15 Gifts to Enamor Travelers

Globetrotters and tourists looking for emotions share one very important thing: the suitcase. What we put inside is basic to survive a few days or a few months in our future destinations. That’s why we recommend some of the best travelers gifts to amaze all those who catch more planes than meters.

1. A sticker.

It seems silly, but in a world where suitcases and backpacks seem more and more between them, it is important to point out our luggage with some flashy object. Why do not we do it with a colorful sticker that allows us to identify our suitcase from a distance?

2. A small notebook.

Shopping list, a drawer of ideas or object of distraction, the notebook is a must gift for every traveler. Give one that is compact, better with white sheets and soft lids, so that none of the thoughts of adventure escape.

3. A raincoat.

It’s one of those things that makes buying lazy, like socks. But a good raincoat, which weighs little and protects from the wind, is a basic element for those who go north or foresee rains and monsoons. Now, do not get too excited: give one black and blue, not one red with white tops.

4. A purse.

Better cloth, small and do not weigh anything. Distributing money well is very important, and we should not take it all in one place. A globetrotter knows that he must distribute the budget in different places so that the loss of the portfolio is not the end of the trip. Buy one to put inside the underwear – a tradition of our grandmothers – is something to keep in mind in certain destinations.

5. A cover-passport.

We do not use the passport as much as we would like it -that is a quick pass through customs, but how horrible it is not to have a stamp to prove it-but for those times when it’s necessary, it’s never too late to keep it in a fun and original passport holder.

6. An extensible arm.

In technological format, it is understood. It is a fun toy to motivate the selfies of the trip. Practical and easy to use, it takes up very little space and promises a lot of fun. It is known as a monopod and there are several versions and brands that make it.

7. Any object with a map.

Really, any object. Travelers have an inexplicable obsession with the globe, in any imaginable format. A purse, a wallet, a pair of cufflinks, a pair of earrings … as long as you see the continents and the oceans and seas, you will have success with your gift.

8. And some other drone.

Technological options do not end here. There is also a small remote control to activate the camera of the mobile, or rarer things like the Nixie, a helicopter-shaped drone that is launched from your wrist to do selfies. Futurism in travel format.

9. Some handkerchiefs.

Because you never know when you’ll need one, or what unusual places your trip will take you. A carefree bath, a food stain, a sudden cold, or an unpredictable traveling companion are sufficient reasons to carry a tissue, cloth or paper.

10. A moisturizer.

It looks very feminine, but it can be a staple for the trip. Changes in temperature, air conditioning or constant wind on the face can have a big impact on the skin. Give a small boat, that can pass without problems by the security controls.

11. A nice pen.

We also recommend giving a pen drive to keep all documentation – booklets, copies of visas, e-books … – that can be useful during the stay away from home. In the world of the pen, there are no limits anymore: great abilities, original figures, Star Wars characters … surely you will find one that fits the personality of your traveler for a gift.

12. A universal connector.

It’s Sunday and all the shops are closed. We do not have a battery in any of our appliances. And we stress. A lot. Why do not we have a plug that fits that plug? For these and other reasons, the universal connector is an ideal gift for those to whom continental Europe has become too small. Another option is the solar chargers, more and more affordable, that allow recharging devices without electricity.

13. A luggage scale.

It is the best option for lovers of the low cost. Let’s stop looking for a scale throughout the airport to check, once again, that we have spent some kilo. Thanks to this portable gadget we can know at any time and place if we can travel without problems, or in case of the opposite, we must reduce the weight of our package. Who has not dressed in three dresses at a time to avoid being overweight?

14. A laundry bag.

But to wash it for real. That is what promises the Scrubba, a portable and compact bag that cleans clothes without the need for a washing machine. Just put the clothes inside, add a little soap, and let it do magic. Finally, the supermarket bags were finished to separate the clean clothes from the dirty.

15. Objects that can be lost.

A traveler does not have to give him very expensive things because he can lose them. In fact, there is an unwritten maxim for every trip: “Never put something in a suitcase that you are not willing to lose. ” Because it happens. More often than we think and without being excessively clueless. Here are the expensive gifts for the house; not for the suitcase.

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