15 years wedding anniversary gifts

If you want to find 15 years wedding anniversary gifts for your wife or husband or your loved one are celebrating their 15th anniversary. Then it is possible to discover some fascinating ideas from our assortment of topics, colors, and hints for this anniversary season. Combine them to create a gift that matches your recipient’s preferences.

Your wedding anniversary marks through life. Below are a few symbols connected with the wedding anniversary. Firstly, congratulation on your wedding anniversary. Many men or women feel challenged when it comes to picking either modern or traditional anniversary gifts on this occasion. Handing over a Timex can appear less than amorous, no matter how it is. Listed below are some suggestions that will assist you to adapt to traditional or modern themes in a loving manner.

What is the symbol, traditional and modern theme of 15 years wedding anniversary gifts?

Traditional theme – Crystal

Luckily, the Traditional 15th wedding anniversary gifts are not as old-fashioned or difficult to integrate as other years. Crystal has been connected to the 15th anniversary as it signifies the amazing love between you two, and it is clear to see by now that you are meant for one another.

The magnificent multifaceted structure of crystal allows the light to be reflected in a dazzling manner, exactly enjoy the inspirational love of a happy bunch in harmony. Crystal also breaks easily, so it represents the demand for the couple to carefully manage their marriage rather than take each other for granted.

Crystal can come in many forms: You can give crystal jewelry, crystal house décor, or even crystalized items such as beer mugs, crystal photo frames or bells, vases, wine goblets, bowls, or dishes, candle holders, jugs.

Crystal Sheer Organza Drum Shades are prefect 15 years wedding anniversary gifts

A charming accent for your living space, chandelier crystal floor lamps combine the best of two worlds. Crystal Sheer Organza Drum Shade for Reading, Living Room, Bedroom, buy it now


Beautifully fashioned in trendy lofty trumpet shape, this bedazzling beaded crystal vase features rows and rows of glinting beaded acrylic crystals in a luxurious metal wireframe for a pure royal look and feel. Silver Beaded Crystals Trumpet Floral Vase, buy it now


Make a stunning statement with this dignified personalized laser-etched photo crystal. The rectangle cube shape with its tapered beveled edges is the ideal choice for your family laser-etched images. Your photo is professionally laser engraved inside the exquisite optical crystal where an image appears to float inside the crystal-like hologram. Laser Engraved Photo Crystal Rectangle, buy it now

Find more crystal gifts of 15th anniversary

Modern theme – Watch

The modern theme gift for the 15th wedding anniversary is a watch. Watches represent time and eternal love. A watch is a superb piece for a man or woman and may be as expensive or inexpensive as you would like. The excellent thing about a watch is that it is possible to incorporate various gems with it. Honor the time you have spent together by gifting your loved one a few new arm candy.


The Conway chronograph masterfully brings together industrial tones and sophisticated modern design. Walnut wood offers hues of deep grain texture contrasting the stainless steel bridge links adorning the band. A jet black dial surrounds hour, minute, second, date indicators beneath white and copper luminescent hands. Wooden Wrist Watches for Men, buy it now


Hubby collects watches and we’ve come to love the Citizen Eco-Drives the best – what’s very nice about this watch is not only the thin blue line (TBL) but the TBL flag on the back of the watch, the gold ENGRAVED card AND the back casing is also engravable and personalized. Men’s Thin Blue Line Watch, order now


Navy with this bold chronograph-style commemorative watch, a fine jewelry exclusive available from The Bradford Exchange. From the earliest days of the Revolutionary War, through the Persian Gulf War and elsewhere, they have always made the ultimate sacrifice when called upon. Now you can proudly demonstrate your support in this limited-edition U.S. Navy watch and own one of only 5,000 ever made. Engraved U.S. Navy Men’s Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch, for more information

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Gemstone – Ruby

It is not all about watch and crystal. Three gemstones symbolize for 15th wedding anniversary: ruby, garnet, and alexandrite. Rubie’s color can vary from orange-red to purple-red. The redder a ruby is sought after the stone is. As far back as ancient times, Ruby deepens a couple’s relationship and encourages closeness and commitment, and has Physical Healing Energy. Rubies were utilized to generate the laser. If crystal and watch do not interest you, consider jewelry. In keeping with rubies and garnets, the official color of a 15th anniversary is red, even though the alexandrite is well known for changing color. They simply turn red at night, but that can be fun, too.

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Flower – Rose

The representative flower of the 15th anniversary is the rose, the symbolized color is red. In the language of flowers, roses signify perfection, love, and fire. Red roses are the bouquet offered to love. Red roses stand for the enthusiasm that is deep and love, lavender roses stand for white for purity or innocence and orange roses stand for fascination and electricity. Whether it’s a complete bouquet or a single red rose, this beautiful flower may add an elegant touch to your 15th wedding anniversary.

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Rose is the eternal symbol of passion and romance, represents for true love of a long-term married couple. The 15th wedding anniversary gifts for couples have a perfect style of modern and farmhouse statement, which will bring warmth and beauty to any room. Farmhouse Living Room Wall Art Decor, buy here

51XwyDlBbFL. SL500The Set of wall art is a luxury unique 15-year anniversary gift for spring wall decoration. This print’s rose subject bursts forth from its background in vivid color represent deep passions and perfect love. Rose Flower Spring Collection Canvas, $103.50

It is a great idea to redecorate your room with Decor Paper. The 15th wedding anniversary gift for her is appropriate for shelf, board, wood cabinet, drawer, walls, window, glass. Vintage Rose Furniture Surface Decor Paper, buy here

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Ways to Celebrate Your 15th Anniversary

Now that you’ve got the gifts figured out, toast each other—with red wine, of course—in that new crystal stemware. Maybe you’d like to purchase a crystal clock together, instead.

  • Visit memorable places
  • Have a Weekend Hotel Stay
  • Visit favorite or special Restaurant
  • Take in a show or theatre
  • Spend a spa day together

Find fun things to do on anniversary day

You can even cover all your bases with well-planned 15 years wedding anniversary gifts for two. Fill a crystal box with a love poem or note, a small romantic book, love coupons, or a picture of the two of you. You might want to put together a roadmap describing a trip the two might take together to a place that’s known for its watches and crystal. Switzerland and Italy come to mind.

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