3 years wedding anniversary gift ideas for wife to make her be smitten with you

While the three years of living together have passed quickly, your 3rd wedding anniversary is approaching. For any marriage, the wedding anniversary is always an important occasion for them. It’s time for them to reflect on what they’ve been through together and the love they’ve had for each other over that time. Three years is not a long time, but it is enough for both of you to understand and appreciate this marriage more. There are many ways to organize a meaningful celebration, one of which is to choose a thoughtful gift for your partner. So have you ever wondered what are the best 3 years wedding anniversary gift ideas for wife

For gifts that are often given on the 3rd wedding anniversary, gifts made from leather are always a top priority. As the meaning of leather expresses how robust you have become, the strength you have possessed, and the protection you give to your lover. Besides, gifts made from glass or crystal will also be a perfect choice for this anniversary. If you want to be a good and delicate husband, you are still confused because you do not know how to choose 3 years’ wedding anniversary gift ideas for wife. Don’t worry because you have chosen the right place, we are here to help you find the best choice.

What is the best 3-year anniversary gift, traditional and modern?

Have you ever wondered about what is traditional and modern anniversary gifts? Those are actually commemorative gifts with different symbolic meanings for those who like the tradition or with the modernity. However, regardless of whether they are traditional or modern, their only meaning is always love – the deep affection we have for each other.

To help you have more choices, we will recommend you below products related to 3-year anniversary gifts, traditional and modern in this big commemoration. 

Traditional gifts from leather items

Commonly, traditional 3-year anniversary gifts are always gifts made from leather, because it symbolizes durability, solidity, and protection in love after many years. That’s a reason why most people choose it as a thoughtful gift for their wife.

Leather items is Traditional 3 years wedding anniversary gift ideas for wife

Is there a gift more meaningful than a picture frame capturing all the happy times a couple has spent over the past 3 years? That’s what Engraved Leather Picture Frame will do for you to remember those happy moments. With high-quality leather material, words of love and times engraved on the leather frame are enough to make it one of the best 3 years wedding anniversary gift ideas for wife. 3 Years of Marriage Engraved Leather Picture Frame, $21.95

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Have you ever thought about gifting a valet tray on your wedding anniversary? I guess not. But the gift we recommend to you is not an ordinary tray. Engraved Leather Catchall Valet Tray is a leather tray with the inside engraved with love milestones from the past 3 years. This is what makes this tray more special than ever. It is not only a convenient item to help your wife organize every stuff but also a mark of love for your marriage. So why don’t you consider this unique 3rd-year anniversary gift idea? 3 Years of Marriage Engraved Leather Catchall Valet Tray, buy here

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If your wife is a book lover, I believe this is one of the best 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for wife worth buying. Leather Bookmark Handmade is not only a tool to support your wife in reading books but also has a deep meaning of love. With a heart-shaped design engraved on the bookmark with the words “From the heart”, this gift is like the care that you give to your wife and accompany her on every page of the book.  Leather Designed-heart Bookmark Handmade, buy here

Modern gifts ideas for 3 years wedding anniversary – Crystal

We’ve just gone some traditional 3-year anniversary gifts, so how about the modern 3-year anniversary gift? In today’s modern life, traditional gifts are gradually being replaced by more sophisticated and high-class gifts. For gifts symbolizing 3 years of marriage, gifts from crystal or glass are very popular. It also originates from the meaning of crystal or glass which is clarity and transparency and indicates the level of understanding between couples.

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You want to give flowers to your lover for a happy 3rd year wedding anniversary but you are worried that the flowers will not last long. We’ve got a great replacement for you which is the Crystal Red Rose Ornament. Being made from crystal, these crystal flowers will be a meaningful gift for your love and will last forever through time as the same way your love goes through the years. Crystal Red Rose Figurine Ornament, $55,98

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For women, there is no gift more delicate and sparkling than crystal jewelry. Therefore, if you want your wife to be more beautiful than ever, Women’s Sparkling Jewelry will be a great choice for 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for wife. Delicate lines, meticulous detailing, and a timeless sparkle make this necklace a truly worthwhile gift. Women’s Sparkling Jewelry Collection, buy here

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Couples glasses are always considered the top choices for 3-year anniversary date ideas. Let’s imagine you and your partner are sitting on a romantic evening, with candlelight and two glasses of champagne which is really sweet. To contribute to that romantic date party, Love Champagne Toasting Flutes is an indispensable item on your dinner table. The image of two interlocking hearts represents the hearts of the couple entering the other’s life and accompanying each other on the road ahead. Linked Love Champagne Toasting Flutes, $41.90

Precious gifts from gemstones on the 3rd year’s wedding anniversary date – Moonstone

Gemstones are so amazing because they not only help us to be beautiful or more confident in life but also many people believe that when wearing these gems, the meaning and effect of gems on love and marriage is real. Especially for a 3-year marriage, a moonstone is considered a gemstone symbolizing marriages at this stage.

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Moonstone possesses a mysterious light that can change and sparkle on the surface of the stone, so few gemstones can match its romance and mystery. That’s a reason why Women Rings Moonstone Jewellery will be one of the most meaningful 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for wife. It symbolizes a pure love that always shines no matter the harsh conditions. Women Rings Moonstone Jewellery Gifts, $19.99

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Necklaces are never out-of-date gifts because of their deep meanings and symbolic images on each necklace. Moon and Sun Necklace is also such a gift with a special image of “sun and moon”. The sun represents the strength and protection of men for their women, while the moon is the charm and mystery of women. This unique combination forms a harmony in love and carries a deep meaning to your woman. So why don’t you consider it as a 3 year wedding anniversary present?  Moonstone Moon and Sun Necklace, $26.99

Flowers gift represents 3rd years Wedding Anniversary – Sunflower

The meaning of sunflowers in the three-year wedding anniversary is a strong, colorful, and passionate love. It is believed that while the stalk of this flower symbolizes the strength of marriage, the brilliant yellow petals represent a passionate and burning love for the past 3 years.

Therefore, give your wife a beautiful and shining sunflower as a word of your love for her. Any woman wants to receive flowers on meaningful occasions like these.

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If you want a more unique option than giving real sunflowers, you can think of Artificial Sunflower in Glass Dome. The artificial sunflowers will be kept longer and still have their inherent deep meanings. Therefore, this gift deserves to be given on the 3 year wedding anniversary to express love to your wife on this special occasion. Artificial Sunflower in Glass Dome, buy here

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Inspired by the song “You are my sunshine”, Sunflower Accessories Box is a perfect choice for those men who are confused and do not know what gift to choose for 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for wife. With 12 products including many different accessories, this gift is sure to meet all the daily needs of women. If you like practical gifts in life more than bouquets of flowers, I think this gift is the right choice for you. 12PCS Sunflower Accessories Gift Box Set, buy here

The top romantic 3 Year Wedding Anniversary Traditional Gift Ideas

If you are in the third year of marriage, this is the stage where couples are usually still getting used to the kissing life. They learn to understand each other and know each person’s inner habits and personalities. That is also why leather gifts are a 3 year wedding anniversary traditional gift. Leather symbolizes flexibility and durability in the same way that we are building a solid foundation for a future marriage.

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How to make household items engraved with your love? Leather Coasters Personalized can do that perfectly. A simple leather coaster can be engraved with the name, date, and year of any couple together. A personalized gift is a reasonable gift for a traditional 3-year anniversary gift because it not only has a deep meaning but also makes your own feature. Heart Leather Coasters Personalized, buy here

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What do you think about a leather apron for your beloved wife? Genuine Leather Apron is not an apron for cooking but your wife can use it when gardening or other tasks. With genuine leather material, the apron is really sturdy and has very meticulous seams. This gift is not only useful to everyone but also shows your care for the recipient. That’s why I believe it will also be a suitable choice for 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for wife. Genuine Leather Grill Apron, buy here

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Picture frame is always been one of the favorite gifts on all-important occasions because it helps to preserve the beautiful memories in this life. Engraved Leather Picture Frame is also such a meaningful gift and with material symbolizing 3-year love – leather, which is really worthwhile presents for 3rd wedding anniversary. You are free to put pictures of both of you in the frame, below there will be milestones in your love engraved on this frame.  3rd Anniversary Engraved Leather Picture Frame, buy here

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Because of the development of technology, most people have no longer kept the habit of journaling. However, diary is a way to help you express your own thoughts, feelings, and thoughts. Especially for women, who are often sensitive and have many thoughts of their own. Therefore, we recommend Genuine Leather Journal – a small gift but full of care and message to your lover. Hopefully, your woman can document her life to the fullest. Handmade Genuine Leather Journal, buy here

How to choose a 3 years wedding anniversary gift modern to make her cherish?

Besides the traditional gifts made from leather, you still have more choices for 3 years wedding anniversary gift modern, typically crystal or glass. Check out the gifts below to see what gift your woman is suitable for!

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When it comes to crystal gifts, we can’t ignore the beautiful crystal statues and Crystal Paperweight will be a 3rd wedding anniversary gift for wife that does not make you disappoint. The small statue with a heart shape and words of love is engraved with special technology without worrying about being rubbed or faded. This is essentially a paperweight but it can still be a great decoration for your home. 3rd Wedding Anniversary Crystal Paperweight, buy here

51tODRKaz+L. SL500

Have you ever seen the movie “Beauty and The Beast”? Crystal Rose Flower Light is a gift inspired by this movie with the image of a flower placed in a glass cage. The image of a gorgeous flower is treasured in a glass cage like how you are cherishing and protecting your own love. This beautiful gift deserves to be given to your beautiful wife on three year anniversary. Galaxy Crystal Rose Flower Light, buy here

Angel Figurines is a gift that symbolizes peace and good wishes and peace to the recipient. The special thing is that the real flower is stored inside the statue by special technology. This image as the way you are protecting and nurturing your marriage will always shine and shine like this flower. This 3rd year wedding anniversary present is such a meaningful message conveyed to your lover. Angel Figurines with Purple Rose, buy here

51ObKSF9jtS. SL500

Sparkling jewelry will be an indispensable gift on special occasions for women. But choosing the most suitable and meaningful gifts is not easy. We recommend the Love Crystal Pendant Necklace, which is a piece of jewelry full of sophistication and elegance. Featuring an infinity heart pendant, this necklace expresses the infinite love in your marriage –  the permanence and immutability. Besides, this necklace has 12 different stones representing the 12 months of the year; therefore, you can easily choose the right option for 3rd wedding anniversary gift for wife.  Infinity Love Crystal Pendant Necklace, buy here

Falling in love with 3 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for wife

In any relationship, the woman will be the one who suffers more and makes more sacrifices for the family. Therefore, anniversaries are an opportunity for you to express your gratitude and love for your beloved wife. After 3 years of marriage, I believe that you understand enough about your wife’s personality and preferences to be able to choose the best suitable 3 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for your wife

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A personalized gift is always a unique gift idea because it can bring your own story and feelings to the recipient by Broad Bay’s Personalized Anniversary. For love either, you can create a happy 3 year wedding anniversary gift to your wife by customizing your name and her on the board bay. Your love is the special highlight of this gift and it will make it the only gift for your wife. She can hang it anywhere in the house so whenever seeing, she will remember and appreciate your eternal love. Broad Bay 3 Year Personalized, buy here


Skincare products are one of the most common 3 years of marriage gifts that most husbands must hold in the palm of their hand. In particular, this lover’s gift will help the wife take care of her skin to be more radiant and beautiful. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to Versace Bright Crystal Women – a beauty product that is popular today and makes women fall in love. Gifts like these will show your care for your wife and also help her take more care of her body.  Versace Bright Crystal Women Giftset, buy here

41VUTF3fNLL. SL500

Just like jewelry, Women’s Daisy Perfume is an appropriate gift that shows the sophistication of the men. Let’s think and choose a perfume with a mild scent or a brand that she loves. Perfume also means connecting the two of you together and helping her to be more confident. Do not hesitate to confess your feelings to her, tell her about what she attracts you like perfume attracts everyone. This is absolutely a  3rd wedding anniversary gift for wife on this important occasion. Marc Jacobs Women’s Daisy Perfume, buy here

romantic trip make her surprised

Making her surprised by a romantic trip

A short trip is one of the best 3rd-anniversary gifts for your beloved wife if you and your partner have the same hobby of traveling and exploring. Although this gift is a bit expensive, in return, you and your lover will be closer to each other. This is also a good opportunity to rekindle your love! Whether you’ve been in a marriage for a long time, short trips will help you build great memories and moments together! 

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Create DIY 3-year anniversary gift for her

For men, perhaps the 3rd wedding anniversary will be difficult for them because they will not know how to prepare and choose the most delicate gifts for the person they love. One of the most frequently searched questions is: “What do I get my wife for our 3rd wedding anniversary?”. In fact, the gifts here are not only expensive and luxurious gifts, but it can be a party that you prepare yourself, a dish you made or a surprise for your wife. You can completely create your own or find a 3-year anniversary gift for her DIY to make her feel happy when receiving.

Homemade dinner

Homemade dinner

This is the most suitable way for guys who know how to cook or guys who are practicing cooking a delicious dish for their loved one. The effort and time you spend in the kitchen are enough to make the girls fall in love! If you don’t know how to cook at all, don’t hesitate to try practicing some dishes, even if simple but full of love, your wife will be very happy and touched. And especially, this is a gift for your lover that is easy to make a good impression on your wife’s heart. “The shortest way to the heart is the stomach”, right!? A simple 3rd wedding anniversary gift for wife but prepared with all your love will always be the best gift.

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For handmade believers, this is one of the gifts that shows the most sincerity from the giver, probably because Box Love Memory is made carefully, meticulously, with more details than a card normally. A box can store many pictures and wishes at the same time; therefore, it is very convenient for you to send and keep the beautiful memories of your love in this box. When your wife receives this 3 years anniversary gift for her, she will surely be touched to see your sincere heart. Explosion Gift Box Love Memory, buy here

5183iEw6FsL. SL500

If you like a unique and exclusive gift for your wife, why don’t you consider Love Voucher Coupons – a special voucher for couples. Your wife can freely use the love vouchers already written on them and you have to do what she wants. A truly unique gift that can be used to change the atmosphere of your marriage for the upcoming special occasion. Handmade Love Voucher Coupons, buy here

51JwJSttcUS. SL500

This sweet gift set will absolutely attract any woman at first sight. Flowers Roses Gift Box is soap flowers that are decorated with bows and lights to create a warm and romantic gift. The seductive color of the rose is always intact, filled with its purity to express a love that will last forever over the years. Your wife can use it as a decoration in the house or put it in the bathroom to use as a soap. Such an ideal 3rd wedding anniversary gift for wife at any time. Artificial Flowers Roses Gift Box DIY, buy here

What are the most desirable 3 year dating anniversary gift ideas for her?

In love, sweetness and romance are two indispensable catalysts. That is shown by the act of caring and taking care of your partner. Especially in love anniversaries, let’s think of these 3-year dating anniversary gift ideas for her to make your beloved people always happy.

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For girls, most of them love teddy bears. When they are unhappy, they can hug a teddy bear to sleep, or even when they cry, they can hug a teddy bear to comfort themselves. Giving teddy bears shows that you care and always want to protect your lover, even if you are not with your lover 24/24, but teddy bears will be a gift to help you always be there for your lover to rely on. That’s a reason why Bear Rose Gifts is a delicate and full of love 3rd wedding anniversary gift for wife. Teddy Bear Rose Gifts, buy here

417QUzD3NVL. SL500

Many people believe that loving each other should not give shoes because it will be unlucky, but I believe that as long as we belong to each other, the heart will always stay, right? As long as you really care about each other, any gift is meaningful and practical. High Heel Sandal is also a loving gift when it shows that you care about every step of your lover. Depending on her preferences, you can choose the color and size to give a perfect pair of shoes for your wife as three-year anniversary gift ideas. Women High Heel Sandal, buy here

41aic7B4 +L. SL500

A romantic party dinner would certainly not be complete without the warm light from the lamp, right? Let Moon Ambient Light do it for you. With a fancy design, the image of a couple embracing each other sitting under the warm moonlight creates a romantic and comfortable atmosphere for your table or her room every night. Giving her this 3-year dating anniversary gift for her like the way you are sending a warm and loving light to her. Moon Ambient Light DIY, buy here

51HSRmHQDlL. SL500

If you are wondering what gift to choose for your wife on her 3rd wedding anniversary, Anniversary Set Bundle Gifts will help you answer that question. Everything you need – from traditional gifts to modern gifts – is in this bundle including a silver necklace, leather journal, candles, and rose petals. Instead of wondering what gift to choose, why don’t you give her this gift, she will have everything she expected. Perfect Anniversary Set Bundle Gifts, buy here

We hope that with all our suggestions for 3 years wedding anniversary gift ideas for wife, you are able to find the right gift for your loved one. Always remember that gifts are only material things, the important thing is the love you put into those gifts. If you have any anniversary gift ideas, please share and comment below to let us know!

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