100 Gadgets (curious) and Gifts for the Traveler

Do you like to travel? Well, one of these 100 gadgets can make your life easier… I’ve gathered this collection with gift ideas for the Traveler, curious gadgets and other more usual but all related to the world of travel. Some are almost prototypes and others you can buy almost anywhere.

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The list is divided into:

  • Backpacks, suitcases and travel organizers
  • Rest during the trip
  • Clothes for travel (and how to wash it)
  • Personal Hygiene during the Trip
  • Photography and video
  • Technology and entertainment during the trip
  • Security during the trip
  • Outdoor
  • Other Traveler Gifts

Backpacks, suitcases and travel organizers

1. Backpacks and suitcases Cabin Max: this brand specializes in backpacks to carry as carry-on luggage. They have fair measures and have a fairly rectangular format to make the most of the space allowed by the airlines. I have the TALLIN model but the METZ model is almost the same. In my case, I prefer something without wheels or accessories that add weight and size.

2. A suitcase that is a scooter: this suitcase model is very curious … it becomes a scooter in seconds! A hybrid between suitcase and skate. With this you can move around the airport terminal very fast! … you can also use it in stations or in those endless metro corridors … or this other model of SUITCASE SKATEBOARD (Uyuni)

3. Keep Calm and Travel the World suitcase : a personalized suitcase with the image of the world map and the fun motto: ‘Keep Calm and Travel the World’. The ‘hard’ suitcases are not my thing for now but I recognize that this is beautiful.

4. Cases of Suitcase: a great option to find your suitcase quickly. You have many models and sizes available!

5. Compression bags for luggage: surely if you have flown at Low Cost you have seen someone in the boarding queue with layers of clothes on top … only because it does not fit in your backpack …(I.e.if you do not want it that happens to you this gadget can serve you. The idea is simple … compress the clothes to carry more … this compression bag is perfect for this. You just have to put the clothes inside and the bag helps you do the rest. In the video they explain it quite well. Another model

Eagle Creek Compression Bag : this brand has another model that looks quite efficient with a zipper on the perimeter that compresses the bag.

6. Balance + Battery + Portable flashlight: this is a very typical item but it does not stop being useful for long trips especially if you are one of those who carry a lot of clothes or gifts back !! the extra kilo is skyrocketing so none of us want to overpay … with these portable scales you can prepare and divide the luggage well by placing the items so that you do not pass the limits of your airline. This model is also a portable battery to charge your smartphone and a flashlight.

7. Backpack and solar charger: if you like to go camping or camping on your own anywhere (if allowed) this backpack can help you because it is at the same time a solar charger. Recharge the mobile or other items with the battery in the backpack.

8. Luggage for HAND to fly (2 sets of 2 suitcases): 2 sets of carry-on luggage at an unbeatable price

9. RFID / NFC tags for suitcases: these tags are associated with an application for IOS or Android in which you can follow the position of the suitcase at all times. You will never lose a suitcase again! They use RFID / NFC technology and are placed inside the suitcase. It is a fairly new product in the market so I do not know its effectiveness but it never hurts for that price …

10. External luggage labels: personally I am very minimalist and this seems like an extra ‘weight’ in my luggage but you can use it as a gift to someone who uses it. They are from Travel Earth and the design is very beautiful.

11. Autonomous robot suitcase: it is still a prototype but they are raising funds to produce it. Its price is really high but it is one more step towards the suitcase of the future … who knows if in 20 years we will all have one … It follows you everywhere, it has an integrated GPS and 4 hours of autonomy in use. The team and bacteria occupies only 5% of the suitcase.

12. Foldable auxiliary backpack: a lightweight backpack is always good to go on a trip, it is foldable and you can put it in your suitcase without taking up almost space.

Rest during the trip

13. WOOLLIP Pillow :pillows for travel there are many but surely you have never seen one like that. It is specially designed to sleep and rest your head in airplanes. So without trying it I find it quite comfortable because I usually rest my head in the front seat on long flights to ‘change position’. The only drawback I see if you use it in the corridor row … if someone wants to leave you will have to wake up!

14. Ostrich Pillow: I do not know if its size makes it ideal to take on vacation but in design it must be recognized that it is original. This pillow allows you to sleep almost anywhere. You put your head inside and that’s it. Not suitable for hot climates!

15. Travel rest pillow : this pillow is at least curious, it looks like a belt that is placed on the body to be able to support the head and sleep on long journeys whether on airplanes or in a car.

>>>>> TheNodPod Pillow : another amazing Kickstarter project, is a pillow that holds the head to the seat to sleep better. The idea seems good … we will have to try it … >>>>> Other travel pillows: there are hundreds or thousands of designs on travel pillows so it is best to compare and see which is more comfortable for you … on a 12 hour flight it is appreciated …

16. Floating Store Floating tent that can be hung from a tree:

17. Portable Air Purifier: have you ever entered a hotel room and smelled? I think it has happened to all of us … this Portable Purifier and Ionizer cleans the air inside a room in seconds … if you suffer from allergies it can be very useful … it traps particles of smoke, dust or pollen.

18. Portable Mini-Humidifier: this is the smallest humidifier I’ve ever seen. It is connected by USB to the laptop or to the power supply and you place it in a glass of water. In minutes you will notice that the dry environment becomes moist and the air improves its quality. Its size makes it ideal to take on vacation.

19. Headphones with noise cancellation: the best brand for this (and the most expensive) is BOSE … for years now they have very good headphones with noise cancellation that avoids hearing that annoying sound of the engines during a flight …

headphones cancel noise to travel

20. ECONOMIC noise-canceling headphones: a version 10 times cheaper thanBOSEbut they do their function. They have a microphone integrated in the headset to pick up the sound and eliminate it. Just say that this type of headphones works well to eliminate continuous noise (type engines, etc) is not worth for punctual noises such as blows for example … for less than € 25 you can have good headphones with noise cancellation.

21. Design earplugs: this is an almost essential travel article … especially if you stay in hostels or hostels … but also in hotels as there are some that are noisy … there are many types … of wax … of foam … this design has won a prize in 2015. There are several models. Keyring type model – Metallic earplug (campaign on Indiegogo)

22. Travel mask with eyes: a mask is a must for a good night’s sleep in planes or in the hotel or apartments … this has a very curious design … hahaha
Have you ever been in a room without curtains? Yes! without curtains! It is very common in many countries … and waking up at 7 in the morning with the light is not pleasant … Once I was in an Airbnb with a huge window in the ceiling … and without a curtain! the light was so strong that it was impossible to sleep … so this would save my life(I.e.

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Clothes to travel (and how to wash it)

23. Wash your clothes with ultrasounds with Dolfi: how? if that same thing I said … let’s see this is an Indiegogo project called Dolfi and promises to wash your clothes with ultrasounds. It is a device of a very small size that is added to the wash water. They have managed to raise more than 1,000,000 dollars and they are already making it! In addition to keep the clothes ‘fresh’ and remove some odors, water is not necessary. Simply connect the gadget and do the rest … vibrate the water by ultrasonic cleaning the clothes, you only need 30 to 40 minutes. It uses less energy than a washing machine and is very portable (weighs only 300g). http://www.dolfi.co/

wash travel clothes

24. Portable washing machine (2 models): if the previous one seems too sophisticated, this model is simpler. It is a bag that at the same time serves to wash clothes … probably more practical if you go camping or go around the world and want to save some money in laundries … There are 2 different models. Model Laundreez or Scrubba Model

25. A jacket that is a suitcase: this brand manufactures jackets and coats with a multitude of pockets … you can carry everything on top. Perfect to avoid filling your hand luggage and thus comply with the strict measures of the airlines. Scottevest model Another model of multi-purpose jacket Jaktogo jacket model extreme

26. ICONSPEAK T-shirt with icons to understand you with everyone: this simple T-shirt can save you from more than one hurry on your trips …. Sign language is the last resort to understand you with someone who does not speak your language … but this shirt makes things easier for you, right? your icons can be used to ask for something or try!

27. Socks that are shoes SKINNERS: I do not know how useful this is but if you are going to make a trip around the world it can be a supplement that can help you reduce luggage. They are socks that can be used as shoes because they are resistant (although I do not know how comfortable they should be) in any case it is not to do a trek or walk a lot just for specific cases. They have started the campaign on Kickstarter and already have more than $ 248,036 to make them …

28. Organizer of suitcase clothes: with this organized you can pack in 6 seconds … at least that’s what they say. You can hang it to have all your clothes at hand and well organized. at the time of leaving has a compression function so it is very useful to meet the measurements of hand luggage …

29. Paper clothes: an option to lighten luggage on your return … nothing to wash your clothes or bring it back … simply throw it away once used … this way you will have more space in the suitcase on your return for gifts or other articles. We’ll have to see how comfortable it is, right?

30. Clothes to use a month without washing: Unbound Apparel is a clothing brand that is doing crowdfunding in Indiegogo to launch a collection of clothes that they say do not need to wash for weeks … they promise that the clothes will not Smell even though you use it every day …Is it true? On sale are two shirts, two underpants and two socks ($ 185) Not cheap but if they meet what they say is a good way to save space in the suitcase … no?

31. Silk travel sheet: this fine silk sleeping bag does not take up much of anything and can serve you if you travel to some poor quality accommodation where they do not have decent sheets.

32. Duvet Cover ‘Del Mundo’: a quilt cover that any traveler will love! the world map in your bed!

Personal Hygiene during the Trip

33. Potato toothpaste: this can help you save some space in the suitcase … if you go a weekend, just take some pills and leave the tube of toothpaste at home.

34. Soap, shampoo, and conditioner in sheets: we already know about the restrictions to carry liquids in hand luggage … if you want to avoid problems, you must gather some measurements or take these “dry” soaps. They are not liquids, they are leaves that are hydrated with water to form in soap. It seems a good idea to also save weight! a box for 50 uses does not weigh anything and a pot of liquid soap is quite heavy, is not it? there is even shaving foam and soap for clothes.

35. Gadget to urinate standing up (for women) :when you decide to go around the world you will see everything … and that includes disgusting toilets … we have all been in one, have not we? especially if we travel on a budget … with GoGirl many problems are solved to be able to urinate without having to sit down … the product is silicone and small enough to take it everywhere. I do not know how useful this can be … any feminine opinion?

36. Intimina Lily Menstrual Cup: again for this I need a feminine opinion … is this article useful for long trips? according to the description of Amazon: it is a product dedicated to the care of the period: a menstrual cup made of ultra soft and reusable silicone. Full protection for 12 hours. The best alternative to compresses and tampons.

37. Travel wipes on pills: these are wipes compressed to the size of a pill! tiny! you just have to put water and the tablet grows until you have a multi-purpose wipe. It can be useful for multiple occasions especially if you travel with children and want to save space in the suitcase!

38. Cold Gel Adhesive Wipes: OK, this saved my life in Japan last summer. Imagine visiting Kyoto in Japan’s worst heat wave in years … well, a job … the temples are outdoors and there’s that walk quite … these cold gel wipes adhesive are a kind of compresses with cold gel that are applied to the forehead and stay stuck … curious? Well, I’ve only seen it in Japan … of course …(I.e.the cold gel stays for hours and refreshes you a lot. By chance I have seen that they are also sold on the internet … if you travel to some hot place it can help you keep a cool head …. (I.e. This is the model for children or babies

39. Travel Bag: a bag that already carries all the necessary hygiene products. There is a model for girls and another for boys. They are quality products of the Dove brand. You also have other generic to fill them yourself as this model of: Toiletry to fill

Photography and video

40. Narrative Camera (The camera that takes the pictures for you) :this is a special camera … the idea is simple … place the camera on your shirt and it will automatically take pictures and then select them and make them folders by dates or by themes (through your iOS or Android APP). I think the idea is interesting … nowadays we are all waiting to take pictures but even if the process is automated we can spend more time observing and seeing!

41. 360-degree camera and video: this is the latest trend on YouTube and Facebook. The videos and photos in 360º. There are several cameras in the market that can make these videos and their prices have already dropped to something acceptable. Three of the models you can find are these: Ricoh Theta S camera – The LG 360 camera – The Samsung Gear 360 camera

42. VR 3D Cardboard Glasses :if you use a camera to capture 360 photos you will need VR glasses to comfortably see the photos. If you want to experiment but without spending a paston on your glasses you can try these VR cardboard glasses.

43. Sony Photo Camera: if you have no limit in your budget and you like photography and video … I would recommend this camera … a Sony Full Frame

44. Sony Photo Camera (+ economical) : yes … that Sony model is very, very expensive !!! we do not have another to most of us to settle for something more affordable! A good choice of compact camera can be the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100

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45. Mini Tripod Gorillapod : this tripod is the closest thing to an octopus … its legs can be bent and modified to grab onto a lot of surfaces. An ideal complement if you like photography.

46. Carbon Tripod :if you are looking for something more professional but at the same time of a small size, this tripod is made of carbon and can be folded up to a very small size. It folds until measuring 31.75 cm. It incorporates a quick shoe.

47. Camera that prints photos: polaroid have several digital cameras on the market that at the same time print the photos. A good way to carry a 2 × 1 and be able to print the photos at the time of taking them either to give or for you. A good idea for lovers of the physical and less of the digital. Another model of Lomography

48. Your personal photographer – The Drone for Selfies: the stick for selfies is a thing of the past! Now what it will take is a drone that you throw into the air and follows you everywhere. You can take pictures of yourself from almost any angle and even though it is still a prototype it is possible that it will soon be on the street … Can you imagine what the future might be like if we all go with this little satellite fluttering around us? ufff There are several models or prototypes like: Nixie, ROAM-e, Hover Camera or Mi Drone (from Xiaomi).

49. Digital camera action : the GoPro camera was the pioneer in this type of camera but now there are many brands and models. All have the objective of making an ideal camera for adventure sports very resistant and portable. They all have a pretty broad list of accessories.

50. 3 in 1 Mobile Lenses Kit: if you are passionate about photography but you travel lightly with your smartphone alone with this accessory you will be able to unleash your creativity. A set of lenses to put on the mobile, you have a Fisheye lens of 180 Degrees + a Wide Angle + a Macro lens.

Technology and entertainment during the trip

51. Portable batteries and solar charging: portable batteries almost without something essential if you give a lot of use to your smartphone or camera … not everywhere you can find a place to recharge your batteries so it’s always good to be cautious and carry a small portable battery and if you recharge solar almost better! (bottom left)

52. The world’s finest portable keyboard: if you carry a mobile phone or a tablet with you, you’ll agree with me … writing to them is a pain, right? if it’s a short time nothing happens but you have to write a lot and it becomes a bit heavy. This is why there are these portable keyboards to make your life easier … after all you will travel lighter if you leave the laptop at home and use this keyboard with a tablet.
Other models of keyboards not as fine but equally portable are these: Model 1orModel 2

53. Headset Instant Translator: with these headphones you can understand with everyone! This project is raising funds in Indiegogo to make headphones that can translate live from any language to yours! It is true that now with the applications for smartphone there are already options to translate almost instantaneous but with these headphones the conversation between two people would be more agile. Well and they have already raised more than 2 million dollars so for something it will be … Another model of translator is ili:http://www.iamili.com/

54. Bluetooth XY Locator: with this gadget, you can have all your belongings under control and not lose them. You put it in an object like the keys, the backpack etc and if you lose it you activate the app of your smartphone to look for it. The device will emit an alarm. (bottom left)

55. Bracelet that is a charger cable for mobile: this bracelet is not only a complement but also will charge your mobile when you connect it. It is a charger cable to carry always by hand. It’s a project was made on Kickstarter. (top right)

56. Travel tablet: Tablets are replacing more and more laptops and they are much lighter to travel! You have hundreds of models and prices so you will surely find something good, nice and cheap. As an example some of the BQ brand.

57. Travel adapter: this is basic depending on the countries you are visiting. The best thing is to have one always at home … choose a universal one and if possible also have USB to charge smartphones and tablets without problems.

58. Portable speaker: if you are one of those who take music everywhere you need a portable speaker like this.

59. Ninja Loop for Smartphones: this is perhaps the best € 5 you can spend for your smartphone. It is something very simple but effective, a piece of fabric that will prevent the mobile from sliding off your hands. You know … today smartphones are getting bigger and bigger … and if you have small hands it is impossible to handle them with one hand … with this gadget it will be easier (There are two models)

60. Smartpen – the most advanced pen: this gadget allows you to draw or write anything and automatically transfer it to your mobile or tablet.

61. Mobi EyeFi SD card: nowadays some cameras already have wifi but not the majority. With this memory card with wifi you can transmit the images of your camera to your smartphone or your computer easily.

Security during the trip

62. Travel belt to hide money: with this belt, you can take your money protected and in a safe place … it is almost the same as a normal belt except for a zipper that hides a small pocket to carry something money. No passport or other personal items. But it seems practical, especially if you travel alone or alone.

63. Flip-flops to hide money and cards: if you go to the beach or to festivals, you can use flip flops that have a compartment to hide money or cards. A place where nobody would look for money … That’s right, do not lose them!

62. Mini fanny pack to hide documents and money: if you need something larger than the previous one you have the typical thin fanny packs that are worn inside the clothes. They do not seem very comfortable to me and although I have used them for a long time, I always leave them aside.

63. Porta Documents Neck: Perfect to protect your valuable products while traveling or doing sports. Made of comfortable nylon, lightweight and respectful with the skin.

64. Fake Red Bull can: this can is to hide money or whatever you want. It appears to be a normal can but has a thread to open and close it.

65. Howsar Portable Door Lock – Door lock: with this gadget, you can close any door safely. It is easily placed and can serve you whether you are traveling alone or renting a room in a shared apartment … it is plastic and weighs almost nothing

66. TSA locks: if you need a padlock for your bags, buy one that is TSA. This is the standard and airport staff can open it without having to break it. If you have traveled to the USA and have placed other types of locks, it is very likely that they will be broken … it has happened to me, so if you need one that is TSA. And they are very cheap!

67. Travel Bra – Travel fasteners with document holders and money : or this company is raising funds in a Kickstarter to start manufacturing your TRAVEL BRA, or document holder. It seems a very good idea to carry money or credit cards. It has a pocket under the chest and on the sides. You can see here theCampaign on Kickstarter.

68. Luggage Strap with Security Code: we all know that zippered cases are very easy to open despite having a padlock (if this is not fixed) but this goes well a security strap like this with a combination numerical

69. Door and window alarm Doberman: this portable alarm emits sound if someone tries to open the door or window in which it is installed. It also incorporates a flashlight.

70. Bottle-Flexible filter for water: this bottle model, besides being flexible, is a filter that eliminates bacteria and other organisms from water by up to 99.99%. The bottle is flexible so it does not occupy anything when it is empty !! perfect to transport it anywhere in the backpack. From the brand: Vapur.

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71. Bottle-Filter for water: this rigid bottle is not only practical because it allows you to save by reusing it, but it will filter the water. It has a filter and spare parts. According to its website, in addition to eliminating bacteria, it now incorporates a carbon filter that refutes chlorine, bad taste and bad smell of water. The origin of the company goes back to 2005 when they manufactured water filters to act in natural disasters and emergency cases. (bottom left)

72. Ultraviolet light water purifier: (top right) SteriPen is a sterilizer pen ensures that the gadget eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa that cause waterborne diseases. It is also rechargeable by USB. It is especially useful when you go to remote places where the origin of the water is doubtful … you should only let it act for 48 seconds in the water.

73. Mosquito Repellent Bracelets: if you go to a hot destination and where mosquitoes abound you know … repellent and patience. You also have these bracelets that are at the same time mosquito repellents.

74. Surveillance camera for your house: when you go on vacation there is always the risk of someone entering your house. With this camera you can see from your smartphone in real time what happens in your house. There are several brands and models with similar features.

Entertainment, Outdoors!

75. Survival bracelets: these bracelets can serve you in an emergency situation for example if you go camping … they become a rope and incorporate a compass and a flint – a link to make a fire.

76. Diving mask with GoPro support: beach destination? Do you like to snorkel but have trouble breathing with the tube? because with this mask to dive everything is easier! You can breathe through the mouth and nose at the same time and if this is not enough, it incorporates a support to take your camera or video and record the entire dive! great! I must say that this model is very similar to those in the Decathlon but those do not have camera support.

77. Universal case to take the mobile phone to the water: if you are going to the beach and want to avoid damaging your mobile phone, it is advisable to take one of these universal covers that can be hermetically sealed. It is not suitable for deep diving but that is obvious, is not it?(I.e.

78. Underwater camera: if you are going to snorkel or dive, nothing better than an underwater camera. You have models from € 40 so cheaper impossible … resistant up to 10 meters.

79. Underwater case for DSLR camera: if you do not want an additional camera but you have a case for cameras of all sizes … even for DSLR cameras. Would you put your DSLR in the water? It is risky even with a cover of these the truth but that if the photos will be great! The funa holds up to 20 meters deep … Important !: place it well!

80. Portable inflatable bed that mounts in five seconds: this piece of fabric swells up to get a sofa-bed on which to rest on the beach, to sunbathe or to nap. Interesting also if you see camping or camping, right?

81. Light Hammock: if you go on vacation to the Caribbean, it may be useful … for example, some hostels in Playa del Carmen, Tulum, or other places are paid per square but you have to bring your own hammock. In these cases you can carry this lightweight but sturdy hammock …

82. Solar and inflatable Led lamp: Thanks to its exclusive design you can take them anywhere. They do not need a plug or charger because they work with solar energy. special for outdoor camping

83. Electric unicycle to move without effort: is this how we will move in the future? it’s possible … every time you see more of these electric unicycles that allow you to move effortlessly from one place to another … I have to admit that I’ve thought of traveling with one of these but … can you carry it as carry-on?

84. Electric skateboard: same as the previous one but with two wheels instead of one … no more stable! And if you tell Mike Tyson, do you remember the milk that stuck? (I.e. (I.e. (I.e.that’s what I’m most afraid of these artifacts … ending up are a broken bone(I.e. (I.e. (I.e.

85. OLAF Scooter Suitcase Skateboard: this is similar to the first scooter suitcase but they have two models, one Business and the other Urban. Some carry a suitcase and in the others you can put a backpack, bag or basket. So you can use it to travel but also to go shopping every day for example. You have models from $ 250.

86. The smallest child’s cart in the world (once folded): this child’s cart can be folded to the extreme … the measures once folded are very small! (35 cm x 30 cm x 18 cm.)

GB has created an ultra-compact trolley. And it has entered the Guinness Book of Records for its small size. It weighs 4.3 kg and is designed for children from 6 months and up to 24 kilos. The smallest model is the pockit but there is another also very compact

87. Activity and heart rate bracelet: you have many brands and bracelets currently on the market to measure your activity and heart rate. A great gadget for outdoor activities! If you are looking for the best quality-price ratio right now, Xiaomi has it but you have more expensive models from other brands to choose from. Fitness monitor, steps, distance traveled, calories and sleep quantifier. Compatible with IOS and Android.

Other ideas for traveling gifts:

88. Globe with thumbtacks: a globe of cork! There are two sizes and you can go placing the thumbtacks in the places you already know! an original gift!

89. Doormat for TRAVELERS: if you arrive at someone’s house and the first thing you see is this doormat … you know that it is the house of an inveterate traveler!(I.e.

90. Travel album “Let’s get lost somewhere”: from Mr. Wonderful, a perfect gift for travelers who like to write or draw. Specially designed so that you can record all the good times and order all the photos you have made during your last trip.

91. Travel Planner World Ball with marker: this world ball is not conventional but you can write about it! Ideal if you want to plan a World Tour drawing all those places you want to go through. Its size is 15.4 x 14.8 x 14.8 cm.

92. Travel Guide THE WORLD: Lonely Planet has made this compact guide of the WORLD !!! Each country has a detailed map, essential data, inspiring images and the highlights. And 1001 places to visit before dying

93. Wall Stickers for Walls: these wall stickers are attached to the walls to give a personal touch to your home. You have many models from maps of the world to the skyline of famous cities … there is something for everyone, choose yours!

94. Picture of the World: if what you want is a frame in a vinyl binding you also have models of the world map like this colorful map with measures of 120x80cm.

95. Map of the World Slate: this is a vinyl at the same time blackboard. You can paste it on a wall of your house or office and at the same time, you can draw or white oak. its measurements are 240 x 132 cm. Let your creativity fly!

96. Retro World Ball: a classic world ball with a retro design that can be the gift for a confirmed traveler. Its price is somewhat high but it is a very high quality and size: 30 x 33 x 38 cm

97. Rotating globe: this ball of the world is smaller (diameter 14cm) but also cheaper and has the particularity that it is rotating. Rotates 360 degrees on its axis with an electric motor (battery operated) Magic Balvi’s rotating globe or Floating planet globe

98. Cup ‘Today I go out to eat the World’: this original cup is an ideal gift and has written a phrase as inspiring as this: ‘Today I go out to eat the World’

99. Scratch Map of the World: map to scratch the countries already visited. Material coated with metallic titanium for a more elegant finish. There are several sizes this is 88 x 53 cm.
An ideal gift for travelers and globetrotters!

100. World Clock: this simple watch is very fun. The sphere is the map of the world and the minute hand is a small plane that is circling. An original gift that comes with the strap in various colors to choose from.

Do you love Gift ideas for the Traveler? Share and comment your opinion below.