10 ways to make your child feel special

Small actions also show you how great your love for him is. Practice them! Making your child feel special does not only mean investing in your education, taking him to the pediatrician and buying toys are three different signs of the love you feel for him. For you, the third is perhaps the least important but for him, it is the best!

Not by the object itself but by the interaction with his playmate. So the next time you give him something, compliment him with the best you can give him: your world.

Know activities that will make your child feel special

1. Creative Album: Print and cut your photos, change the background, add notes and decorate with clippings, prints or drawings. It is worth to stick everything that brings you a good memory.

2. Attack of tickles: And kisses! Leave what you are doing and surprise him. A few minutes of laughter will do them good.

3. Bubble Bath: Prepare the tub with foam and toys as when you were a baby. Have your gown on hand so that it does not cool and attach oil or cream before putting it on.

4. Eternal Kiss: Take a picture by giving it a kiss or a hug. Expand it and shower it in a very striking frame that matches the décor of your room.

5. Loving calendar: Each day, write a phrase that motivates you: “Today you did the homework in record time” or “I love being your mother”. It is an effective way to recognize and encourage positive attitudes and actions.

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6. Notes: Be creative and send a special message inside the lunch box, for example: “This sandwich is made with a lot of affection so that the best soccer player in the school can win the match today.

7. Wall of Success: Destined a wall to hang your diplomas, medals or better drawings. The aim is to applaud and presume their achievements; rest assured that your self-esteem will rise.

8. Picnic at home: Lay a tablecloth on the floor and have breakfast, lunch or dinner. The garden is perfect for sunny days but if the weather is cloudy or live in an apartment, your bedroom is the best option.

9. Suprised plan: Going out of school go for an ice cream, a movie or a park. Maybe afterward you have to help with the task but getting out of the rut and sharing a little time together will be worth it!

10. Afternoon Games: Ask him to teach you how to build blocks, build puzzles or understand video games. He will laugh at your failed attempts to beat him and you will have fun as you did not do it a long time ago.

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