10 ideas to give to a girl at Christmas (Christmas Wishlist)

Hello, I believe that many of us have a wish list for this Christmas, of those things that we would like to have and that we have, in some cases, long for a long time. So then I will share some ideas which are like “my wish list”, to see how many of these products we agree, and for those who are looking for ideas to give at Christmas to them, that is to say, your wife, sister, mom, aunt, friend, etc., can have a help when looking for gifts.

Then I leave 10 ideas to give to women at Christmas, to help you with tips on this stressful date (I.e.(I must clarify that the brands I mentioned did not pay or contacted me to talk about them, I only do so because, personally, I like them).

1. Wallets

Like shoes, purses are an indispensable accessory for any woman. There are many shapes, sizes, and colors, so you should only know what style you like, or what colors you prefer to choose the most suitable for it.

2. Dresses

If you know well to whom you will give the gift, a nice dress could be a good alternative, because with these high temperatures are ideal to use and no more will never be more. Lately, I’ve liked several of Mango, Banana Republic, Basement (by Falabella).

3. Books or magazines

Books are always good, both for those who love to read a lot and for those who do not. In my case, I read little, but suddenly I like to take a book and read a bit to distract myself or learn about a new topic. If you are looking for gifts, this could be an interesting option. To buy books I have seen that it is the Internet and can be Amazon. I love bloggers, I’ve seen that two well-known fashion bloggers have launched their books, one of them is Lovely Pep a and Chiara Ferragni (the first is in Spanish and the second one, from what I’ve seen, only in Italian for now ).

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Another idea and something that we love many is reading fashion magazines. I love doing it to relax, see new trends and inspire me with ideas for the blog. So a good gift could be a subscription to a magazine. Some examples could be the Cosmopolitan Chile and if you know English, I totally recommend Teen Vogue, one of my favorites.

4. Makeup set

Although they make up much or little, all women like to have makeup. And in this Christmas, many brands opt for weapons sets with several of their products. For example, Clinique is launching this set that has several of the essentials for all Cosmetiquero, and this is a beautiful presentation. These you can find in the corner of the brand in Falabella.

5. Chocolates

They are something irresistible for every woman. There are many varieties and formats. The ideal would be to give them away in a small box. There are very nice metallic ones, with heart shapes, or with designs.

6. Perfume

A perfume is always a good gift for a girl, because even if she has one, two or three, it is never enough (like makeup). Some aromas that I have loved in these last days is the DKNY Be Delicious Skin and the Tommy Girl of Tommy Hilfiger. Details of these and other perfumes you can read them at this link.

7. A relaxation set

This is a very good gift since you not only give the product, but it is an invitation to her to relax (and it can even be with you. There are about Christmas in September Lush come ready (which are some nice little boxes that bring pumps tub baths and soaps, you can see them and know more about Lush on this link ) and a set en Obzes.com brand H20.

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8. Tea

Yes, and believe it or not, most women prefer tea and infusions than coffee, so giving them a little cup of tea with an infuser and a bowl, or a set of tea bags is a good option. I have asked several of them and they agree that women love sweet and tropical flavors, such as berries, pineapple, and orange. (Beware, many love green tea for being healthy and good for maintaining and losing weight). An idea of where to buy these can be in La Tetería, where they sell the tea in some cute pots. My favorites are Cranberry, Acai Piña, Organic Blueberry and Berry Nice.

9. Body Creams

Creams are a weakness of women. And the best thing is that there are many varieties (for the face, body, hands, feet, etc.). One of my favorites lately is Les Dessert de Moure y Cía creams. I have used four of this brand’s hand creams (Blueberry Ice Cream, Cheesecake, Vanilla Caramel and Tarte Tartin) and they are very rich !! In a previous post, I told you more details about them.

10. Technology

In this item, you can go several products related to technology, such as beautiful headphones, bags for tablets or notebooks, cases for smartphones, etc. And if you have more money, it could be a tablet, which is a portable photo printer which I mentioned in a previous post.

I hope this post will help you with ideas for your Christmas gifts.