10 Christmas Gifts To Put A Smile On Your Grandparents Face

If you have not yet decided on which personalized Christmas gifts for grandparents to choose from this festive period. This is a great opportunity for you to ‘wow’ your grandparents, with truly unique gifts that show just how much you cherish and love them.

Personalized Christmas gifts for Grandparents

A Personal Touch!

Why you will need to give your grandparents customized gifts for Christmas, is that these presents show that you have patiently and carefully given great thought to your choice of gifts. This personal touch to your gift, gives it greater value and worth, even if the actual item is not worth much in monetary terms. Your grandparents would cherish the sentimental value attached to the gift, more than its financial worth, as fond memories hold more value to the elderly.

Cute Ideas of Personalized Christmas gifts for grandparents

Do not hesitate to make up your mind on which personalized Christmas gifts for grandparents to order for, and you can start by checking out these 10 gifts that would warm the hearts of your grandparents.

1. Customized Photo Book

Photographs are memories forever frozen in time. These memories can be relieved time and time again with a photo book, however, you want your bound photo book to be unique, don’t you?! To achieve this you can try out a Blurb photo book today. You can start by downloading a simple and highly interactive software from the Blurb website that allows you to create a fully customized professional looking photo book that will help you tell the intriguing stories behind those cherished photographs and bring a tear to your grandparent’s eyes. You only spend as little as 13 USD, to leave a lasting impression.

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2. Personalized NoteBook

Let your grandparents jot down their favorite recipe or grocery shopping list on a fully personalized spiral notebook depicting artwork from their grandkids, you can get this notebook from Print Art Kids. The notebooks will be completely customized to your taste and you can get three notebooks, one for granddad, another for grandma and an extra one they can both share for just under 30 USD.


3. Mittens For Grandma And Granddad

It’s winter time and the last thing you want is for your grandparents to go outside in the cold with no mittens. You can get them very comfortable and personalized pair of mittens from Smittens, for just under 20 USD this Christmas.


 4. Birdie Bracelets

This is one for grandma, surprise her with a bracelet with personalized birds imprinted or engraved on it. A bird for each of her grandkids. The birdie caricature engraved in the bracelets will always remind her of the innocence of youth and your grandkids will forever be engraved in her heart as well. Get these custom bracelets for about 55 USD and order them.


5. A Special Quilt

You can get your grandparents a special quilt, custom made with all their patterns, special quotes and images sewn on it. You can place an order for a personalized quilt if you can’t sew it yourself. Let your grandparents know how much you love them with a specially made quilt, you can order it at a cost of 35 USD.


6. Aprons For Grandma And Granddad

The holiday period will see your grandparents taking shifts in the kitchen, trying to prepare a delicious meal for family. Don’t let them soil their clothing, you can get them his & her custom made apron, and for just 30 USD for a pair.

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7. Sterling Bands

Get your grandparents matching sterling hand bands for 25 USD for each from Tioneer. These band can be customized with any engraved wording or quotes that will please your grandparents. Let them know how special they are always, with these pair of hand bands that shows how much you care.


8. Brighten The Pages Of Their Books

Your granddad likes to read a book before he goes to bed at night and with the bed lamp switched on, but your grandma likes to retire to bed early with the bed lamp switched off. You can help keep the peace in their already happy home by getting granddad a Lightwedge. With this clever device, he can conveniently read his book without lighting up the entire room and disturb the sleep of grandma, as only the pages of the book are lightened up. You can get this smart device for 35 USD.


9. Customized Jewelry

You can get your grandparents jewelry with a personalized touch. Their grand kids can come up with a cute image and that image can be engraved in a special necklace or pendant for grandma to always look at. You can get this customized necklace or birthstone ring.

10. A Wrist Watch

Let’s face it, no matter how old our grandparents are, one thing they will never lose is the sense of time. How about getting them a wrist watch that keeps them in the groove? This would perhaps be the only Christmas present that will keep them looking forward to the next Christmas as they begin counting down to it. Prices vary depending on how elegance and functional the watch is.

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