10 Unique Good Tech Gifts For Guys – What Every Woman Want To Know

Are you looking for Good Tech Gifts For Guys? Are you sick and tired of scouring malls (both online and offline malls) and still not finding the best tech presents for your tech-savvy guy? If you are, then this blog post is just for you. When most women think of gifts to buy for guys for his birthday, Christmas, Valentines or Anniversaries. Technological gadgets are often the first thing that comes to their mind. They are right in the sense that it’s very rare to find a guy who isn’t interested in a piece of technology that will make his life easier or just for more fun.

The fact is that most guys are tech savvy!

Guys irrespective of age, location, belief or even profession enjoy the excitement of receiving the latest gadget on the market. Virtually all guys have a passion for one technological device or the other; from smartphones, PC, tablets to a digital camera.

If you want to find best gifts for someone on special days, you must ask yourself that What do I want to do on Birthday, Christmas, Valentines or Anniversaries. After brainstorming, you will find many gift ideas will be sure to make them smile. In this post, I’m going to show you some of the best presents for guys that love technology but you must keep in mind that technological gift usually has a high price ticket.

Here are the ideas of Good Tech Gifts For Guys

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9:


Even if your recipients hate reading, with the latest features in Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, he will certainly like this gadget. With an extremely fast 2.2GHS quad-core processor and powerful HDX screen, he can easily watch film, remain productive on the go or just hangs out on the sofa playing graphic-intense games- it has over 100,000 apps and games available in the Amazon Appstore. In case of any technical difficulty, he can access tech support anytime any day from his device. Click here for details.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Uprights:


Whatever his vacuum needs, this Shark Navigator Lift-Away thoroughly cleans them all without stress. From carpets to bare floors to ceiling and every space in-between, this vacuum delivers superior vacuuming performance. And above all, it is lightweight, portable canister gives the freedom to lift away to vacuum anywhere anytime-faster and easier. He will certainly be happy to receive this wonderful gift. Read more about shark navigator lift.

GPS Navigator:


Global Positioning System is a navigational aid. GPS route finder is now a standard in all cars; the reason being that they help people to navigate a lot easier. The truth is that guys don’t like coming out of car to ask for directions. It has been a very hot gift these days. Practically, all guys will like to receive this gift especially guys who spend great deal of time on the road. Find one GPS Navigator for him here.

Smart watch:


Smartwatch is a multi-use device, normally worn on the wrist that runs computer-related applications. With a smartwatch, you could have access to news, weather report, sports, stocks news, email, Facebook and Twitter update right in your wrist. The aim is to save users time by giving the privilege to decide when it’s worth pulling out their smartphone. In fact, it’s a must-have electronic accessory for your guys- he will really like it. Click here to get it on Amazon store.

Mobile communication device:


According to en.wikipedia.org “mobile device is a small, handheld computing device, typically having a display screen with touch input and/or a miniature keyword”. Examples are Smartphones, Tablet computers, Ultra-Mobile PC, Wearable Computer, Cell phones, etc. And for the purpose of this article, I will include stuff digital camera and portable audio set. If you plan to buy any of these items remember to be brand-conscious, most guys don’t joke with a brand name. Some guys are crazy about Apple while others prefer Samsung and personally, I have an uncontrolled love for NOKIA products. Just make effort to know his preferred brand and shop accordingly.

Panasonic ES-LV61-A Men’s Electric Razor Arc 5 Multiflex Pivoting Head:

A good grooming tool will make a perfect tech gift anytime any day; because every man wants to look good and have a good personality and be respected by everyone. We also want to look smart and attractive to other. So, for these reasons, whatever gift that helps to achieve this will be greatly appreciated. Panasonic Men’s Wet/dry shavers are filled with cool, innovative, features that provide an extraordinarily close and easy shave. The ES-LV61-K is a 5-blade (arc5) shaving system which means extra foils for superior coverage and reduced shaving time. Plus, its nanotech blades are honed at an acute 30-degree angle empowering whiskers to be cut more efficiently at the source. Help him to look exceptionally well.

Personal/Home Security Wireless Sensor:

There’s no substitute for having peace of mind that your home or loved ones are protected. Residential security is a serious element of any personal security program. Having Q-See QT534-4E4-5 4 Channel Full D1 Surveillance System with 4-700TVLCameras and Pre-Installed 500GB Hard Drive OR Mr Beams MB360 Wireless LEDSpotlight with Motion Sensor and Photocell – Weatherproof – Battery Operated -140 Lumens is a dramatic step forward in home security. There is no way this stuff will never make a perfect tech gift for any man.

Smoke Detectors:


A good smoke Sensor can mean the difference between life and death. They are inexpensive and are battery operated; they are not at the mercy of sporadic electrical service. Everyone should have one on every level of our home, particularly in the hallway outside bedrooms. First Alert SA320CN Double Sensor Battery-Powered Smoke and FireAlarm is the most purchased detector in Amazon. This kind of tech gift shows how important he is to you and guys don’t take this for granted.

Home Security Monitoring Cam:


Setting up a home security monitoring system is important, easy and affordable. Get him something that will help him keep his home protected at all time with 1080P IP Security Camera: Wireless iPhone, iPad, Android Baby Monitor & NannyCam DVR. Video, Audio, Recording. Anywhere. (WFB2014). With Dropcam, you can get multiple wireless security cameras without breaking your budget. Dropcam has high-definition live streaming, night vision, two-way talk and mobile apps, so it will simple for him to stay connected with his home.

GPS Homing Device:


GPS homing device is the handy locating device available, good for tracing misplaced items in the house like a car key. You know how men could be careless with their keys? With this gift, he will no longer have the stress of locating his misplaced car key.

Heart Rate Monitor:


If your guy like running and exercising, or he’s a gym fanatic; getting a heart rate monitor like Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch is an appropriate gadget gift for him because such gadget allows him to increase his stamina as well as track his workout progress. Most professional personal instructors support the use of the best heart rate monitors among their customers as this tool helps to measure heartbeat rate at their convenience.

Home Phone Connector:


With Home Phone Connect, he can use his cell phone to make phone calls in his home without the inconvenience of carrying the cell phone around, losing service or being tethered to a wall outlet because his battery is running low. The Panasonic KX-TG7643M allows you to make and receive cell phone calls through your multi-handset home phone system. Put a smile on his face with this powerful tech gift.

Webmail Notifier:


If your is the busy kind of guy and as such don’t have time to check his email box regularly, then this gift is the perfect present for him. This gadget is a handy email notifier which lets you know whenever an email has dropped into your inbox by lighting up and flashing to announce a new incoming message. So, if he’s at work and have his work email account set up on his PC, and are too busy to keep checking his email, it’ll let him know whenever emails arrive. That way, he can keep focused on work whilst stay in touch with friends and family too. Why can’t you help him perform better at work with this good gift and it’s very affordable.

I could go on, but I’d say those are my best picks at least for now. Thanks for taking the time to read the good tech gifts for guys post. These are no conventional Good Tech Gifts For Guys but I’m sure most guys will like to receive any of these unique gifts.

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