18 excellent gifts for children that are not even toys

All of us who have children also have hundreds of toys scattered around the house. And no matter how strict you are with these things, it seems to be a constant struggle. Especially when special dates arrive and we like, both parents and grandparents, to give gifts to children.

The gifts are good!

But excesses are never.

To combat it, I recommend going to make gifts that are not toys.

18 gifts for children that are not toys

1. Classes. Music, dance, horse riding, drawing … Classes are a great way to stimulate the interest of children and let them know that you pay attention to their things.

2. Membership cards. From the zoo, from the museum … It’s a perfect family gift! Many young families make small trips of this type every week, but their price is quite considerable, so annual membership cards can be very useful.

3. Subscriptions. Children love receiving letters in the mailbox. Why not encourage them to read by subscribing to a magazine on a topic that interests them?

4. Shows. Tickets to go to the movies, a play, a concert or a sporting event are great. And the fact of having to wait to go see it is, even more, fun for children.

5. Activities. Minigolf, bowling or skating rink. They love! And besides, the whole family has fun. Children like to spend time with adults; They like to see that you enjoy being with them.

6. Recipes and ingredients. Children love to cook with dad and mom. Preparing something special or helping to make dinner is an ideal time to spend time together and to learn new skills. You can print the recipe, buy the ingredients and plan a date to cook together.

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7. Crafts Day. Our daughter loves them. And me too. I really enjoy that creative side, but I just take time to do it together. Those craft days are everything for our original girl. Put the materials in a basket and buy a book to serve as inspiration.

8. Plastic and craft materials. If the craft box is in short supply, collect what you need. And add something fun that the kids have never used. Such a gift stimulates the imagination and, as soon as you give it to them, they will want to get down to work.

9. Coupons. An envelope with vouchers that can be spent at any time. For example: I help you with homework; Night of movie and popcorn (you choose the movie); card or basketball game (according to the child’s tastes); read a book together; Go to bed half an hour later.

10. Gift card in a restaurant. Dinner, ice cream, smoothie, sweet … What they like the most. You give them the freedom to invite whoever they want: it can be a mom or dad, or a grandparent, an uncle or even a teacher.

11. Costumes. It has to be somewhat limited, but two costumes and a couple of colorful fabrics can bring hours and hours of fun.

12. Books. We usually take a lot of the library, but there are some that are not there or that do not give us time to read in the given period.

13. Clothing. If they do not have too much, they enjoy when you give it to them. Try to buy something that fits your style. This is, western clothes, superheroes, costumes, etc.

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14. Snacks. If you’re a glutton, you’ll love it. Some homemade candy or a few trinkets always work well.

15. Excursion materials. If you like to spend time outdoors, you can buy your children their own fishing rod, for example, or gardening tools. It’s something you can always store on the garage shelf, just in case.

16. Express the time. Many children today do not know how to read analogue time or have a hard time thinking about it, so they look for a digital clock. But if you buy them a traditional one, they will want to decipher it and learn beforehand. In addition, they will be very excited.

17. Games and puzzles. Games and puzzles are perfect when children have to spend time indoors. It’s okay to have some quiet time during the day. Sitting down to make a puzzle contributes to the development of the brain and the ability to solve problems. There are very educational games. My children say that they approved Geography because we played Risk when they were little. The Monopoly , for example, is very well to exercise and reinforce math skills. Memory games work great with the little ones.

18. Calendar. Many children like to know what happens, what day it is, how many days are left for something. These children are those who want to know what the plan of the day is, in what order things will happen, what time friends will arrive, etc. They fight against improvisation and it can be frustrating if you are a spontaneous parent. But, it’s a cause for celebration! These children have many strengths and make everything more efficient. Sign up for your internal schedule and buy a calendar. There they can write down their classes, appointments, parties, etc. If they ask you something, tell them to look at the calendar so they get used to keeping track of their own agenda. You can even write down “spontaneous days” so that they know that something different will happen that day. Believe me, it will help you to enjoy the unexpected departures.

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