How to choose meaningful and impressed 20 years anniversary gifts?

The 20th wedding anniversary is a special event to show your spouse the love and eternity.  Now you are thinking about ideas of 20 years anniversary gifts, which will melt her heart. Giftsandwish will show you the theme, symbols, and means of the 20th anniversary.  And then you can combine with your ideas to choose the best gifts for your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or your parents.

For 20 years anniversary, the traditional theme is China items, the modern theme is Platinum. The representative gemstone is Emerald, and theme colors are Green or White. Your anniversary flowers are daylily, aster, green, or white Rose. Some anniversary gift ideas, Giftsandwish recommend are China items like vases, mugs, plates, bowls, flower pots, jugs. Emerald and Platinum jewelry are great options for a couple. Some floral gifts, related to daylily or aster, such as perfume, plants, or art prints are exquisite gifts for her.

China items are your traditional theme for 20 years anniversary gifts

The traditional theme of 20 years anniversary is China items, that symbolize for natural elegance, beauty, and charm. You have various options of ceramic tableware like spoons, plates, bowls, mugs, or home decoration like vases, jugs, flower pots. Porcelain and bone china are also beautiful and luxurious gifts for anniversary day.

Ceramics Knife Set for 20 years anniversary gifts

The beautiful ceramic knives and a kitchen tool are Perfect for the home cook, these knives will be used daily, quickly becoming favorites in the kitchen. Ideal for fruits, vegetables, and boneless meats. The gifts great tools for the home cook looking to prepare fresh meals, especially, in the 20th anniversary. With a micro-serrated edge that makes them my daily choice for slicing tomatoes. These knives also clean more easily, rarely needing more than a quick wipe underwater. Kyocera Ceramics Knife Set, shop now

Ceramic Cookware Set for 20th traditional theme

I’ve only used these for a few days but really like them so far! They look very simple, cute, and have good quality cookware to give your wife after 20-year marriage. Paris Pro Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set, shop now

China items for 20 years anniversary gifts

The high quality heavy Chinese vitreous porcelain has a traditional Ming blue and white vine and flower pattern. Displaying Koi or Goldfish in ancient Japan and China, the elegant 20th-year-anniversary gift is perfect for family love house plants, or flower arrangements. Floral Blue & White Porcelain Fishbowl, shop now


Think natural, make the most of the bowl set. This amazing bowl in gleaming white porcelain from Over and Back. These bowls will solve all your problems. They are really to prepare your ice cream, veggies, Pasta, Salad, Soup. Your family can use them almost every day for everything. It is great for China items for your 20 years wedding anniversary. Porcelain Bowl Set, shop now


Elegant and optimistic tableware includes dinner plate, dessert plate, bread and butter plate, teacup, and saucer. They are white fine bone china made with 51% bone ash for durability and beauty. The gift has saffron and dark blue borders, floral and scroll motifs, are wonderful to celebrate your anniversary. India 5-Piece Dinnerware Place Setting, shop now

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Platinum is your modern theme gifts

The modern theme is Platinum, it symbolizes true love, purity, rarity, and strength, the long-lasting relationship after 20 years, and more. Emerald is 20-year anniversary gemstone, which helps promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance. Platinum and Emerald jewelry is a great combination idea for a couple.

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Platinum represents strength, value, and eternity. The luxurious 20-year anniversary gift for husband has Metallic Platinum color, which will make a posh, elegant accent to any room. buy here

Platinum and Emerald jewelry for 20 years anniversary

The Platinum pendant is featured by an oval-shape natural Emerald, 18K White Gold Singapore Chain. The natural Emerald is far more beautiful than a created emerald, has a glow and a depth that was very pleasing and eye-catching. The color and quality will be above your expectations. Shop now


The lovely necklace has excellent craftsmanship, featured by 18K platinum-plated copper and AAA cubic zirconia. Perfect gifts for your beloved on a memorable anniversary to show your deep love. It looks beautiful, sparkles, and fits perfectly like a diamond bracelet costing thousands of dollars. Elegant Platinum-plated  Bracelet, shop now


The White Emerald-cut Sterling Silver ring is absolutely fabulous. It is featured by Swarovski Zirconia Crafted, 925 Sterling Silver plated Platinum. It is so real looking great quality, it will surround your spouse’s finger with a stunning emerald, spark of lustrous glam into your anniversary. Timeless Platinum-Plated Swarovski Zirconia Ring, shop now


The sophisticated and attractive necklace is featured by a glistening strand of graduated round brilliant Swarovski Zirconia. The gemstone is extremely elegant and looks real, flashing 93 round brilliant-cut stones in a graduated design, with the largest rounds in the front. The platinum over sterling imparts a gorgeous deep, darker silvery color. It is so simple in design, just totally right. For a necklace that’s not made with real diamonds, the platinum anniversary gifts will make your wife feel very impressed. Platinum-Plated Sterling Silver Swarovski Zirconia Necklace, shop now


The anniversary gift has elegant, classy, vintage earrings and necklace. It’s sparkly and shiny without it being too tacky. Many women love antique-style jewelry, and the gift will exceed your wife’s expectations, and sure to brighten up her wardrobe. Platinum Plated Swarovski Zirconia Vintage Jewelry set, shop now

The Platinum plated 925 sterling silver piece is perfect for an anniversary. The bracelet really is pretty and well made, secure double security latch’s, dazzling round stones, and fits perfectly. The bracelet feels luxurious, moves, and hangs like silk. Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Round-Cut Swarovski Zirconia Tennis Bracelet, shop now



Elevate your style with the Platinum Samsung Gear S2 classic smartwatch. With its timeless platinum-plated design and matching black genuine leather strap, the Samsung Gear S2 classic smartwatch is a sophisticated timepiece that flatters all skin tones.  Samsung Gear S2 – Classic Platinum, shop now

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Gifts ideas with emerald, the 20 years anniversary gemstone


The gift feature by a created Emerald, heart Cut and rich forest green hue with brilliant sparkle. The pendant is made from pure 14k White Gold. It is quite small but it’s a very pretty piece. White Gold Heart Shape 0.75 Carats Created Emerald Diamond Pendant, Shop now

Flower-based gifts with daylily or aster

The symbolic flowers of the 20th Wedding Anniversary are Day Lily, Aster green, or White Rose. Each flower carries significant meaning, Day Lily means Forgetting Worries, Aster considered an enchanted flower symbolize for the talisman of love and a symbol of patience. Give wife or girlfriend some floral gifts related to Day Lily, Aster like perfume, plants, clothing, bouquets are indispensable things on your 20 years anniversary day.


The combination of Platinum and White rose for a Great 20th wedding anniversary gift. A Real Rose, preserved and plated in pure Platinum. The quality of our roses is worth the extra cost, you can really tell there is a real rose under the plating. Platinum Dipped Real Rose, shop now


High-quality Aster printed canvas stretched and stapled to durable shrink-resistant frames. It’s a great picture to celebrate 20th anniversary day. Aster Canvas Wall Art, shop now


The Daylily Shower Curtain is full coverage of bathtubs. Give you a comfortable shower experience and enjoy the shower time on your 20 years anniversary day. The shower curtain design is made out of fine polyester material, very durable, and easy to clean. Daylily Colorful Bloom Blossom Bouquet Bathroom, shop now


We use the top quality material, durable and soft short-pile velvet. Print awesome Lily on both sides. The gift has hidden zipper design, gliding smoothly, safe to machine wash. it is a perfect decoration for your sofa. Colorful Lily Throw Pillow, shop now

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