6 types of tea infusers for tea lover gifts ideas: Knows its advantages and disadvantages

Do you like a gift idea for tea lovers to help them serve tea at home? For this gift, you need to find good tea infusers that allow tea lovers to enjoy the taste of your strands fully. In this article, you will know the main types of infusers and their advantages. Do not miss it!

If tea is one of most favorite drinks, tea lovers must already know and have a tea infuser at home, right? But, perhaps what you still do not know is exactly what its function is and there are different types. But do not worry! Just take note of the following paragraphs.

What is a tea infuser and what is it for?

The tea infuser is an instrument that performs the function of a strainer. In which loose tea leaves are introduced to prepare the infusion and it is removed once the time has passed for it to take aroma and flavor. Did you know him? Apparently, this tea accessory gained popularity in the first half of the nineteenth century, in the time of Queen Victoria and they say that no respectable British house could lack one when it comes to serving tea.

Its massive acceptance by the public is because it is a great help in quickly and easily separating the strands of water. It performs the same function as a tea bag.

In the market, you can find infusers of different sizes, materials, and shapes. But, when choosing one for everyday use it is necessary to take into account especially the size. The larger it is, the better it is that it is very important that the leaves are hydrated and expand what is necessary to give all their aroma, color and flavor to the tea.

Do you want to know the types of infusers that exist? Which is the best gift idea for tea lovers?

Types of tea infusers for tea lover gifts

As I mentioned before, there are different types of tea infusers, being the spherical, conical and cylindrical, the most common. But what difference do they have? Pay attention to the following paragraphs.

Strainer type infusers


There are PVC, ceramic, stainless steel and glass.

  • Advantage: They are the best result can offer you as a tea strainer, as they filter very well, leaving no residue and are quite comfortable. Choose it according to the purpose you are going to give if it is for cup or teapot.
  • Disadvantages: The glass breaks easily and the openings they have to filter the infusion are often clogged. There are those who say that PVC leaves the flavor in infusions. The best are stainless steel.

Basic Ball Infusers


They are inexpensive tea filters, which you can store in any drawer and open them either by pressing on the handle or opening the lock (in the chain) to insert the tea leaves and close again. These infusers are the best known.

The infuser for tea sphere or open ball with handles as tongs to open its grid container is one of the most common within this variety. You have to place it in a cup or bowl with hot or boiling water, allowing the tea to mingle without the loose leaves passing into the cup or bowl. A rod or chain is usually attached to the infuser’s container to facilitate its recovery from the cup.

  • Advantage: They are easy to transport and their cleaning does not require great care.
  • Disadvantages: The tea does not have enough space to expand. They are not recommended for use with whole-leaf teas. The result is an infusion that is poor in flavor and flavor. It is not recommended to use with rooibos tea.

Paper or fabric infusers


It consists of a paper envelope, which opens slightly through an opening to introduce the tea leaves. Once used, they are discarded. This type of tea filter, we usually advise people who want to make their tea at their worktable.

You can have a few little bags made with the tea and just get to your table and put it in the cup. When you want to discard it, throw it directly into the wastebasket.

  • Advantage: They are ideal to take to work or a trip. They are placed just enough space to allow the tea to expand.
  • Disadvantages: You can use them only once, as they easily acquire other odors. The result of the infusion is poor in flavor and flavor. The fabric infusers have the advantage of filtering the tea very well, but after using it do wash it and dry it very well so that it does not acquire odors that later influence the flavor of the infusions. They also have a disadvantage the fact that they are acquiring an unattractive brown color.

Cup or teapot infusers


This type of tea strainer, you can use it in both teapots and cups and bowls. There are different sizes and materials: there are glass, plastic, and stainless steel.

  • Advantage: They have great space for the correct hydration of the leaves. Cleaning is easy. They are ideal for use with rooibos tea. They result in a quality infusion.
  • Disadvantages: They are not so practical when it comes to travel, etc.

Bamboo infusers



They are very handmade. It is special to use in tastings and tastings.

  • Advantage: They provide enough space for a good expansion of the tea. They offer an infusion of average quality.
  • Disadvantages: Transfer the flavor of the bamboo by altering the flavor of the tea. They are not practical when transporting because they are easily damaged.

If you like bamboo but don’t want your tea changed the flavor, get a Bamboo Tumbler with Tea Infuser.

Design infusers


They are tea filters, which will help you to give a funny touch to your tea table, but in general, they are not very useful as they do not meet the tea strainer function. Browse here to find awesome tea infuser.

Now that you know the different types of infuser for tea in strands that exist, you already know which gift ideas you are going to buy for tea lovers?

Other accessories are great gift ideas for tea lovers

For a tea lover. One of the best gifts that can be made is a tea accessory. Of course, not just tea infusers I’m talking about. Look at the ones listed below, so you can choose which ones to ask for.

  • Grinder for tea. You will discover a novel but very practical utensil that will allow you to make your own matcha tea. Gift this Tea Grinder now.
  • Glass teapots. You will know what care you should have if you choose these beautiful teapots and what are the advantages of using them. Search for the most beautiful Glass teapots here.
  • Digital scales and tea spoons. You will find different ways to know the exact amount of tea strands you need to prepare your blend. Get one here.
  • Aluminum teapots. You will discover what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of teapots when preparing a tasty and aromatic tea. Get this Tea Teapot Now.

I hope you find a lot of wonderful gifts ideas for tea lovers or your self, and also choose the best products to make your friends say wow. Read our articles if you want more tea lover gift ideas.

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