15 useful gifts for a traveler

Travelers are pretty predictable beings. We assure you that if you want to make us happy you just have to talk about trips or anything related to them, but, do you really want to surprise travel lovers? We left you a selection of 15 useful gifts for a traveler.

GoPro HERO Session

There is nothing like this camera if you want to have the most spectacular images of any trip. This is the smallest and least weight-bearing GoPro, submersible up to 10 meters. It has an easy control of it, with a single button that will allow you to make some professional quality videos and some unique photographs. Do you still doubt that this is your camera?

GoPro HERO Session Unique travel gifts

Get here your GoPro HERO Session.

Travel Washer – Scrubba Wash Bag

The best invention if you are going to make a long trip is that with this washing machine trip you can forget to ask in the lodgings if they have laundry service.

Scrubba Wash Bag awesome travel gift idea

Get your Scrubba Wash Bag here.

Waist bag

There is nothing like having a good place to save money, documentation and even the keys. With this bag, the worries are over and always be aware of the backpack or the bag. There is nothing like being cautious in travel.

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Waist bag gifts for someone traveling abroad

Get your travel bag here.

Mobile battery

There’s nothing like carrying an extra charge for your mobile devices when you’re traveling. With an external battery, you will no longer suffer more from running out of battery in your mobile.

Mobile battery gifts for people who love to travel

Get your External Battery for mobile devices here

Adapter plugs plus charger

The 2 in 1 most useful for your travels. A universal adapter so you can connect all your gadgets wherever you are already part of charger. The dream of any traveler!

International Adapter plugs plus charger for traveler

Get here your Adapter plugs charger.

GorillaPod Tripod

There is nothing better for a traveler than being able to make their own photos without having to ask for help to anyone. With this type of tripod, you can forget about postures impossible postures and get the best photos.

GorillaPod Tripod gifts for travel lovers

Get your GorillaPod Tripod here.

Travel Guide

There is no better companion for a traveler than a travel guide. If you want to get your travel gifts right, think about your next destination or one of your dream trips and give him the guide. Surely you will!

lonely planet guide for travel lovers

Get your travel guide here.

Large World Map Wall Decal

There is nothing better than making your favorite corner a traveling corner. With this Travel decal, you will get it.

Large World Map Wall Decal gifts for travel lovers

Get your Travel Wall Decal here.

External Hard Drive, one of the most useful gifts for a traveler

If you want to have all your photos safe, just like all your documentation, there is no better traveling companion than a good external hard drive.

External Hard Drive gifts for business travelers

Get your External Hard Drive here.


We know this is the dream of more than one traveler. We know that there are much more expensive and with much more quality, but if you want to start with this, we recommend you do it with a more affordable one like this. And for only 40 dollars!!

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Drone gifts for a traveler

Get your Drone here.

Waterproof bag protects mobiles and documentation

How many times have you been on the beach thinking that you had left the mobile and documentation in an unsafe place? From now on with this waterproof bag, you will be able to carry everything that matters to you, at any time, even in times of rain when you fear that your documentation gets wet carrying it in the backpack

Waterproof bag protects mobiles gifts for travelling

Get here your Waterproof bag protects mobiles and documentation.

New Kindle Paperwhite, 6 “(15.2 cm) high-resolution screen

The best companion for a traveler. Having hundreds of books in such a small space is the best choice for someone who likes to travel, but cannot carry those fellow books.

Kindle travel related gift

Get your Kindle here!

Asmodee – Story Cubes: Travel

A travel game can be the best ally not only for the little ones but for the adults on a trip.

Story Cubes gifts for people who love to travel

Get Your Story Cubes here.

Travel Scale

There is nothing like knowing how much weight you carry in the suitcase to avoid any surprises. The best gift for traveler if you do not want to spend a euro more than charging extra bags.

Travel Scale traveling gifts

Get here your Travel Scale.

Travel packaging buckets

There is nothing like knowing how to organize a suitcase and with these packing cubes, you will never have any problem to know how to order all your luggage. Another useful gift for a traveler.

Travel packaging buckets gifts for business travelers

Get your travel Packing Cube System here.

Do you know more useful gifts for a traveler?