him like Wooden Watches or gemstone Statue

Our life is more developed and the choice of anniversary gifts is becoming increasingly diverse. If you are not interested in the classic 6-year anniversary gift for husband, the ideas of modern 6-year anniversary gift ideas for him listed below will be an interesting mystery. 

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Transfer your lovely message on the Engraved Wooden Watches back. You can customize your deeply meaningful texts. Handcrafted with 100% natural wood in the hope of preserving a long-lasting marriage. Custom Engraved Wooden Watches, $39.99

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Change the style of enhancing his drinking experience with Whiskey Decanter Globe Set placing on a wooden tray. Instead of enjoying the wine poured from the wine bottles, the whiskey decanter featuring an etched globe design with two matching glasses will add a strong touch during a conversation. Besides, it can be used as a great decorative item in your living room or bar counter. Whiskey Decanter Globe Set, $55.99

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His mood will be stabilized by the  Amethyst Gemstone AngelHealing Statue. It is also believed that help the owner become more in tune with their feelings, get to know themselves on a much deeper level, and clean of negative energy. Your husband can bring this 6 year anniversary gift for him to place in the car, display on his desk, or hold in his palm so that this angel statue will bring him luck and protection. Guardian AngelHealing Statue, $9.49

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Hawaiian Shirt with Calla Lily patterns is much fit with the theme of 6 year Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas for him because Calla Lilies represent magnificent beauty. He can wear it on a beach vacation. You will be impressed by the quality of shirt, well made, good sewing, and high-quality material. Original Hawaiian Shirt, $62.99

Extremely useful 6 year wedding anniversary iron gift  for him like Ring Dish or Sculptural Bookend

Choosing a gift based not only on its beauty but also its applicability in life, these 6 year wedding anniversary iron gifts for him mentioned below will become a useful friend in your husband’s life.

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How come he doesn’t need a Bottle Opener in his life? Made from a railroad spike that is steel with high iron content, this gift works great as a 6 year anniversary gift iron for him. Personalized with a name, date, or message to create a uniquely special gift. This opener is small enough to fit into your pocket, purse, or kitchen drawer. Railroad Spike Bottle Opener, $40.00

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We must not overlook the Hand Forged Ring Dish for storing his rings, cufflinks, changes, or trinkets. Made of steel with high iron content, it works well for 6th traditional anniversary gift. Especially, you can even personalize it with a name, special date, or your personal message up to 30 characters for a true one-of-a-kind gift that anyone will appreciate. Hand Forged Ring Dish, $50.00

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High-quality Iron Elephant Bookends are extremely useful as a mini portable bookshelf when two pieces can hold many books. The details are individually hand-finished by the artisans to create a work of art. Besides, elephants are associated with the image of intelligence and patience. Triumphant Elephant Cast Iron Sculptural Bookend Pair, $43.55

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If your husband enjoyed grilling, baking, and cooking for the family, Cast Iron Rectangular Cake Pan will satisfy his hobby. This pan heats evenly, allowing for thorough cooking. Cast Iron Rectangular Cake Pan, $32.49

Sweet 6 year dating anniversary gift for him such as Scented Candle and Engraved Crystal

Sweetness is always a factor of love in bringing two hearts together. It will make the relationship more sublimated and happy, so a sweet 6 year dating anniversary gift for him is as a spice to symbolize your delightful love.

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Fill his mind with the bright and pleasing scent of Vanilla Cupcake, Lemon, Hazelnut from Candle Lemon Pound Cake Large Glass. It’s not overpowering, but it does give off a lovely warm sweet lemon cake scent. This candle burns extremely well. Apothecary Jar Scented Candle, $21.14

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Nothing better than the gift of good health to your loved ones. Luxurious 40 Tea Bags Gift Set box from Indian’s famous tea gardens will bring freshness, good-tasting, and sweet-aromatic flavor. It’s really great to become the 6 year Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas for him. Assorted Tea Bag Sampler, $32.35

Capture the most breathtaking moment with 3D Photo Engraved Crystal for years to come. The 3D effect and optional text must have touched his heart deeply. It’s definitely unique, the accuracy of the photo’s detail is spot on for an anniversary. Personalized Custom 3D Photo Engraved Crystal, $54.99

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Drawing him into the woody aromatic scent of Mercedes Benz Eau De Toilette. This young, free masculine fragrance is with the aim of standing out in its expression of modern luxury, perfect execution and being timeless. The scent lasts for a very long time to make it become a good 6th-anniversary gift idea for husband. Mercedes Benz Eau De Toilette Spray, $30.80

Immerse in the best luxurious 6 year wedding anniversary gift for husband like Foot Massager or Leather Bifold Wallet

The 6-year journey is worthwhile in terms of what is precious. Choosing a luxurious 6 year wedding anniversary gift for husband should be considered to remark this special occasion.

Foot Massager will provide him with a relaxing experience at home after an exhausting working day. This therapeutic machine will soothe your feet, from the ankles to the toes, allowing you to truly relax and let go of any stress and pain. It also has a heat function that helps you completely feel comfortable with your muscles. Perfection because of its convenience and ease of use. Foot Massager, $156.99

The genuine leather Bifold Wallet from the Fossil brand will satisfy even the most discerning customers. It’s a very basic brown wallet with plenty of compartments for cards, coins, and cash, making it one of the perfect 6 year Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas for him. Quinn Leather Bifold Wallet, $58.00

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An Office chair can assist him when working from home to manage his posture and provide a comfortable sitting position. The high back design offers maximum support for your waist, shoulders, neck, and head. It is a good choice to put in the bedroom, living room so that it makes him feel better during working time. Computer Headrest Desk Chair, $84.02

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Coming from a well-known worldwide brand, Gold Metal Rectangle Eyeglasses of Versace with its simplicity are rather fit with casual look. The popularity and high quality of the brand will elevate your husband’s style. Pale Gold Metal Rectangle Eyeglasses, $139.95

Fashionable 6th year wedding anniversary gift for husband like Customized Bowtie or Pajama Set

If you have a classy husband or loved one, these stylish 6th year wedding anniversary gift for husband are the perfect gift idea.

The first fashionable 6 year Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas for him on the list is Lacoste Men’s Masters Sneaker. The Lacoste brand is synonymous with free, cool, and creative spirits, and these sports shoes keep his feet comfortable and supported while participating in leisure activities. Men’s Masters Sneaker, $104.90

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Make a difference in his appearance thanks to the creative Wood Bow Tie. This tie is made by hand and natural wood, so it is a good choice for a 6th-year anniversary gift for him. Handmade Customized Bowtie, $14.99

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Men’s Pajama Set with neutral color and 95% of bamboo fiber will make him be comfortable, feel so smooth, lightweight and keep a nice look fitting. Pajama sets are a warm familiar product that is always appreciated as a gift – which is why it makes the perfect 6 year Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas for him. Pajama Set, $39.99

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A wireless earphone set will be a compact accessory that he can take with him from work to home.  Bluetooth quick connects, long battery life, simple connection with your device, and voice assistance are just a few of the many benefits of this practical 6 year wedding anniversary gift for him. Truly Wireless Earbuds Headphones, $49.95

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If your 6th anniversary falls in the winter, this high-quality Mens Wool Scarf that is imported from Ireland will perfectly fit any man’s outfit and keep him warm. The eye-catching color combination is expertly weaved to create a work of art. Weavers Mens Wool Scarf, $69.90

6 year Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas for him appear to be more difficult than selecting a gift for women, so the above gift list is intended to help you find exactly what you need to surprise the man in your life with thoughtful and memorable anniversary gifts. There are many traditional and modern items that can be used to commemorate your sixth wedding anniversary

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