Make her feel special with 14 year wedding anniversary gift for wife

Another year has passed and another anniversary has come. Congratulations on your 14th wedding anniversary! Every anniversary year, you should gather together to look back on everything you’ve done together over the years, and the 14th anniversary is no exception. If you are a great husband, giving a 14 year wedding anniversary gift for wife is indispensable.

Presenting a 14 year wedding anniversary gift for wife is a chance to demonstrate love, care, and interest in your partner while also expressing gratitude for this significant milestone. We have aged the finest presents for you, so you don’t have to ponder about what should I get my wife for our 14th wedding anniversary? on your journey to choosing the gift. Whether you are looking for a traditional or modern gift, romantic or creative, attractive, special or funny,  we will make you satisfied with these 14-year anniversary gift ideas for her.

How to choose 14 year anniversary gifts traditional and modern to impress her?

Each year of the wedding anniversary has its own meaning and imprint with different themes. So what is the traditional and modern gift for 14th wedding anniversary? You will know the answer with my help. Let’s start by looking at the 14 year anniversary gifts traditional and modern that your lover will undoubtedly adore.

Traditional gifts – Ivory

Do you know what 14 years of marriage is called? The 14th wedding anniversary is known as the Ivory Anniversary and this is also a 14 year wedding anniversary traditional gift. Ivory wishes to encourage the couple’s dignity, patience, and stability after 14 years of marriage, and everything should be refined over time to achieve good results. Ivory is a rare but controversial item, so I have selected the most special items inspired by ivory to give as gifts.

Ivory Drop Earrings is perfect 14 year wedding anniversary gift for wife

Get Kendra Scott Alex Drop Earrings

When it comes to earrings, ladies cannot live without them. Kendra Scott Alex Ivory Drop Earrings will surprise her. Making her attractive not only in everyone’s eyes but also exalting the girl’s delicate and exquisite beauty. This is a 14-year fake ivory gift that is both beautiful and auspicious for this special milestone.

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Get Women’s Pom Knit Hat and Scarf Set

Be a thoughtful man by giving this Women’s Pom Knit Hat and Scarf Set to her. Bring your warmth and love to that special one with this 14th wedding anniversary traditional gift. Winter is no longer cold because of this lovely 14 year wedding anniversary gift for wife, it’s like you are warming her heart.

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Get Potted Artificial Ivory Desk Rose

What better way to commemorate your 14th wedding anniversary than with a Potted Artificial Ivory Desk Rose? A flower is always a good choice for a wedding anniversary present. If your lady is a traditionalist, this flower is the perfect traditional 14 year anniversary gift for her. This ivory rose, just like your love, never fades.

Modern theme – Gold jewelry

I believe that no woman will be able to resist the charm of jewelry, especially gold jewelry, which is the 14th wedding anniversary’s modern theme. The elegance and nobility of gold jewelry are well-deserved to honor your wife on this 14th anniversary. There are so many great gold jewelry anniversary gifts for wife to choose from, and I am sure that I can help you choose gifts that will make your anniversary memorable.

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Get Yellow Gold-Filled Engraved Flowers Heart Locket

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The accessories, as well as the dress, contribute to the overall beauty of the ensemble. Do you agree with what I’ve said? A thoughtful 14 year wedding anniversary gift modern – 14k Yellow Gold-Filled Engraved Flowers Heart Locket. This necklace in the shape of a heart expresses your feelings for her. You may store the most special image of the two of you inside this pendant to make it even more meaningful.

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Get Women’s Infinity Crystal Jewelry Collections

A bracelet, although small, but for most girls, it is an indispensable accessory. Why not give a hand in adding SWAROVSKI Women’s Infinity Bangle to her accessories collection? The infinity symbol on this 14 year wedding anniversary gift represents your undying love for her: “My love for you is a journey that begins forever and ends never.”

Gemstone – Opal

You may also refer to the stone presents that signify the 14th anniversary – opal – in addition to those 14 year anniversary gifts traditional and modern. Opal was chosen as the main gemstone of the 14th wedding anniversary because it symbolizes a couple’s love and passion, which are vital ingredients for a lasting relationship.

Get Natural Carved Gemstones Elephant Figurine

For her, it was an unusual option – Natural Carved Gemstones Elephant Figurine. This pair of opal elephants represents an unbreakable bond, just like you and your sweetheart. Place this 14th wedding anniversary gift in her workspace or on her nightstand, not only as a decoration but also as a gift to soothe her spirits.

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Get Jade Roller, Opal Face Roller Skin Care Tools

As a woman, no one does not want to preserve their beauty. Skincare Sets & Kits (Opal Stone) – This 14 year wedding anniversary gift for the wife will be a great helper in her skincare routine. Presenting her this opal 14 year anniversary gift that is not only significant for her 14th anniversary but also highly helpful, assisting her in maintaining her skin’s health and beauty.

41eMI4XlmoL. SL500

Get Created White Opal with Genuine Diamond Pendant

In case she doesn’t like striking jewelry, this Peora Pendant for Women with Opal is a very sophisticated choice. With a very simple design but without losing the inherent beauty of opal, this gift is easy to coordinate with everyday outfits. Go gorgeous with this elegant 14 year wedding anniversary gift idea.

Flower – Orchid

Not to mention the orchid, which is the beautiful flower that symbolizes this 14th wedding anniversary. What a lovely flower to represent unchanging love, strength, and elegance as a 14th anniversary present for her. And the orchid-inspired gifts I’m about to introduce to you won’t disappoint.

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Get Orchid Arrangement with Vase Artificial Bonsai

Orchids are lovely, but they are known for being tough to care for. Why not make things easier for her by gifting her a fake flower vase? Artificial Orchid Flowers Vase Bonsai, which are made with great care and attention to detail, have the same feel as genuine flowers and are constantly in a fresh state without the need to care for them. It’s such a nice 14 year wedding anniversary gift idea for her.


Get Gold Plated Orchid Flower Necklace or Bracelet

Another gift that is equally elegant but still clearly shows the meaning of the 14-year wedding anniversary flower – Gold Plated Orchid Flower Earrings. This lovely 14 year wedding anniversary gift for wife has a light and delicate design that would make her appear extremely loving and tender. A very suitable accessory for girls to coordinate with daily work outfits.

Amaze your lover with these romantic 14th wedding anniversary gift ideas

A couple’s fourteen-year anniversary is a significant achievement. Consider the time you’ve spent together and the years you hope to spend together in the future, and you’ll realize you want to do something special to thank this person. If you’re still stumped by this question “How to surprise my behalf on 14th wedding anniversary? scroll down to read our options to find romantic 14th wedding anniversary gift ideas.

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Get Collage Picture Frames for 12 Photos

These Collage Picture Frames may be filled with images of memories that you and your partner cherish. It may be a family holiday, a wedding photo, or a pleasant moment with your children. These memories will live on in her mind forever. And you’re sure to win her heart with this 14 years anniversary gift for wife.

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Get Mechanical Classical Ballerina Girl Dancing On The Piano Music Box

Music is always a bridge for similar souls, a magical messenger expressing human emotions and inner feelings. That is why you should give Mechanical Classical Ballerina Girl Dancing on the Piano Music Box as a 14 year wedding anniversary gift for wife. This music box’s lovely and melodic tunes will sway your lover’s heart.

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Get Personalized Photo Funny Gifts Custom Puzzles from Photos

You’re stuck at home because of Covid-19 and don’t know what to do to make your wife love you more, especially on your 14th wedding anniversary? This Custom Photo Jigsaw Puzzle is a wise decision that will not disappoint you. Create a game based on one of your most unforgettable memories with this 14 year anniversary gift idea for her. Spend some time with your spouse, finishing that image and remembering about that time.

51HPByR8n+L. SL500

Get Elegant Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies Gift Box

Among countless types of gifts, chocolate still holds the position of an extremely popular gift for girls because of the sweetness and romance it brings. This is a romantic 14th wedding anniversary gift idea for sweet-toothed girls that should not be overlooked –  Elegant Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies Gift Box. Don’t forget to attach a cute message to her in this sweet 14th wedding anniversary gift for wife.

Creative ivory gifts for the 14th wedding anniversary to make wife happy

Choose inspired-ivory for 14th wedding anniversary gifts instead of actual ivory-based gifts, which are very contentious due to their provenance. I’m confident you won’t go wrong with the presents listed below to show your affection.

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Get Chef Kitchen Cooking Utensils Set

Do you believe a set of cooking utensils will significantly improve your cozy kitchen? Umite Chef Kitchen Cooking Utensils Set is the ideal 14-year anniversary present if your partner is a serious cook, griller, or baker. With this one, cooking will be easier and faster than before. Every time she’s in the kitchen preparing food, it’ll remind her of you.

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Get Elephant Parade Throw Fuzzy Reversible Sherpa Blanket

The cold of winter is no longer a problem when you give her this inspired-ivory for 14th wedding anniversary gift – Elephant Parade Throw Fuzzy Reversible Sherpa Blanket. A blanket not only warms her body in the cold winter but also makes her heart melt because of your thoughtfulness and sweetness.

41+eQ1AmXQL. SL500

Get White Glitter Tumbler/Mug for Wine, Coffee and All Drinks

You can think of giving her a thermos mug. And this inspired-ivory for 14th wedding anniversary gift is a special choice that I would recommend to you – White Glitter Tumbler. With its adorable appearance and compact design, she can take this 14 years anniversary gift with her wherever you go, just like you always have with her.

Attractive 14 year wedding anniversary presents to make her unable to take her gaze away from

Perhaps choosing gifts for wives is always a difficult problem that men have to think about on wedding anniversaries, especially on this 14th anniversary. To make gift selection less of a challenge, check out the attractive 14 year wedding anniversary present listed below.

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Get Gold Hand Engraved Diamond-cut Round Hoop Earrings

Earring, in particular, assists women become more beautiful and feminine. 14k Gold Hand Engraved Diamond-cut Round Hoop Earrings as gold jewelry for a 14 year wedding anniversary gift allows a guy to demonstrate his interest in his lady. When your wife wears these attractive 14 year wedding anniversary presents, her elegance and charm will be highlighted even more.

51N+5RjQIyL. SL500

Get Women’s Sequin Clutch Rhinestone Evening Bag Elegant Glitter Bag

Luxury girls always have at least 1 favorite clutch in their wardrobe. Women are typically extremely fashionable and want to stand out wherever they go, so buying her Naimo Bling Shiny Rhinestone Clutch means that you know her well and are always trying to make your other half more beautiful. On 14 year wedding anniversary, give her this 14 year wedding anniversary gift for wife that is sure to score points in her eyes!

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41AizF61ECL. SL500

Get Amethyst & Amazonite & Opal Reiki Healing Crystals Copper Money Tree

The Chinese believe that the fortune tree may bring good luck, relax and cleanse the mind, and successfully relieve stress and tiredness at work and in life. Money Tree Wrapped On Blue Ceramics Vase Opal is such a great choice! So why not offer your wife this attractive 14 year wedding anniversary present that is not only lovely but also brings her a variety of advantages?

Take care of your wife from head to toe with these special 14 year anniversary gifts for her

A 14th wedding anniversary is a memorable event for the two of you, as it marks a significant turning point in your relationship. As a result, no matter how busy you are, you really should not forget to give presents. They will be affected and remembered forever, no matter how tiny they are. Which of the following will you select as special 14 year anniversary gifts for her?

317WPWuZ8aL. SL500Get Conair Unbound Cordless Auto Curler

There’s no need to spend money at the hair salon because this 14 year wedding anniversary present allows your other half to create their own hairdo at home. Give her fashionable hairstyles in a snap with Unbound Cordless Auto Curler From Conair. Compact construction can be placed in a bag, mobile for girls to carry on excursions, picnics, and travel…

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Get Lavender Bath Basket Set with Body Lotion, Bath Salt, Bath Bombs

Shampoo and shower gel are considered to be essential things for a female. So, as a 14 year wedding anniversary gift for wife, how about a Lavender Bath Basket Set? There is an interesting reason you should give this gift to her because when you go to the bathroom, she will probably miss you too. This will be a special 14 year anniversary gift for her that not every guy thinks about.

Get 5 in 1 Foot Spa/Bath Massager with Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak with Epsom Salt

The feet are an important part of the body because they have to fully support the body. Therefore, foot care needs to be done regularly, especially for women who often wear high heels. Allow 5 in 1 Foot Bath Massager to handle this for her. Enjoy the feeling of being at a spa right at home with this 14th wedding anniversary gift for wife.

Get Exercise & Fitness Mat for All Types of Yoga

Maintaining exercise is always a very good habit, especially during the covid 19 epidemic. For the purpose of health and beauty training, you can support her yoga practice and buy a Gaiam Yoga Mat. The right exercise mat for your lover to be motivated to practice more often. What a special 14-year anniversary gift for her!

Let her feel on cloud nine with funny 14th wedding anniversary gift ideas for her

It’s not always simple to come up with the ideal wedding present. When you see the presents you offer her, all you want is for her to be happy. If the preceding presents still leave you perplexed, consider these funny 14th wedding anniversary gift ideas for her.

518mnOshOfL. SL500

Get Game for Couples LOOPY – Date Night Box

Consider the two of you sitting down and playing a Game for Couples LOOPY together. Doesn’t it sound fascinating? This is the time when the two of you become closer than you have ever been. Who knows, you could learn something new from your spouse that you weren’t aware of before with this funny 14th wedding anniversary gift idea for her.

You can also think about giving her a pet, be it a dog or a cat. Pets are the emotional connection between two lovers. And importantly, is there any girl who can’t “melt” before the cute faces of the pets like funny stuffed animals. Besides taking care of the pet, it will definitely bring joy to the two of you.

A romantic dinner for two is a classic idea that never goes out of style. You can prepare the meal and design the party according to her preferences. If this suggestion isn’t adopted, it will be a huge mistake. There is no way your wife won’t smile and be excited to enjoy the romantic night with you.

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