5 benefits when children play with best educational block toys

Playing with Toys is the way children learn and Blocks are one of the best educational toys for Kids. Surely you have ever discovered your kids doing the same things as you or you have heard him repeat sentences or words that you do not remember teaching him… Children are aware of everything that happens around them, learn based on experiences and repetition, so it is important that your kids play with blocks.

During the first five years of life, Kid’s brains grow faster than at any other time, they absorb moments that become learning and affect their development and future success. Playing is the way children learn, so playing with them is the best way to contribute to their physical, mental and social development.

Give your children best educational toys and do activities that help him or her maximize their abilities. Blocks are a tool that has multiple benefits: they favor their physical, cognitive, social and creative development, as well as their problem-solving ability.

Here are 5 educational benefits of playing with blocks for Children:

1. Improve your kid’s way of thinking and expressing yourself: Learn to communicate what you want to do and connect words with actions while creating and imagining; at the same time identifies the colors and shapes of each block that could fit with another.

2. Increase coordination: Use the eyes, muscles of the hand and the wrist to perform delicate tasks, a tower or figure.

3. Your Kids have more confidence and confidence: When you build a figure and finish it, you will have more confidence and believe that you can perform activities alone, generating a sense of accomplishment.

4. Your kid’s balance is sharpened: When you move moving the blocks from one end of the room to the other, your kids become aware of their movements and space.

5. Get better with others: When your kids play with another child, they learn to work as a team and respect someone else’s ideas, this gives you security to develop socially.

Give your child the freedom to build what they like best and help them do it with best educational block toys! The Mega Bloks blocks are specially designed to contribute to children’s development. By stacking high tall towers, your kid’s creativity is enhanced; by telling stories with characters, are also expanding their imagination; when your kids build fantasy worlds, you are also building up the trust to be whatever you dream of becoming!

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