My 15 Favorite Gifts for Travel Lovers: Last Minute Ideas

As the tradition sends in these parties so familiar and traditional are exchanged gifts, some families do it on Christmas Eve, others the eve of Kings as our tradition sends and others simply when they can meet. What is clear is that it is given and that it is not always an easy task, either because we have everything or because we run out of ideas, or the person to give away is the most special … Do not stress, if you look for gifts for travel lovers. We have the solution!

In today’s post, I have created a list of gifts for people who travel that can delight travel junkies like me, drawn from the moment you book your trip until your return home. I hope you like it and enjoy giving:

1. The first thing you do, look for your dream trip with the Fleece Blanket with Sleeves

And for that, what do you think of comfortably on the sofa, warm with the Fleece Blanket? It is not a bad idea considering the time of the year we are in and the prices of the heating, in addition to this you cooperate with the environment with good shelter. The Fleece Blanket is very practical because you have free hands so you can type in your computer or tablet your favorite destination. Well, what I said the first step you’ve already got, sit down and search my travel blog for your perfect bargain for 2015.

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Fleece Blanket with Sleeves best travel gifts for her

2. Tell everyone where you’re going with Bluetooth keyboard

I have chosen this Bluetooth keyboard for the tablet so you can tell everyone where you are going. With this keyboard, you can write comfortably in your tablet message, texts, emails thanks to the laser through Bluetooth. The size is more practical and you can always carry with you so you will be connected at all times and as I tell you to inform all your friends and envious colleagues of the work of the bargain you found for your next trip!

Bluetooth keyboard gifts for business travelers

3. Thinking about the long journey gives you sleep, give yourself the mask to sleep with headphones

The sleeping mask with integrated headphones for listening to music is highly recommended if you have planned a very long flight, for example, if you book this bargain to Bangkok I found a few days ago for only $382 a trip on a trip of about 18 hours of duration. In this case, even if you have movies to see, books to read, gossip magazines and the best company, it’s time to close your eyes and take a nap, in this case, the mask with integrated headsets Amazon is perfect.

mask to sleep with headphones unique travel gifts

4. Start Gifts for Travel Lovers like Backpack

This retro style backpack is quite casual in canvas and leather and I really like it because it is a very durable backpack and can be worn as a shoulder bag. The measures are ideal and you will use the front zipped pocket can hold your iPad/Kindle, and the small pocket for wallet, Glasses and other small gears. You also can hold a 15-inch laptop and the large size can hold a 17-inch laptop. I recommend wearing long pants for the night to avoid mosquito bites that if your blood is palatable you can really go wrong, a waterproof jacket and a pair of sports shoes or closed type. Other excellent gifts for travel lovers that you may like a lot is this folding travel bag that you can hang comfortably and this bag is an awesome backpack for outdoor, working, traveling, hiking, camping, school, and everyday using.

packing backpack travel gift ideas for him

5. Once you have selected your luggage, organize it well

Because if you organize your luggage well the clothes will be more localizable and better this kit of 5 organizers of a suitcase to have handy the underwear, t-shirts, bath clothes, footwear and the other utensils you need. The colors are ideal so you can differentiate them well and count cone to be hung where you go you do not have much space, is one of my favorite gifts for people who love to travel because it is really practical.

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organizers of a suitcase gifts for someone traveling abroad

6. You need a new bathrobe and now is the best opportunity

Ask the Wise Men a new bikini, you need it so I have looked for one that is not bad because I imagine you like to be also beautiful on the beach. If you are looking for a gift for your partner, why not a swimsuit? I recommend this Angella this looks very comfortable and the colors are very neutral, I like 🙂

Swimsuit gifts for people who travel

7. The essential thing to be connected to the world the battery charger

Does it happen to you too that just before leaving on a trip do you remember that the cell phone has a low battery? With this laptop battery charger do not pay anything because you can charge at any time and has a super practical size and once charged a duration of approximately 5 hours and you can reach in any pocket, one more idea to give away these holidays!

laptop battery charger gifts for people who travel

8. The best reading for a trip, because “Eat, Pray, Love”

Without a doubt a fantastic book for travelers with a title that fascinates me because “Eat, Pray, Love” is very enjoyable reading. Eat Pray Love touched the world and changed countless lives, inspiring and empowering millions of readers to search for their own best selves. Now, this beloved and iconic book return in a beautiful 10th-anniversary edition, complete with an updated introduction from the author, to launch a whole new generation of fans.

best reading for a trip travel gift ideas

9. Lonely Planet travel guide, the best travel company

Without a doubt one of the best gifts for travel lovers you can give anyone who is planning a great trip because Lonely Planet travel guides have become a referent for independent travelers who flee the masses and enjoy mixing with locals. If you have decided for the bargain of Thailand do not stop to self-promote it because it is really worth following its advice, the one I have chosen is soft cover and costs only 19 dollars on Amazon.

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lonely planet guide for travel lovers

10. The Most Desired Object GoPro HERO Camera

The most modern camera you can even submerge up to 40 m, the object most desired by travelers reporters that will be the envy of every friend not daring I found it at a bargain price. For only $ 350 gives the GoPro Hero, the battery lasts about 2h 30m and is very easy to use in addition to being very light, both to adapt to a case as the surfboard or skydiving. The GoPro Hero is the fashionable camera of every adventurous traveler.

GoPro HERO Camera gift ideas for travelers

11. For lovers of photography with the mobile

Another ideal gift is the tripod for the mobile. With this travel gift, you can use with cover and without cover and that fits any support with adjustable legs and folding is one of the most wanted by the lovers of the photos, imagine. The mobile tripod also includes a bonus QuikPic Bluetooth Remote Shutter, perfect for taking wireless pictures. You can support it comfortably on a surface and see your photos or for example for a conference by skype and give news that you have arrived well and you are enjoying it all.

Mobile tripod gifts for travelling

12. The most modern for the Selfie-Stick the extensible arm

If you are a self-addict or who you have to give this year to the most self-addicted of the group, with this extensible arm for the mobile you will hit the nail, it is compatible with iOS and Android, it is 11” – 31.8” long and you do not need to download any application to use, it is activated with Bluetooth.

Selfie-Stick gifts for traveling

13. You are very close to getting it, leave some space for purchases at a destination

The luggage scale is a very practical gift and very cheap. This luggage scale buys on Amazon, I have chosen costs only $ 12 and you can weigh up to 50 kg but remember that normally are allowed between 20 kg and 25 kg. For this reason, the travel gift is very important to weigh the suitcase before leaving so as not to take surprises.

Luggage scale gift ideas for someone going travelling

14. On the way back, point out the new country you visited on your world map.

If you are a true globetrotter, this gift for someone love traveling abroad is one of the most illusion you will do. It is a world map wall sticker, perfect for decorating at home or for the office. Every time you look at it you will remember the countries that you have traveled and that you have yet to discover. There is another very original map of the world in which you scratch the country already visited and this one will have a different color, you only have to scratch with a very original coin!


15. Your memories in a book and not in a stored chip

To finish my list of gifts for travel lovers, I have chosen a photo book because I think the memories are better revived if you can feel them. This detail seems very nice also to give to your partner or friends, family if you have made an important trip in common, also sometimes save the photos on the computer and you do not remember until a long time.

Photo book gift ideas for travelers

I hope you liked my selection of gifts for travel lovers and enjoy them if you have plans for this year.