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How to choose right 12 years anniversary gifts?

The themes of 12 years anniversary are linen, silk, home decorations and pearls. Symbolic gemstones are Jade, Pearl, Tsavorite, Agate or Garnet. If you want to find meaningful and suitable 12th anniversary gifts, Giftsandwish recommend you to give your spouse home decorations, silk bedding, pearl jewelry. The flowers for your day are Peony or White Rose. Here is your complete gift list for 12 years anniversary for your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend.

Silk or Linen gifts are Traditional themes

Linen is represented for purity and truth when angel wears linen garments in the Bible. And silk also knows as luxurious and comfortable clothing gifts.  Silk have strength and elegance, wishes for couple overcome any challenges in the life after 12 years living together. It is easy to find linen and silk anniversary gift ideas like sheets, tablecloth, napkins, silk underwear, boxer shorts, robes, shawls, scarves, shirts, skirts, dresses, and lingerie.

1. Women Silk Satin Pajamas Set. The gift has various size and color for your wife or girlfriends. It is not enough to say how impressed the quality of this set. The seams are tight, no loose threads or buttons, and the piping detail along the collar, pocket, cuffs, and ankles is a beautiful touch. Show now.

2. Silk Dress Boxers. Pure silk boxers are ultimate luxury and comfort, guaranteed to be stronger and durable, dry cleanable. Balance the rigors of work with the luxury of clothing for men. It is awesome fabric to own, really does wonders. Shop Now

3. Fashion Floral Soft Beach Silk Scarf. The fashion gift is featured by elegant soft silk, and floral print, nature pattern. It is suitable for all occasions in spring, summer and autumn as scarf, beach towel, headband and wrap skirt. The colors are vibrant and will actually go with almost any outfit. Your spouse will love the scarf so much, and she will wrap it around her shoulders right away. Shop now

4. Natural Silk Pillowcase. It is a natural silk pillowcases with the cool touch and breathability. Great for preventing wrinkles, dry skin and frizzled hair, and morning bed head. The gift is handmade by top-quality workmanship. It leaves your face’s natural moisture and oils intact and makes a great gift for your spouse enjoys deep, restorative sleep. Shop Now

5. Pure Linen Sheets Set. 100% pure fine natural organic linen with European grown and woven without chemical components. Linen at all times feels cool and dry to touch as a result of its floor thermal conductivity and nice absorbance. The sheets were quite stiff and scratchy right out of the box, but anyone who knows a thing about linen knows that it only gets softer the more you wash it. You will be satisfied with the sheets because of your breathe really well. Shop now

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Home decoration is also Traditional theme

Home is where the love is, and decoration makes your home more beautiful. So that, giving the gift means you and your spouse try to continue and make your marriage better. Even more, the symbolic color you may choose for 12th-year anniversary home decoration is Oyster-White, some items like artwork, accessories for bathroom, kitchen, bedroom.

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Pearl Jewelry is Modern theme

Pearl represents purity, honesty, and wisdom, that is what you show to your spouse for 12 years. Furthermore, 12 anniversary gemstone is Jade, it great to combine pearl and Jade.  You also have alternate gemstones like Tsavorite, Agate or Garnet.

1. Gold Green Jade and Freshwater Cultured Pearl Strand Bracelet. Due to the natural mined gemstones, good quality and your wife loves it. Shop now

2. Sterling Silver Freshwater Cultured White Pearl Pendant Necklace. Very noble and fashionable, high quality, shiny. Perfect Gift for wife, it comes in a very beautiful fine jewelry gift box. The bottom green Cubic Zirconia gives this pendant movement, making it rather eye-catching. It is an elegant piece of jewelry for the pricing. Shop now

3. Pearl Jewelry Set Includes Necklace, Stunning Bracelet and Stud Earrings. This trendy and utterly gorgeous pearl jewelry set uses only sophisticated, handpicked freshwater cultured pearls, ensuring the luster, quality, color and cleanliness of the pearls, fully represent the finest work in our jewelry selection, so the woman who wears them, shines ever so elegantly. Arrives with a luxury PU leather gift box. Shop now

4. Double Strand A Quality Freshwater Cultured Pearl Set. Each pearl is hand strung on a fine double knotted silk thread. The pearl experts hand-pick only the highest quality freshwater cultured pearls for our jewelry. You’ll take her breath away when she unwraps and opens your gift of this beautiful set, presented in a premium gift box. This sophisticated luxury set is perfect for an anniversary gift. Buy this to surprise your wife, she will love it. Show now

5. Vintage Ivory Pearl Wedding Necklace & Earrings Jewelry Set. Mariell’s classic antique silver bridal or bridesmaid necklace and earrings set has vintage pave CZ petals and soft cream pearl drops. The vintage look matches her ring just perfectly, and the rose gold is the perfect shade. Overall, this is a great value for the price. Shop Now

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Flower-based gifts related to peony

The 12th-anniversary floral theme is Peony or white Rose. Peony represents wealth and luck, romance and joy in your marriage. White rose relates to the theme color, Oyster-White, and rose represents eternal love.

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